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    S04.E20: Lily

    I don't understand how it's wrong that Emma is angry and unwilling to run off with the girl who stole her foster family's vacation money. Lily is a selfish, spoiled bitch. That it was less about getting money and more about wanting Emma made it all the worse. Manipulating events to screw Emma over and ruin another potentially decent relationship with a foster family by setting up a situation where Emma is told exactly where she sits with the family (she's not a true member of the family) is a despicable move. Why would anyone consider Lily anything but toxic? Of course on this show, Emma is supposed to be the light that makes Lily's life better, so Emma is awful for not wanting to stick with a wanted criminal who deliberately destroyed Emma's relatively happy foster placement. There's never any evaluation that maybe Emma would have maintained a friendship with Lily if there had been no thievery and manipulation. It's shades of Rumpbelle only in a platonic relationship. Again this show is requiring Emma to shoulder the burden of others' actions. Emma shouldn't be required to fix Lily, just as she shouldn't be stuck with the Saviour role and continuously sacrificing herself for the happiness of others. It gets tiresome seeing someone who was not even born during the events she is meant to atone for/fix suffer and be portrayed as wrong for not really being keen on any of it.
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    S04.E20: Lily

    It doesn't really make sense anyway because Emma's "darkness" never meant that she would be super evil. Snowing were told that she had the potential to be evil. If she was raised right, she could be a great hero. Lily was raised by a couple who loved her and cared about her. She seemed more spoiled than anything else. She ran away, but used her parents' credit card to live. She broke into her family's summer home knowing it gave her a safe place to stay. She played at being like Emma, but had no need to do so. She wasn't even a criminal during their first meet (although I wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't been a shoplifter because she thought it would be fun). None of this was a sign of great evil. She came off as more of an overindulged brat. By the time we see Lily in this episode she seems to have pushed her parents too far. I guess armed robbery was their red line. She was simply reaping what she'd sowed. Cut off from her money sources, she's still a manipulative bitch who has no qualms about screwing over Emma. It's still more of a mean girls move than an evil one. Lily is much more of a Regina George than a Regina Mills on the evil scale.
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    S04.E19: Sympathy For The De Vil

    Pretty sure Regina cursed a horse, who presumably doesn't have True Love with anyone and so can't be awakened, in a fit of pique early in 4B. The baby dragon at least had some chance of surviving and living life. The poor horse is effectively dead.
  4. KAOS Agent

    S04.E19: Sympathy For The De Vil

    The writers can talk all they want on Twitter or in post-episode interviews about how they saw the incident, but this was not at all clear onscreen. They needed to be explicit about how the whole thing worked because as far as I can tell, the Author writes the story and it happens. It doesn't make sense that he could write a story that was happening in front of him and only control one guy's actions during the story.
  5. KAOS Agent

    OUAT vs. Other Fairy Tales: Compare & Contrast

    To be fair, the character has no memory of her prior life. She was basically a blank slate warrior. The world building wasn't all that clear on her life other than that she was training to become a warrior and having weird dreams. Whether she had a life with friends (were there other trainees she bonded with?) and a way to express herself and live a life beyond being a strong independent warrior was not clear. Was it all training and emotionless existence all the time? The main point was that she was an outsider without a history. They didn't show her outside of her warrior life. And they stressed that she needed to control her emotions because reasons. I don't think her being shown acting that way was meant to be a positive thing. It's a pretty crappy existence. But let's not lie, fleshing out her character's current life wasn't their priority. They have a brief setup and need to get to the action sequences ASAP. It's a bit like Emma and her parents after the curse ended. When first encountering Emma on the street, Snow and David are super excited to see her, but Emma is not so keen even though she knows who they are. Snowing love their daughter and remember all their hopes and dreams for her, but Emma has an entirely different mindset and all she is is uncomfortable and stiff. While she's pretty stoic about it all and it's upsetting to Snow that she isn't happy, that's a realistic reaction to the news that the curse was real and Snowing are her parents. I think that when there are reasons for why a character is standoffish, it's less about sticking to a strong independent woman trope and more about a reflexive self-protective tendency to not let anyone see your vulnerabilities.
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    I think the actress was pregnant somewhere in there, but they weren't going back to that story anyway. She wouldn't have fit in Camelot in 5A or in the Underworld in 5B. Maybe they could've gone back there in S6. They threw everything at the wall in S6; what's to stop them from adding in a dragon daddy hunt? I think they needed to not have Lily specifically mention sticking around to look for her father if they didn't definitively plan to have that be a part of S6. Why not have her say she was leaving to search for her father and that would explain her absence and still leave the door open for the search to involve the Storybrooke crew somehow later on.
  7. KAOS Agent

    S04.E19: Sympathy For The De Vil

    This was the episode that crushed my interest in the show. Prior to this I was still anticipating each episode and excited on Sundays even as the stories kept getting worse and worse. Once I read the post-episode comments from the showrunners about how Emma had "crossed a line" and a bunch of other nonsense, I never had that feeling of anticipation again. Had Regina killed Cruella to protect Henry, she would have been heralded as a hero. Self-defense and protection of innocents does not make you evil, but this show consistently makes the "heroes" play by an entirely different set of rules than the others. You must stand by and let villains kill you or others because defending yourself/others is the easy path. By this shows morals, killing Stalin to stop him from murdering millions would be worse than standing by and doing nothing. I hate everything about this.
  8. KAOS Agent

