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  1. TexasGal

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    I went to GW many, many moons ago and needless to say my dorm room did not look like that. That fuzzy desk chair would irritate the crap out of me! Huh. I didn't find DC boring at all. Of course, I went to high school in the LA suburbs and HATED IT so you may be right that she'll be bored since she loves the CA lifestyle.
  2. TexasGal

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    The addition of “previously recorded” was a bit laughable when it first appeared a couple of episodes ago (like, duh, they are all previously recorded), but was just ridiculous this week.
  3. TexasGal

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    And from Jackie. Jennifer, you’ll get your turn you stupid fool. All she succeeded in doing was elevating Margaret so she got the other “coveted” next to Andy couch seat. If Teresa weren’t consistently so vile, I’d feel sorry for her being taken down by someone so much smarter than her. But she is vile, so keep bringing it Jackie!
  4. TexasGal

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    The wig itself was pretty horrible but I thought the style was flattering on her. Much more than the long fake hair. Anyone know what school Sophia (is that the right one?) goes to in DC?
  5. Oh, that would be awesome! Damn, not only was that oh-bitch-uary awful towards Lee, it had to mention that people thought Jackie and Bobby were more than just friends. What the actual f*ck?
  6. TexasGal

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I just had flashbacks to law school exams.
  7. TexasGal

    S06.E01: Aftermath of Brexit

    She was so certain about Arthur that I was starting to doubt myself! I know it's ridiculous, but the fact that some of them were talking negatively about the winner in front of him made me even more offended. Like it would hurt his doggy feelings or something...I know, I know. But still. RUDE!
  8. Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks were both so "on" and clearly know each other well - the other 2 were really reserved so it didn't balance out. The comedian was so quiet, that really threw me. Jennifer Connelly's commercial was hilarious!
  9. Right? It was really hard for me to feel bad for her that one of her three dresses didn't work out. Somehow I managed to get married, have a reception, and leave in only one dress. I think she could make it work. <eyeroll>
  10. TexasGal

    S04.E04: Marry Fuck Kill

    I felt like I missed an episode or something this week. Other than Q and not-E, I felt lost in all the storylines. Maybe I fell asleep towards the end of the last episode and don’t remember? Or, from comments here, maybe not.
  11. TexasGal

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    For Carson it really seemed like he didn’t hear her, the crowd made a lot of noise when whoever was before him was announced. Trump, I don’t know wtf he was doing. As ever. It almost seemed like he wanted to be the last person to be announced.
  12. TexasGal

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    That's rhetorical, right? I quite enjoyed the photo montage of him being shorter than everyone. And then the clip of him and Ben Carson not entering the debate stage and the other, actual politicians just walking by them with funny looks.
  13. TexasGal

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    On the runway, was MIchelle wearing the dress she’d originally made to go under the carpet pad taco?
  14. TexasGal

    S09.E05: Shutting Down

    It was so funny to me when her mom was giving her all kinds of "advice" about moving slowly how the clear unstated piece of advise was - don't get knocked up again.