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  1. rab01

    S02.E03: Muninn

    Sigh. The show is so drab compared to last season. It's ok that the plot doesn't make much sense to me because why should I understand gods' motivations but the visuals are so ordinary now and the dialogue with the girl who picked up shadow was so on the nose. Also, I get that new media would be into tentacle porn (well new as of a decade or two ago) but if I'm siding with technical boy in a scene, the rest of the characters have dropped their level immensely.
  2. rab01

    The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    I've seen some people saying that Whittaker's run as Doctor Who tanked in the ratings but I don't think that's right. According to the articles I've found it did better than a lot of nuWho: https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/a870425/doctor-who-series-11-ratings-down-success-decline-jodie-whittaker/ and even an article that spun the drop from opener to finale as a huge death knell still had to admit that it did better than Capaldi's finale: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/12/female-doctor-who-season-ends-with-35-ratings-drop-and-37-rt-user-rating/73549/ Personally, I've liked but not loved this iteration -- none of the scripts have made me go "wow", and I like Whittaker but not really loving the companion dynamic -- but I don't think critics should pretend that it's some titanic failure.
  3. They work for a secret spy agency. Keeping the Pierces' secrets probably doesn't rate in the top-10 of shady stuff they had been keeping quiet in their careers up till now. Also, the ASA may want to keep it secret so they can blackmail the Pierces but I don't think that option is really mission critical for the ASA. You are absolutely right within the framework of the show but it still doesn't make any freaking sense to me. (Just like I didn't understand and couldn't accept the same scene in Suicide Squad.) As for your questions, Tobias' plot-armor is darn near impenetrable. Sigh. I think Tobias is a decent enough villain but the lady he killed in Season 1 was such a better one.
  4. It feels like there was a plan for the first season but not much of one for this season. I still like the show but it's being carried by the acting along with the fight choreography and music cues. I hope that next season can get back some of the interactions with ordinary people - the danger in the first episode came from Jefferson being in a traffic stop and Jen going to a gang-run club - situations that felt like they had real peril. This last episode I can't think of anyone they spoke with who wasn't powered or part of some conspiracy so I wasn't really worried for anybody's safety. Also I have a pet peeve -- Can the villains please stop killing their competent underlings? Agent-guy killing a roomful of useful surveillance people; Tobias killing his computer hacker, etc. Have the villains go back to threatening and killing innocent people so I can be scared of them again.
  5. I was fine with Jefferson deferring on taking back his job but I wanted him to say something like: "I know what it's like for a principal to be judged by the pubic perception of a single incident. While his acts were worse than my supposed responsibility not somehow stopping a super-powered battle inside the school, I wouldn't want the Board to repeat with Lowry its mistake with me. His policies should be given a full term to see if they fail or succeed. I may be open to considering the position next year." As for the computer hacker, we didn't see his face on a corpse so I don't think he's dead. I wouldn't be surprised if he discovered the bomb plot beforehand.
  6. rab01

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    It helps that I first watched and enjoyed Shawshank before the overpraise that it's received in the last ten years. I'd never have thought to compare Deer Hunter and Shawshank but now that I've fallen down that rabbit hole -- Deer Hunter is by far the better movie. It's a great movie with great performances by a cast full of that generation's very best actors. But, it's not a fun movie to rewatch. To me, Shawshank doesn't belong in the list of top 20 best movies but it is very rewatchable. While both movies have dark and light moments, Shawshank makes audiences feel good and Deer Hunter makes them sad. Both movies are doing their jobs in that manipulation but which one makes for a more pleasant weekend afternoon?
  7. rab01

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Has anyone mentioned Stephen King yet? I've read a bunch of his books and seen a ton of movies based of his books but not necessarily the same ones. Of those, I'd say "The Dead Zone" is a better movie than book (because of Walken's performance) and that The Shining is a good Stephen King book but it's an amazing movie, even if the two may not be as closely related as King would have liked. Also, I love The Shawshank Redemption as a movie but it's just a cute short story. (As King books where the book is better, there are probably too many to count.)
  8. rab01

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Agreed, the Godfather is so much better as a movie than a book; the Hollywood portions are so unpleasant to read. Silence of the Lambs is a good book but I think it's an even better movie. 2001 is a better movie than book but I'm not sure it counts because the book was written simultaneously with the movie.
  9. What the hell is a "criminal motion" that Matt is supposedly going to file? He's supposed to be a lawyer - just serve a fucking subpoena and get your documents or file a contempt motion in 20 days. Then it would be crystal-clear that burning daddy's papers was spoliation of evidence and sue his ass.
  10. rab01

    S02.E09: AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed

    I thought it was all right. Her main concern was to get Jessica to stop blaming herself. If that requires telling mean truths about your dead spouse, then so be it.
  11. rab01

    S02.E02: AKA Freak Accident

    I think that comment is part of why Trish was so very traumatized by her reunion with the director. She feels complicit in the relationship she had with him and he pushed all of those arguments directly back at her. But she was only 15-years-old at the time. She couldn't know how entirely fucked up that relationship was, which is why the law puts predators like him in jail when they can catch them at it. Her mom convinced her to cozy up to him and his 40-year-old ass was totally into having sex with a girl who was just FIFTEEN. The adults are the ones responsible but the victim is the one carrying the guilt. Pretty realistic.
  12. rab01

    S02.E01: AKA Start At The Beginning

    Just getting to Jessica Jones. (I was delayed for a long time by trying to slog through Punisher, Iron Fist, etc and failing at it.) NY lawyer here -- you are exactly right that Jeri and her firm CANNOT represent Cheng against Jessica. It's not even a gray area. Assuming that Jessica isn't a current client of the firm - not a safe assumption given the nature of their relationship (and the issue is considered entirely from what is reasonable for Jessica to expect as the client, not Hogarth's perspective) - she is still a former client of the firm. A lawyer cannot represent anyone against a former client in a matter that is substantially related to the prior representation or in which confidences learned previously would be helpful. You could make an argument about the first test but Jerri has absolutely learned things from the prior representation that would be incredibly helpful in a lawsuit by Cheng. In addition, Hogarth engineered the confrontation between the two so she has a financial interest in that fight (because of Hogarth's potential liability to Chen) so she is conflicted for that reason too. One nitpick - Chinese Walls are still used in NY and are recognized by the courts. They don't apply to current clients and probably would not be tolerated here because it's one of the name partners who was handling the prior representation. And one caveat - big firms draft retainers for some clients that include "advance waivers" against certain claims of conflict. It might be possible to draft one that would technically cover this situation but given what we've been shown in Season 1, that waiver would be held ineffective by a court if it were presented with all the evidence truthfully. (A big "if" in Hogarth's case.)
  13. rab01

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I remember that brush and I remember a little bottle of fluid that came with ours that you dribbled on the brush so that it picked up the dust -- In other words, it wasn't you it was your equipment.
  14. rab01

    Prue Leith: Paul's New Partner

    Wow, that's an amazing career or an amazing several careers actually.
  15. rab01

    S08.E12: The Great Festive Bake Off

    I wish that Netflix had ordered their episodes differently and put this one ahead of the Christmas bake off. The bakers on this episode were fine enough choices and baked well but not as well as in the Christmas episode (and Christmas also had two of my favorite contestants) so this episode gave me a little letdown. If I'd only had an inkling, I would have swapped the order I watched them in and loved both episodes.