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  1. tennisgurl

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    I knew that the lady who took Garys spot was Maggie's mom right away (and not just because I recognized the actress from around), but I still loved the reveal, and everything that followed with Maggie's mom and Gary. That felt quite real, and didnt go over the top dramatic like many things in this show tends to go. PJ the kid in the waiting room getting super into Romes screenplay was really cute. So now Rome is going to work at a suicide hotline? Alright, another project! Barbara Morgan? Just not that interested anymore, its been drawn out too long at this point. Why is she just lurking around now, being weird? Its funny that Regina has apparently already opened and ran her out restaurant for awhile, as she has been basically acting like she has never had any experience with the business end of the restaurant this whole time. So, does Delilah actually do anything there beside finding guys to fiance them? Katherine and Eddie actually have way more chemistry now than they ever have, its sad to see what once was. I admit, I would be open to them reconciling one day, their relationship seems very real now, and I can see the connection they have, and how things went badly for them. That being said, Eddie needs to do some serious soul searching before they can even think about getting back together. Katherine isnt to blame to Eddie cheating, especially with a friend of theres. Thats still on him, no matter how much Katherine was working. Theo was bratty, but he IS a little kid, and he is probably acting out, even if its subconsciously, because he can tell his parents are splitting up. Katherine telling him what he did was hurtful, in a firm but understanding way, but still reminding him that they still loved each other even after a fight, which was a really good way to handle it. Theo is generally a sweet kid, so this was probably just a bad day.
  2. tennisgurl

    S05.E07: Ace Chemicals

    I dont think the show blames her for not doing anything (Bruce said the same thing about her just being a kid and she couldn't have done anything) I think that Selina blames herself for not doing anything. It doesent come up a whole lot, but she has definitely angsted about it before, even back in season one when Bruce and Selina had just met, and just a few episodes ago she said it was a reason why she was a bad, selfish person, even though Bruce disagreed. I think it was a moment she needed to show herself she wasnt a bad, irredeemable person. I mean, if you stopped talking to everyone in Gotham has has tried to kill you, your holiday card list would be about two people long! Thats just how people roll in Gotham! "I mean, my dentist did use laughing gas to get me to commit crimes in his name while he danced around wearing a tooth costume and stabbing people with toothbrushes during my last appointment, but...he is still the best dentist in town! I cant stop seeing him over a little something like that!"
  3. tennisgurl

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I mean, now that I think about it, this shouldn't have been all that surprising. I mean, Issac saying how he wanted to study biological lifeforms, always saying how superior they are, the fact that no way is a whole race of seemingly emotionless robot aliens gonna not be evil, etc. I really should have guessed this was what would go down. I admit to being a bit disappointed now. We talked last week about writing alien cultures that are very different than our own, to the point where we often struggle to understand each other, and I mentioned that Issac was an interesting example, as he really did look at the world and relate to it a totally different way than most species on this show would do. He wasnt evil for it, it was just a different, alien outlook on life, that was weird to us, but not to him. But...now I guess they were just evil all along. Like I said before, its REALLY hard for people to write aliens that arent just humans in with funny foreheads, are all based around one random personality trait, or are just evil. During the party, it looked like Klyden was looking at Bortus a little apprehensively, while Bortus just ignored him. Maybe the fight from last episode is still smoldering? Maybe all of this will bring them back together, and Klyden will see that hating people based on something organic and genetic is really...stupid? Between Ed and Claire, the Orville crew just have zero luck in the love department, huh?
  4. tennisgurl

    S20.E16: Facing Demons

    So, Cassidy was molested, but somehow its all about Olivia and HER angst about not having noticed it. And dont forget, she was a victim too...apparently... Thats something that has really increasingly bothered me about her. For all her preaching about the importance of talking to survivors and them standing up to their abusers and telling their stories, it always seems to be about Olivia. Its about HER tragic backstory, HER angst, HER big speech, how this makes HER feel. Making someones horrible trauma all about you over and over again, especially as a professional who works with SVU, is just such a bad look. Speaking of bad looks, when the girlfriend of poor Micah said that she didnt want to sound like a jerk because she broke up with her boyfriend because he was molested, I was like "well, you dont NOT sound like a jerk..." Anyway, I did like a lot of aspects of this episode. Cassidy was frustrating in how he was handling everything, resorting to violence and trying to get other survivors to take the stand when he wont, but I also found it understandable. From what I have understood, its especially hard for male victims of sexual violence to come forward and talk about what happened, especially if they later are in a "macho" profession like being a cop. I think that lashing out or dealing with the problem with violence, threats, or anger would probably be common, especially if they felt like they were digging up old wounds. Its one of the things that really gets me about people like magic guy. Their victims are stuck dealing with the fallout for their whole lives, and can become seriously messed up later on, while they get to go along their merry way so often. I left the episode wishing we got more of the story of Micah, and less of Olivia working on her sermons and starring at coffee. It sounds like he was so often crying out for help (telling his girlfriend, hurting himself as a kid, sending emails to his old friend) and no one ever realized what was going on until it was too late. Oh, and way to assume he was a molester, and letting it get out, Liv. I really hope she apologized to his parents after that. I get that you have to look at all avenues, but those pictures were so clearly old! Also, I always love when SVU tries to write for gamers. "Suddenly its just Game Over." Also, how often do detectives come to your house to ask about your recently deaceased childhood friends, dude? Put the game on pause for five seconds! Poor cute Potato! I hope the nice neighbor got to keep him, or maybe his parents.
  5. tennisgurl

