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  1. ava111

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I like that they show the outfit on models of various sizes and you can actually order up to size 5XL. I don't think I have ever seen that for PR produced outfits.
  2. ava111

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    I don't think they had enough money to buy enough silk for something draped. As we saw Irina, Dmitri and even Michelle had problem with having enough fabric and they were trying to extend it however they could. Also they were asking for something they never seen before?! Then give them at least 24 hours to do it. In 12 hours you can barely finish simple ball gown, if you want something better they need more time to work. Nobody is gonna try to design something awesome when you know you would send barely covered model on runway. Better safe than sorry
  3. ava111

    S09.E07: Surprise

    Since @eskimo said about every single thing I wanted to say about Hulk I won't repeat it. Janelle - every single thing she listed as reason for concern and why Nathan shouldn't have unsupervised visitations is the reason she shouldn't have any access to any of her children. Plus I would add sinking house (unsafe), drug use and all the guns they own. You think she is watching her children 24/7? We all know all the childcare is and always was on UBT. And I wonder how much childcare he actually does have time for between his raging posts, being abusive to his wife, children and other innocent people, drug use and illegal hunting. These people are total hypocrites.
  4. ava111

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    He even almost tripped himself while on the couch. He went to say "three wives" but cought himself on time saying just "t" and corrected himself "four wives". He completely doesn't count Mery as his wife anymore.
  5. ava111

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story

    In 46 years I had never ever had problem with getting my blood drawn and the few times I got IV. I even go every 4 months the past 8 years for blood test because my fibromyalgia and medication I'm on. Little over a year ago I ended up in hospital with serious septic gallbladder infection. I was there 6 days and needed several IV placements because they wouldn't last long. Every one took several tries. I ended up with one under my arm. Came home with black horrible bruises all over my arms. Couple months later I went to get back to get the gallbladder removed. It was gonna be simple surgery and going home next day. I ended up staying 9 days because complications. Again IV placements were extremely difficult with each taking 3-4 tries. By then I was extremely afraid of it from my previous experience. They had the best people trying to do various things and it was just horrible. Each IV lasted less than day. Finally they took me to radiology and made cut on inside my upper arm and placed couple inches long tube inside my vein. It was under anaesthesia. That finally lasted until I went home. But now I have extreme fear of IV's, my whole body turns into giant cramp. The last time they had to place IV (to remove the bag I had placed for the gallbladder infection to clear) and few weeks after surgery I had that happen again and I couldn't move for 5 days at all. I was not able to even go to the hospital as I could barely walk. Few steps to the bathroom and no way I could get myself into the car to be taken. Finally the 5th night finally my husband took me and it took 3 more days of taking something to go away. And I take hydrocodone and muscle relaxants for past 8 years and it didn't help with the horrible pain and cramping. I can't even go to doctor now as I fear he will send me for more tests where I need IV. But seems my complications are not over as now I have a huge bulge where the scar tissue grown inside after the surgery. Seeing that scene brought all the stuff back. I could so relate to him being scared and having panic attack from blood draw.
  6. ava111

    S02.E11: She Has To Go

    I think they could but I believe that Clint didn't report it stolen just so his goddess doesn't get in the trouble. They probably just keep charging him daily rate. The most shocking thing this episode was that Caitlin's mother was only 61 when she died.she positively looked like 85+. Michael would rather spend time with Meghan. The only time he smiles is when he is talking to her. Sometimes doing the "right thing" is not the right thing. It would be better for him and Sarah to split than trying to change. He will never change and will be cheating on his wife and she will be unhappy and they will fight. She will get pregnant few more times trying to tie him up which won't work. The only one paying for it the most will be the kids who will be growing up in unhealthy environment. So in this case I think the right thing to do is divorce and coparent. Brittany was definitely pissed and jealous that her former girlfriend brought someone else with her. Again she is trying to do the right thing but she is obviously in love with Amanda and not Marcellino. Yes he promised to take care of her and it would be easier for her to be with him than starting from scratch but she is just not into men in general it seems. She should just do what makes her happy otherwise again they both will end up miserable and split eventually anyway. And Marcellino just for your information not everyone needs a dick to be happy and have successful and fulfilling relationship. You are a dick with a dick and Brittany definitely doesn't need either. I'm very surprised that she insist on staying with him as it seems she does have some support system outside of jail even though they are her former bunkies and girlfriends but she could make it on her own outside. I think by suppressing her real feelings she is turning everything into too much drama and turning into asshole herself. But I still think she is the smartest of this batch of convicts. I guess she is trying to put together a traditional family unit for her son so that's where Marcellino comes in.
  7. ava111