    S04.E15: Enter The Dragon

    The problem with all of the later villains on this show is that they already have people in Storybrooke with a much darker and villainous history than anyone they bring in. Even the Queens of Darkness call out Regina for her multiple village slaughters. Cruella is a mean girl, but doesn't have any magic, so she's not much of a threat beyond that of the average person. Ursula has tentacles that hit and squeeze or something. Why is Ursula dangerous again? Maleficent is definitely the biggest threat of the three and she's been watered down. She hasn't shown any real interest in going after her many enemies other than Snowing. And she was shown in the past as not being on board with the use of the Dark Curse, which shows there is a line she doesn't want to cross. Having Regina and Rumpel running around town diminishes every threat in town. With each new villain they'll tell you it's the worst villain ever and all I can think of is that this person better be carrying the nuclear launch codes or some sort of horrific biological warfare because that's about all that can top the massive body counts Regina and Rumpel have racked up over the years.
  9. KAOS Agent

    MLB Thread

    Fox Sports North has been really good about using Marney's broadcasting skills. She did play by play for the Timberwolves this season as well.
  10. KAOS Agent

    S04.E15: Enter The Dragon

    Even if there was some deep horrible thing that Stefan and Briar Rose did to Maleficent, what we saw wasn't her getting revenge on them, but on Aurora. There's nothing to root for when a "wronged" person is getting justice on an innocent party. In addition to cursing Aurora, Maleficent exiled Phillip and turned him into the Yaoguai. How awesome of Regina to not just enjoy her own evil acts, but encourage some other evil to wreak havoc on the kingdom. I have no sympathy for either of them especially when they expect everyone else to just suck it up and get over it, but feel completely justified in continuing to pursue some sort of justice/revenge/recompense for their sob stories.
  11. KAOS Agent

    S04.E14: Unforgiven

    Except that this show continually says that evil isn't born, it's made. Unless you're Embryonic!Emma apparently. The whole thing is ridiculous and awful.
  12. KAOS Agent

    S04.E12: Heroes And Villains

    I think that this idea could have worked if what the Author was going to do was rewrite Regina's horrible actions in the past. I could even see everyone else getting on board with this idea because then it's not about the mass murdering tyrant getting a free happy ending with no repercussions for past evil and villainy. It's about Regina acknowledging and undoing her past wrongs which would technically undo her villain status and restore others' happy endings and possibly open the door for Regina to find one for herself. Instead, it's about some crazy idea where Regina is not responsible for her evil, she's just written that way and now she totally deserves to get her happy ending dammit! The return of Marian and removing her murder from Regina's list of bad deeds would have been the start. Emma or Snow or Henry could have drawn from that experience to show Regina that she was exactly the villain the book portrayed her as, but maybe the Author could change those actions. They could even later find out that it requires Regina to actually want to do this and not simply pay lip service to the idea to get what she wants. That way she'd really have to prove that she's over Snow's "betrayal" and all the other things. It could make for an interesting tale as events where Regina was simply murdering people because she was annoyed that day would be easily overturned, but events where Regina was truly angry and unforgiving couldn't be undone (this would also have the benefit of them not worrying about reversing the original curse).
  13. KAOS Agent

    S04.E12: Heroes And Villains

    Wasn't this one of the episodes where the full shooting script was sold? I think I remember that the script has Emma & Hook making out in the hallway and then Regina comes walking through all sad faced and Hook tells Emma to go (let's be real though, those two would have been in Hook's room about ten seconds after that heart return scene faded out). This was the episode the show never recovered from. Nothing after this point ever ends up being truly excellent again. Welcome to the beginning of the end and the start of the execrable 4B.
  14. KAOS Agent

    S04.E07: The Snow Queen

    I love how Snow is suddenly completely over her fear of letting someone else watch her baby. Her first was torn from her arms due to the curse and the second taken to be used in a spell, but the kid's less than a week old and her fear has been deemed unreasonable by a cricket and after a date night, she's planning to have Emma babysit as well. Of course, Emma has evil magic, so no baby for her. Realistically though, that's some massive psychological trauma to get over. Not to mention she missed everything with Emma. She'd be even more obsessed with not wanting to not miss a single thing with Snowflake. First time parents (which Snow called herself) are very unlikely to leave their newborns so young especially when there is yet another evil magical threat wandering about. The whole Mommy and Me thing, while amusing, was a joke. Babies Snowflake's age can't even see properly. He's not going to be socializing with other babies and since he can't even begin to hold his head up, he wouldn't be able to interact at all with Ashley's activities. There is no benefit to him, only risk. Also, germs. So many germs with all those parents and babies in an enclosed space like that. Just say no. I get that it's kind of nitpicky, but it takes me out of the show when things are so blatantly off in terms of time passing in story.
  15. These are the writers who thought that Cora apologizing to her daughters for wiping their childhood memories was enough to get her into heaven, so obviously mass murder and torture is pretty low on their list of sins, but relatively minor infractions that mess with family is a path straight to hell. Look at poor Milah. She became a mindless, tortured husk and her sin was leaving her son with the father who loved him so she could have a happier life. Not the best action for a mother, but it's not murdering an entire village and then turning their zombified corpses into your own personal army level evil either.