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  1. Alapaki

    S02.E08: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

    Bets on whether Paige laced Brandi’s eggs with laxatives so she had spastic diarrhea all the wat back to Kansas?
  2. Alapaki

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I'm going to defend Meri a little bit for what we saw this episode. She preferred a property that she was shown; it's not like she went looking for some other property. And it doesn't seem like she preferred it just to be a dick, because Kody preferred it to. The response from Christine, Robyn and Janelle was "fuck you! Majority rules!". But, Meri wasn't wrong that, when it comes to a big decision like this, what's wrong with continuing to look until they find something that, ugh ffc, makes everyone "hear angels singing"? (of course, that would require them to reveal the reason for all of the sudden rush in making this move). And then, after their "meeting", Kody is all "Wives, you're dismissed. . . . Not you Meri, you wait behind. What? Why do you think I'm acting like a principal in school?" Janelle and Kody want Meri to start farting rainbows over something mosquito gulch when she's already said it's not her first choice, and she's said that she'll go along with "majority rules" which, for the aforesaid reasons I think is a bullshit position to put someone in. At least Christine (I guess to her credit?) is honest enough to say "you're fillings don't matter, I'm getting what I want". Frankly I think maybe the plague is too good for any of this crew. Finally, kudos to whichever kid I heard off-camera say sarcastically "yeah, there's no wind in Las Vegas". I could hear your eye-roll. Even my 13 year old son, without being prompted, took a look at Fat Tony and said "is he trans?" And Mykelti, profile shots are Not. Your. Friend.
  3. Alapaki

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    They bought mosquito pond, because Meri preferred Unabomber Ridge. But, hopefully, the virus-laden mosquitos will deter the plague-ridden prairie dogs
  4. Alapaki

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    And, Of course, that’s something that could have been addressed with . . . CCRs!!!
  5. Alapaki

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I'm late to the party. I didn't watch until last night because, well, seeing these gypsy grifters drive out to stare at . . . nothing, wasn't exactly Must See TV. Someone else in the thread mentioned that the seller might also be the lender here, based on Kody's apparently negotiating the down-payment with them. I'm wondering if the seller is also the builder. At least in my area (SE Pa.) it's not uncommon for builders to buy the chunk of land, subdivide it, and then build the homes. They usually aren't also the lenders, but I'm talking about 100-200 home subdivisions. If this is the case with this land, it's possible the builder might start building before the land is paid off. In that sense, a default on the land-loan would result in the house being essentially a "spec" home. But I don't think there's anyway a builder would start four homes under those circumstances. Separately, maybe it was discussed and I missed it. But, is there any guarantee that someone won't decide to develop the land between Kody's and this glorious muse-of-the-Angels mountain and completely obstruct the big-selling-point, worth-putting-up-with-THE-PLAGUE view?
  6. Alapaki

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    I don’t know how much that trainer is getting paid. But is it REALLY worth letting Whitney engulf you like a blob of b.o. Jello and SNIFF you?!?!
  7. Alapaki

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    I was thinking about that too. The story was that people who did the 8k (which would be ~5mi) said their Garmins were showing that it was only 4 mi. I think the race organizers confirmed that the race was shortened by a mile too.
  8. Alapaki

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    They did. And they all continued to use them. Except Whitney, who made a production of flailing her arms and bouncing her foobs as she speed-waddled along the path, Glenn following behind now holding two pair of walking sticks (his own, and hers, which probably made holding his own less useful)
  9. Alapaki

    The McGees

    I found it interesting that they showed the set up for the blessing before the meal but we didn’t get to see the actual blessing. If their plural marriage thing is religious in nature, that would’ve been interesting to see. Also, why didn’t we see Paige’s “breakdown”? It was bad enough for them to bring Tubby McGee back, but all we saw was some whimpering?
  10. Alapaki

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Agreed. Wasn’t it curious that when Whitney left the lodge for her “3 activities that only a narcissistic asshole would name after themselves” she was carrying walking sticks. Then every time we see her walking, she’s made her 72 year old father carry them. Which, in addition to being yet another dick move, almost makes it seem like what we saw her doing was staged.
  11. I’ve seen bikes like that before on very rocky trails. And if you Google off-road bicycles you’ll find pictures of bikes with tires like that. But those bikes are made like that to handle heavy terrain. In an earlier season she went to a bike shop and the salesman figured out that he could repurpose one of those bikes for normal terrain but with a, umm, heavy rider. Tangentially, it’s been noted previously how freakishly small Whitney’s tits are given how big everything else is. There’s a special place in hell for whoever placed that bike-cam so that it would subject us to maximum jiggle of . . . Whatever she has going on under that sports bra
  12. Alapaki

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    Some banks are still lending freely. I agree that they couldn’t have all of the equity out at this point, post 2007/2008 crash. But they could still pull a lot. And that’s times 4 because they’re probably doing the same thing with 4 properties. I’m also guessing they haven’t been using their TLC income to pay off their debt. I think the housing market absolutely bottomed out in Vegas after the crash (it was practically ground zero). So I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a bit of a “dead cat bounce” rise in value that allowed them to treat the properties like ATMs.
  13. Alapaki

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    Their lenders are probably just waiting for the “jingle mail” if they haven’t gotten it already
  14. That reminds me. When Glenn and Babsncame down the stairs in the morning in Alaska I was a little shocked at how frail Babs looked. I think that Stroke took a bigger toll on her than the show has suggested.
  15. A decent human being would not ask a group of friends that’s includes a divorced single mother of two “why aren’t we all married and having babies?”