    S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    The only place that had ever problem with me using my then boyfriend credit card was in Las Vegas. I was not able to buy a drink and sandwich in hotel's gift shop. Like if I was gonna use stolen credit card to spend 10 USD??? And in Vegas? Otherwise I have been using his cc pretty much everywhere for the past 10 years and nobody ever cares to check. Only recently because I had to travel myself (because I remembered the Vegas experience and didn't want to end up unable to use it and out of town) he put me on his cc and got me one that have actually my name on it. Also I think Michael is already back dealing drugs or committing other crimes since he has been home for 2 weeks already. That's the only way he would have money for Meghan's surprise and his wife ring. Plus Sarah has to know about it because otherwise she would question his ability to get her 2000 USD ring. Cailyn seriously needs to start using vitamin c serum and sunscreen or she will look like her mom in few years. And her mom looks like 80. She has some serious sun damage on her skin already. I have no words about Clint. Or I do LOL He is like 7 year old child with oversized clothes who should be home with his mommy and never let out of her sight. And his mom should know better then indulge him with giving him her credit card. I blame her for this mess because he has obviously diminished mental capacity. She should never let him use her card unless she also has the same problem. He would not be able to go to pick Tracey up and marry without her card. He has been married twice already. Which brings another question: how did he find 3 women willing to marry him? Or better 2 women as the third was just looking for a sucker...
  8. ava111

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    LOL at my wedding 3 years ago I was wearing my favorite corduroy pants and Birkenstocks and my husband was in jeans and sneakers. Our dog was the only living soul except the officiant there. We had it at the dock on our condo property. Afterwards we went to Silver diner for brunch and then at home watched LA Confidential as that was the movie we went to see on our first date almost 18 years ago. Later that night we just emailed our families and friends that we got married. It was the perfect wedding for under 150 USD. We just celebrated the 3 year anniversary on Tuesday and in 3 weeks will be celebrating 21 years together.
  9. ava111

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    She called a Kail names in private text to Javi. Of course Kail doesn't think there is anything wrong to go into her ex husband phone to look at his texts. She is horrible. It's on her because she violated his privacy to find those texts.
  10. ava111

    S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    Correction: nor HIS MOM'S credit card.
  11. ava111

    S07B: Ask the Moms

    Wtf? Catelyn is the one and only parent on the stage who thinks that she does better job taking care of her kid than her husband. No other girl said that when asked. Considering Tyler is doing all the parenting while she is either MIA at treatment or MIA as a mother at home she is completely blind to the situation. She really should start watching the show she is on.
  12. ava111

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    "I will do anything for you" except to get air conditioned car, wedding dress than is not from Goodwill and apartment without his mom living there... He is very smart manipulating everyone while pushing Larissa's buttonts. Talking in this controlled measured manner, so condescending, so reasonable and even tempered, inserting control over her (be nice or I will buy you return plane ticket to Brazil). If anything more serious ever happens it will never be his fault, "she is crazy and out of control and it was not my fault, just ask anyone" mr. gaslighter button pusher will say. She is no prize but he loves what he does to her. Nasty psycho.
  13. ava111

