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  1. I’m going to miss Lacey. She had an appeal from the firstseason when she kicked herself in the nose. I have just always liked her and I too have enjoyed watching her grow. She was 18 when she auditioned right? If so she’s one of the few arguments in favor of keeping the age limit at 18.
  2. My opinion about Angela was that she was rightfully disappointed with not making show group. Was she assuming too much ? Yes, but her reaction was understandable. It was mean and petty to call her out for having a bad day and embarrass her on the show. I have issues with the lack of support they give girls and veterans instead of helping them recover they get berated for feeling down like a normal person. Then they act like they don’t want to “break a girl’s spirit.” I understand the girls shouldn’t let it show in their performance but I feel there are more positive and less abusive ways to address a girl who is having a bad night. Even more so when it’s a veteran who has been a solid, if not stellar, team member.
  3. I have an overwhelming urge to call this year’s training camp the traveling circus or maybe the Texas circus. Other ideas for the initials TC? tearful cuts is lame
  4. You can still have the same experiences but it’s definitely become more upscale in the past 10 years. The gorgeous outdoors and the lake remain the same. There is a lot of tradition there and they are celebrating the 150th anniversary this year. It was never the same as shown at the Borscht Belt resorts in the sense of everyone joining in group activities.
  5. Mohonk has changed dramatically since then. It has a world class spa now with an indoor pool, bar/lounge and tv rooms for watching- though not in rooms. Air conditioning too. Ice skating rink as well with a massive stone fire place. Still primarily focuses on outdoors and nature. It an amazing spot and possibly my favorite place to go outside of NYC. It’s all inclusive so all meals, tips and almost all activities are included as well as children’s activities. also Mohonk was founded by the Smiley brothers who were Quakers. It was decidedly different from the Borscht Belt Jewish resorts but many of the outdoor things were probably the same.
  6. Oh I forgot - everything about Chelsea getting cut- to the girls in the parking lot “The fatties, the fatties are still on the team.” to Kelli that night “my friends were hurting and I just wanted them to know we were going to be ok.” Kelli “bs” next practice - Kitty thinks Chelsea is “pissy” and Chelsea is shown dancing like a clunky kindergartener wearing their shoes on the wrong feet to Kelli the next night ”I just want to be a good veteran. I can’t begin to tell you how much this team has changed my life in just one year.I wanted to tell you face to face.” Kelli -“thanks. We’ve made the decision to release you from the team.” Chelsea- “I can’t have one more chance.” Kelli-“ the decision is final...”
  7. “My paper is blank. I have no names on my paper.” - something like that - that was my favorite squad reveal Malena’s meltdown was epic in a sad way. Jasmine getting up after falling and then singing the national anthem perfectly.
  8. I’m pretty sure that was “I’m a stripper. I’m a slut.” I think it was Christina. i remember #grandmamoses to Pittsburgh Shannon and the bitchy girl from the old salon who said “she couldn’t get the look.” Shannon is in reality gorgeous. The girl from the salon was a terrible judge. My favorite is when the weather guy was saying Victoria dances out of control and got the death stares from the group. Charlotte to Kelli “what are you feeding these veterans in the off season.”
  9. But Kelli told her she didn’t see any reason why she might not make the team. It was when Malena told them she was quitting her job.
  10. Does anyone think Malena was trying to get screen time by her actions because she came across as mentally unstable? Or maybe that’s just her real self? I hope she doesn’t return. I felt she was used by Kelli and the show but they didn’t expect the complete breakdown she had when cut. Maybe she’s just very used to always getting what she wants? I don’t think she can ever make the team with her memory issues, possibly a psychologist or cognitive therapist could help her. I don’t understand why she would want to come back but a lack of self awareness could easily be the reason.
  11. Because it was obvious she was the person to be cut and had been mentioned as the best cut by a couple of people including Kashara because of her attitude. Kelli would hurt team morale even more by cutting people better than Victoria while keeping Victoria on the team. She would confirm the favoritism that she ended up confirming anyway. So in my view she was protecting victoria from even more negativity.
  12. Add me to the people that hope Malena has moved on. Her nervous breakdown at her cut should be enough for them to keep her away from the team. I also felt she was used, but I don’t think their intention was to trigger a complete collapse. She was way too intense.
  13. I’m a little sorry the season is over. I hope any veteran close to being cut would retire. There are always a couple that don’t. If only a handful of vets retire, I expect tryouts will be a real fight. I’m hoping that they get the same type of strong candidates that they did last year. The show is better when the girls are more talented. I never completely bought the line that it was so hard last year because I felt they were protecting Victoria by not cutting people who were obviously better. Overall, the rookies were a better caliber of learning the dances quickly - except the one girl who couldn’t remember anything but quit her job for the team. Melina, I think was her name. I prefer them learn quickly and look solid on the field to watching the clueless girls continue to make mistakes through the entire series only to be cut at the end.
