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  1. Brandi Maxxxx

    Simpsons In The Media: I'm Kent Brockman

    Does this mean no more residuals for poor John Jay Smith?
  2. Brandi Maxxxx

    S30.E12: The Girl on The Bus

    The one true faith: The Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism (founded when Martin Presbyluther stuck his Three Suggestions under the Pope's windshield wiper).
  3. Brandi Maxxxx

    Simpsons In The Media: I'm Kent Brockman

    Penny Marshall's episode ("Some Enchanted Evening") was supposed to be the series premiere but the producers were unsatisfied with the animation and it was delayed until the end of season 1.
  4. Brandi Maxxxx

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    I think I've figured out a much simpler explanation: Amy Santiago is secretly a follower of Reasonableism (see Parks and Recreation), the perfectly legitimate religion that began as a self-help book about "clarifying and purifying your life through organization" but is better known for their belief in a giant lizard god, frequent doomsday predictions and cat sacrifices. Organizers Quarterly is actually a Reasonableist newsletter which operates on an alternative Zorpian calendar.
  5. Brandi Maxxxx

    S06.E08: He Said, She Said

    Amy has a habit of shouting "I'm in uniform!" at strangers. They should have just cut to a blank screen after that because everything else seems redundant now. No more worlds to conquer.
  6. Brandi Maxxxx

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    I think we're ignoring the real issue here. Why does Organizers Quarterly have an Organizer of the Month feature?
  7. Brandi Maxxxx

    S06.E03: The Tattler

    "I shouldn't (Insta)gram so much, but my brunch friends say it's the only way to promote my handmade jewelry line." Rosa's life outside the 99 might be the best running joke on a show with the best running jokes around.
  8. Brandi Maxxxx

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    Last season there were two interchangeable old white male candidates both named John Kelly.
  9. Brandi Maxxxx

    S05.E30: Authoritarianism

    I assume Trump was confused because of his Pleasure Paradise in Hill Valley.
  10. Brandi Maxxxx

    Quotes: I Have Misplaced My Pants

    "My back is spineless. My belly is yellow. I am the American nonvoter." "Mayor Quimby supports revolving-door prisons. Mayor Quimby even released Sideshow Bob: a man twice convicted of attempted murder. Can you trust a man like Mayor Quimby? Vote Sideshow Bob for mayor." Quimby: Who are you to demand anything? I run this town! You're just a bunch of low-income nobodies! Aide: Uh, election in November. Election in November. Quimby: What? Again? This stupid country. Homer: Are we gonna let politics get in the way of our friendship? Ray Patterson: Friendship? You told people I lured children into my gingerbread house. Homer: (chuckles) Yeah. That was just a lie. Ray Patterson: I'm not much on speeches, but it's so gratifying to leave you wallowing in the mess you've made. You're screwed. Thank you. Bye. Kent Brockman: Are you a registered voter? Moe: I'm a registered... something.
  11. Brandi Maxxxx

    Simpsons In The Media: I'm Kent Brockman

    Roger Meyers, Jr.: Gentlemen, the screwballs have spoken.
  12. I only really know Ken Howard from 30 Rock and there's no way I would have recognised a younger version of him.
  13. Brandi Maxxxx

    LSSC: Season Three Episode Talk

    I don't know why they were on the show but I think Stephen did really well in that interview.
  14. Brandi Maxxxx

    S05.E18: Gray Star Mutual

    When Amy made that arrest, I was expecting it to have an effect on the social media plot: Holt gets something to Tweet about and Amy gets a reputation as a badass.
  15. Brandi Maxxxx

    S29.E08: Mr. Lisa's Opus

    What origin? They get them for $1.95 down at the Safeway. The Simpsons takes place in the present day, so that scene would have been circa 2011. The 90s nostalgia makes sense. As for the poster, I'm guessing she found it on eBay or something similar. They did a studio audience joke in "Lisa's Sax", the first time they did the All in the Family bit. She was visibly younger than normal.