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    It's easy to gain weight when coming to America. I came here over 21 years ago to be an au-pair for a year on J1 visa which is students exchange program to improve your language. I was taking care of baby that didn't talk and barely speaking any English because the parents were gone all day and I was spending my weekends with other au-pairs from former Czechoslovakia and speaking slovak. Otherwise I was pretty much confined to a house the whole week because even though I had international driver's license I was not able to drive car until I passed Maryland's test and pretty much get a new license. The food in here was very different from what we eat in Slovakia. Back there you get meals cooked from scratch and fresh whether at home or in cafeteria at work. No microwaveable food, no fast food or cookies that say 0 fat but are loaded with other shit so they end up being even worse. (We only just got first MacDonald in my town and first Pizza hut. I ate my first MacDonald food when I was 18 after they open borders to Austria few weeks after the Velvet revolution. It was so disappointing and didn't look like anything on the pictures.) And everything tastes odd. Not like at home. No real loaf of bread but the brick bread that tastes like cardboard. You keep eating because the stuff you eat doesn't satisfy your taste buds like the stuff you used to eat at home. Trying to cook is not the same either because again the ingredients are different even though they are called the same. Even chocolate is crap. You didn't even had nutella back then except in specialty German stores. No kefir, good yogurts, assortment of cheese spreads and charcuterie. I just could never be satisfied. Add to it boredom and being in the house for days without going anywhere which is very similar situation the fiancees have. I think I did pretty well being away from my family that first year (that was before internet, my family at home didn't even have a computer so 99% of communication was by letters as phone calls were horribly expensive) but the food was the one thing that I missed all the time. I couldn't wait to go home and have my mom and grandma cook all my favorite food. I did get to go home after the 13 months but only for couple weeks. What happened was that the previous fall all the other Czechoslovakian au-pairs decided to send applications for diversity lottery and since it didn't cost anything but couple photographs I did too not taking it seriously. (I never even dreamt about coming to America because back during communism it was pretty much impossible. The whole life growing up you hear America is bad and even if you wanted to visit you will never ever go there so it didn't even crossed my mind growing up. You didn't miss what you didn't have becouse that's just the way things were and we got our basic needs met.) And then I won! So 3 months before I was gonna go home I started to look into getting different visa that would allow me to stay until I would get my green card which was gonna take about a year. By then I was dating my current husband and I didn't want to leave him. Fortunately Washinton DC area has many foreigners working for World bank or International monetary fund and they are allowed to bring foreign domestic employees on G5 visa. I found myself one family and stayed on the G5 visa until I got my green card. It was 20th century slavery but that was the only option to stay here legally. You probably heard about these kind of jobs where the employer takes their passport, pays them pittance while they work around the clock and sleep on the floor. It was something similar except I kept my passport and I had nice room. But I was working from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday and even though I was able to have weekends off they wanted me to come in on Saturday just to make their beds and fill dishwasher!!! Four months in they realized I was too ''worldly'' for them because I had a life separate from just serving them and was spending the weekends with my boyfriend so they found another woman from poor country in Asia and I went to work for different family. At least they let me stay on their G5 visa until my green card process was complete. Anyway I got too off topic but I wanted to mention there are some other options to stay here legally but people take advantage of you especially if you don't have anyone here. Me and my boyfriend were together only for 5 months at the point when I was supposed to go back home to Slovakia and we never even considered trying the K1 visa. I knew him better and spend more time with him then all these people on the show with their Americans but didn't think I wanted to marry. I never wanted him to think that I married him just so I could stay in USA. We only got married 3 years ago at which point we were together for a month short of 18 years. And I never ever threw in his face when we were fighting that I left my whole family and friends and everything to be with him like at some point every one of these fiancees does. It was my choice to start my life completely over at 27 in totally different country with totally different culture and lifestyle then growing up, barely speaking the language, coming here only with a suitcase filled with my CD's LOL. I still can't believe I actually did that because when I think about it now it seems crazy. Being young and bold and adventurous and stupid all at the same time. (I only came here because I needed a break as I was kind of sick of all the political situation 6-7 years after revolution when everything was turning to shit again - the politicians just trying to fill their pockets and populism and people believing all the lies the parties were feeding them. Plus I lost my job and my marriage ended after a couple years so just wanted to go somewhere else for a while. I applied for USA or Australia which was my first choice but the Australian cut off age to apply was 27 and USA was 26 and since I was already 25 I wanted to have more chances just in case I wouldn't get placed in time for USA). I definitely know how these people feel even without all the additional stress of marriage thrown into it. I think Fernanda is very mature for her age, of course she has some weak points when she gets overwhelmed with being away from her family and all alone without anyone to talk to. She is very articulate in explaining her feelings and how she reacts most of the time to what is thrown at her. I wish I was that mature and wise at that age. She has the best chance to have successful marriage because her ability to compromise and choose her battles, she things about her and Jonathan as a team. Leida is total opposite, she only thinks of herself and her needs and doesn't care about hurting anyone's feelings as long as she gets what she wants at the end. She only steps back and capitulate becouse she doesn't want to go back to Indonesia, not because she things she is wrong. She just doesn't give a shit about anyone, the least her fiancee and his kids. I can't believe Eric doesn't point the hypocrisy of the child support situation to her. If she would get pregnant and had another kid with Eric and then divorce him she would not only requested and fight him to death for the highest sum possible but also want a spousal support for herself! She is just a scum. Her and Eric are a match made in heaven! I hope the producers won't push his daughters to attend the wedding to stepmother from hell.
  14. ava111

    S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    I have never seen Dakota as happy as when he landed after the jump. He looked like completely different person, I barely recognized him. Being away from Bristol and jumping out of planes definitively works for him. I really hope he gets better for the sake of his kids. I guess the divorce was the right step.
  15. ava111

    S07.E28: Modern Families

    This is still so weird to me. When I was 9 or 10 we moved. I didn't want to switch the school so in order to go there I would walk 7 minutes to tram stop, waited, got on tram for 3 stops and walk to school for 4 minutes. Repeat the other way in the afternoon. ALL BY MYSELF. Every day for 4 years. Plus my mom and dad were at work so I would wait until they got home at 4. My younger sister did switch school so she only had to walk home for 4 minutes but she was only 7. No school buses. This was in former Czechoslovakia back in late 70's early 80's but even now it's still the same. 8 years ago my niece started to go to 8 year gymnasium that is right next to my old school while my sister 's family still lives in our old flat. She was 11 at the time. We were able to be way more independent in very young age. (Our town was about 500 000 people just for size comparison.)