  14. I think Charlotte would notice and remember mistakes as would Kelli and Judy obviously. Their standard is extremely high for making the squad and focuses a good deal on how an individual girl will look at any time on the 60 yard score board. They don’t expect the average fan to notice or care about minor errors, but they notice and they care.
  15. When it comes to the girls i have always felt that for the most part we talking about them as characters on a tv show that they willingly participate in filming. I’m sure all of the girls have friends or acquaintances who could post about how wonderful they are in real life. Viewers only know what the show tells us - like how uninformed the girl who didn’t know about “#metoo” and got unceremoniously kicked to the curb. How would we know that otherwise? We form our impressions from the edit. Thats what happens when you watch and comment on characters on a reality tv show.
  16. As I recall from the show it’s Miss Kitty who was calling the girls huge. It was Kelli nagging and threatening girls who had gained 8 whole pounds. My judgement of them is based on the standards the judges and the show has created, not my own. My personal opinion is that focusing so much on weight and size is actively harmful and destructive to the girls. I felt it was a mistake from the first season I saw for them to focus so excessively on weight. A girls weight should not be a storyline. Her fitness and dancing, yes. My view is no girl should have to have her weight judged and shamed on national tv. But, if the show is going to have Kelli call in for weight and humiliate gorgeous veterans who have performed brilliantly over the years, I’m going to call BS on the show and Ms Kitty giving Victoria “respect and time to lose the weight.” I’m only reflecting the DCC own standards and policies back to them. I have no knowledge of their personal lives. I doubt I would have anything in common with them. They are in a real sense contestants on a highly contrived reality show the same as any survivor or big brother contestant. The only difference is they are going for a very public and media intense job that continues after the show ends. Edit to add: I don’t follow any of them or the team on any social media. I only see what happens to be posted here. I’m certainly not judging them on their social media posts. (Except that comment about brides wear white to show they are virgins, or whatever idiotic, judgemental thing JennA. said. But I saw that here.)
  17. rose711

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    I’m very excited about this group of judges. I think they will be exacting but entertaining.
  18. rose711

    S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    I don’t think real restaurants have servers with no experience and no time to train them because the tables aren’t set up. I’ll vote for Sara as being pushy and rude. Seems like she was always that way of she grew up bragging to her friends that Hannakuh was more than the one day they had of Christmas. Im not a fan of the way Kelsey talks to the other chefs by threatening them. Seems unnecessary. She can be ok otherwise.
  19. I so enjoy seeing the DCC teaching young girls and giving them positivity. Thanks for posting these.
  20. Yes, I agree they are selectively enforced. That was the point of my post. Your reasons make sense. They act when it’s going to embarrass them or when they want a girl out. I was mad about it with Victoria until I came to understand that they’ve always been selective. It was just so blatant with her even a naive viewer like me couldn’t ignore the obvious.
  21. Does anyone even know if his really happened? I mean at one point she was said to be sleeping with an army guy while newly married and pregnant? Why bring this up now? It was never talked about before? As for rule breaking we’ve seen over the years that DCC rules are selectively enforced. Look at Jenna dating Dak for what a year before they did something because underaged Holly got involved? Or Paige who had to be dating a player before she resigned? I doubt she resigned just to go out? Then there are the weight rules which seem selective or overlying harsh. Then there is the being late thing - I don’t think Keyra was the only girl ever to be late. I remember a season where a girl missed the bus to the stadium. Holly didn’t get cut even though she was fraternizing and underage drinking with players. She resigned on her own and honestly seems much happier. I don’t think the rules are harshly applied to any girl unless it’s what management wants to happen.
  22. Hope your son is doing ok. Good luck to you.
  23. I’m not jealous of Cassie. I’m glad she’s happy. I don’t like the rumors going on all these years later but it is what it is. i think it may be more accurate to say that people are still frustrated that the DCC management plays such favorites, though until this year the show has tried very hard to hide how pervasive the favoritism is in favor of a few girls. At the same time, I think Dayton got cut to try to make a superficial statement that they weren’t playing favorites. I’m so happy she found something better. It is a very small, insular organization so I suppose I shouldn’t have expected more from them. They did fool me for years with all the judging and taking judges comments into account. They fooled me with their seemingly professional management. I just hope the honest weather guy makes a return next year.
  24. My issue with Victoria was that her boss (Kelli) asked her to work with Janelle (DCC staff member.) Victoria agreed. Then she decided not to do it and basically tried to turn them against Jinelle. All Victoria had to do was tell Jinelle she didn’t want to work with her or she changed her mind. Victoria thought she was making it and didn’t need to listen to Jinelle or Kelli. Its funny in a good way that Jinelle cried about retiring but ended up dancing every game anyway. I will always like her.