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  1. Nikki55x

    S07.E07: I Want an Equal Partner

    People are just as snarky with men with annoying or weird voices. Chelsea from teen mom 2 husband is constantly getting ripped apart for his voice.
  2. Nikki55x

    S02.E02: Face to Face

    You know nothing Jon Snow... to soon?
  3. Nikki55x

    S02.E06: The 20's

    No Randall was hyper ridged before that night, have you forgotten the list and his freaky behaviour about deviating from it. Also, before that Jack mentioned it.
  4. Nikki55x

    S08.E15: Love You, Mean It

    For Janelle and all of her blind, excuse making followers. I got Flowers today Submitted By: suepup Got Flowers Today I got flowers today. It wasn't my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night. He said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he was sorry and didn't mean the things he said. Because I got flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't Mother's Day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me up again. And it was much worse than all other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of my kids? What about money? I' m afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. Today was a very special day. It was the day of my funeral. Last night he finally killed me. He beat me to death. If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.
  5. Nikki55x

    S02.E02: A Manny-Splendored Thing

    They were in college not high school when he saw Beth. The brothers relationship could have changed by then.
  6. But her eyes are clear, like really light blue.
  7. Nikki55x

    Growing Up Supermodel

    Is Cairo really that guy's daughter. Cause he is good looking and Beverley is was good looking but Cairo is unfortunate looking.
  8. Larry seems sweet and normal just really lonely and sad. Larry's sons were so devastated by his news but he did not notice. Patrick seems normal whats his deal?
  9. Nikki55x

    S06.E20: Caitlyn & Kenton

    There's no cure for being a cunt. Bronn, Game Of Thrones.
  10. Some People in Barbados do eat chicken feet (No go for me) , gizzards, liver and necks (yummy). Nothing to do it class that shit is just tasty fried. However it doesn't look so disgusting and greasy like Family Pedro's. They were totally Fing with them. Don't see the Americans freaking out over Alex fried liver and onions (hmmm). The issue here is a lot of Americans seem to have no knowledge of the rest of the worlds customs. It is mind boggling and makes them appear stupid.
  11. Paos agent is 100% hotter than her.
  12. Nikki55x

    S13.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates

    I watch the show to comment on what I see on the show. I could not care less about editing or whatever the contestants say about what "really" happened. The point of reality tv is escapism and snark not a point out how fake the show is, who cares. It is annoying as hell that this new crop of E listers see the need to clear they good name (ha) and have they fans bug others with the its not real lines (duh). Dude if I wanted real I would turn on the news and even that is not 100.
  13. Nikki55x

    S06.E16: Robert & Ashleigh

    Clearly if you are going to recap a show you should actually watch it properly. She said her mom died. She said her father has Alzheimer's hence she most likely gets state funds because she is his care taker.
  14. Nikki55x

    S13.E07: Week 7: Switzerland

    Wow I'm scrolling and scrolling and all I can see is talk about grammar. Dude this is the bachelorette does anyone have anything to say about you know the actual show. The picks? Repetitive and boring. Going to youtube for appropriate fluff tv, escapism responses.
  15. Nikki55x

    S13.E07: Week 7: Switzerland

    Is Rachel so horny for Bryan that she cannot ask the freaking red flag question? Which is what did his mom say or do to the woman her cared so much for or expected from her that made her so freaked that she broke up with him because of his mom? Rachel what the hell type of lawyer are you?