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  1. arachne

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    Eeeee, this episode was more violent than usual; I was scrunching my eyes pretty often. (Okay, I'm a bit of a wuss.) Gut-wrenching flashbacks about young Shadow and his mom. Anyone figure out what Mr. Town is supposed to be? Is he a new god, or just a person working for Mr. World?
  2. arachne

    S06.E04: Robocalls

    I get my share of robocalls regularly, and just don't pick up (they never leave voicemail). But I see whoever is behind it is getting clever, because some use local numbers now. HA! I got one as I was typing this!
  3. arachne

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    I've been there, and it's pretty much like that. I thought this episode was okay, even with actors missing from last season. But I hope Media (the character) returns in some form this season; it would make no sense for her not to.
  4. Am I old-fashioned, or was that outfit on Mary Katherine Ham inappropriately tight? I also found her kinda ditsy. Interesting New Rule at the end, about how Christian fundies compare T***p to King Cyrus. And of course, that's totally misguided.
  5. arachne

    S09.E11 The Hobo Games

    I'm glad the Hobo Loco story is finished; it was lame and useless. However, the ending did remind me of an old Monty Python sketch: Nobody won the Summarize Proust Competition, so the prize went to "the girl with the biggest tits." And there's still three more shows to go? Gaah!
  6. arachne

    S09.E09: Boooooooooooone!

    ITA. Also, I noticed she was drinking Stoli instead of some generic rotgut vodka. That does not ring true either.
  7. arachne

    S09.E09: Boooooooooooone!

    I am seriously disappointed with this current season. It looks as if the show is just recycling old plots. Debbie replaces Fiona as the family ball-buster. Fiona in a downward spiral -- we've seen that before. And the "Hobo Loco" storyline -- remember when Frank tried to create his own high-proof beer? Meh. I've watched this show from the beginning, and I expect I'll be around for the final crash/burn. But next season (assuming there is one) ought to be the last.
  8. It's a variation of a frequent acronym in his sex advice column: DTMFA. The D stands for "Dump".
  9. My prediction: Bill's interview with Ann Coulter will either be pre-recorded, or conducted from an (ahem) undisclosed location.
  10. The panel was good -- a couple of people I was not familiar with, and none of them groan-worthy. However, I found "New Rules" kinda weak, especially that last one. Bill and his writers clearly need this break. Did I hear right, someone on his staff lost their home in all that fire? That sucks mega!
  11. arachne

    S02.E07: The Feminism Part

    The restaurant that CC and the blonde (forget her name) were sitting in looked like Peter Luger's, one of NYC's primest old steakhouses. I cringed when CC ordered two porterhouses well done. If I'd been that waiter I would have shown them the door!
  12. arachne

    The 15th Anniversary Special

    I found the show to be mostly unobjectionable, except when it tried to make a virtue of Bill shouting at the audience for not laughing. Umm -- maybe the jokes aren't always funny, Bill?
  13. arachne

    S12.E03: Indonesia

    I recall hearing Tony say he'd talk about the food he was eating when he recorded the voice-over. Never happened of course.
  14. arachne

    S09.E05: Black Haired Ginger

    During the closing credits, the Gallaghers dropped off Liam's bully -- apparently drugged and unconscious -- in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic.
  15. arachne


    Just finished the series last night. I found it both funny and charming in its way, and its piqued my interest enough to look forward to more. (My only beef was having to replay the last show and ff to the end credits -- but that's really Netflix' fault.) Does anyone else think Bean's stepmom sounds like Melania Trump -- and was that intentional?