    S05.E14: Make Me the Enemy

    So, the bad guys are...the bad guys! DundunDUUUUN! God dang, Laurels family is just a whole mess of crazy. So now her brother is possibly the killer, and her mother is probably dead, and they sent her scalped to Laurel! Thats, like, creatively fucked up. That was smooth talking there, Oliver. Connor set it up, but his hubbie knocked it out of the park! It was actually nice though to see a non corrupt judge who did seem to be very willing to step down off the case, just because she held herself and others to a high standard, even if its very likely nothing improper happened. I do wish that Connor and Oliver could circle back to the whole "Connors mom let him have sex with adults when he was a child" thing. Seems like a pretty big thing to gloss over. I actually have warmed to Emmett, and while Annalise and Tegan are clearly meant to be, I hope that he at least can survive the season without ending up on Annalises bad side permanently. He really seemed to like her, I actually did feel bad when he realized he was being played, and Annalise not only accused him of only getting ahead by being a white guy, but, you know, of conspiracy to commit murder! I bet that was a super award conversation to have after Annalise got off the phone. At least Annalise knows she didnt introduce her mom to a killer! Well, she did introduce her to Nate, Frank, AND Bonnie, who have all murdered people, but still... Even if Asher and Michaela arent a thing anymore, its nice to see them still trying to support each other. Damn it, I am still holding out hope for them!
  6. tennisgurl

    S05.E14: Make Me the Enemy

    I know that Annalise and company are constantly dealing with murderers and cover ups and conspiracy's and what not, and are always keeping secrets from other people and each other, but maybe its not the brightest idea to run around accusing everyone they know of murdering people without any real evidence beyond the word of an obviously sketchy people, or something circumstantial? I guess Emmett should consider himself lucky that Nate wasnt around, or he probably wouldn't be here anymore.
  7. Runaway Bride is just such a weird movie, in that both of the main characters are totally awful, but they dont have much of an arc to become better people, and the movie only seems partially aware of how awful they actually are. Ike is a shoddy journalist and a sexist tool, and Maggie is just one of the worst romantic comedy protagonists you'll ever find. Not only does she dump THREE men at the altar (why people keep getting engaged to her is a mystery) who all seem like perfectly nice guys who really loved her, but she cheated on her current fiance (and thats on Ike as well) and the dumped him too, and then dumped Ike as well! Like, if you know you dont wanna commit, dont get engaged! Or, in the words of Adam Sandler from The Wedding Singer, all of her issues could be brought to her fiances attention yesterday! In any other movie, these two would be the jerk the main character starts out with before they realize the other protagonist is the one they really want to be with, or the asshole ex that the main character has to let go of before they can move onto happiness with someone better, not the main couple!
  8. tennisgurl

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I had the same thought. For a second, I thought that they had somehow ended up on Ego! Well, that took a seriously dark turn, didnt it? I really do question this show being a comedy at this point. It has lots of goofy jokes, but its more of full on science fiction show inspired by Star Trek than a spoof at this point. I mean, when we start messing around with genocide and mass graves, the yucks are kind of few and far between. I really did expect to hear the Kaylons say "resistance is futile" at some point, but that was a seriously epic turn, I did not see any of that coming at all! I suspected the Kaylons had some dark secret, but holy shit, they have a full on "turn of their creators" Sky Net style backstory! That was so intense, that I actually yelled "no! not yet!" when they cut to the To Be Continued. Next Week: Will the crew be able to save the Earth and the rest of the Union? Is Issac himself, or was he reprogrammed? wWll he side with the crew over his people? And, most importantly...will Bortus get his side flower piece of cake!?
  9. tennisgurl

    S05.E07: Ace Chemicals

    Even by this shows standards, Jeremiahs whole scheme to get Bruce to be obsessed with him, including actually acting in his own old timie Zorro movie, just to complete the melodrama, is pretty impressively over the top. AND he finally gets his official origin story, getting dumped into a vat of chemicals. "Dont worry Selina, he wont be a threat anymore. He certainly wont come back even worse than before, and we most certainly wont be fighting each other for the next several decades! No way!" It really was sweet though when he Bruce hugged Alfred, and when Selina actually got involved and helped save Lee and Jim, the way she didnt help the Wayne's. Its a nice bit of symmetry. Oh Selina, you softie! Of course if Babs, Penguin, and Ed were gonna escape Gotham, it would be through a submarine. I was thinking it would have to be submarine, or a giant zeppelin with a penguin printed on it. And I love that Ed can tell right away that Babs is pregnant. Its obvious, she is just glowing! Jim sure can pick um, huh? And Lee is probably the most normal person he has ever hooked up with! I am actually excited that Lee and Jim might be getting back together, and the scene between Babs and Lee was great as well. Oh, that kids borthdays are gonna be super weird. Also cool seeing The Mad Hatter again, he is one of my favorite reoccurring crazies. And Jim and Lee messing with him was a nice reminder of what a good team they can make.
  10. tennisgurl

    Deadly Class

    Brandy is a horrible person, even by this shows standards, but razor blade pom poms are freaking awesome, and exactly what I want from this show. And those black cheerleader uniforms are a LOOK. Dear God, its like every week, the animated flashbacks become more and more fucked up. Poor Maria, take your meds, girl! "We`re training you to be assassins, not pieces of shit."
  11. tennisgurl

    Miracle Workers

    "We have integrity!" God wanting to smite Bill Mahar by making his dick explode because he annoyed him is just such a weird plot, but...it certainly does make sense for this petty, totally checked out version of god. Oh yeah. I can also see this god making Abraham think he has to sacrifice his son, then be like "hold on, just fucking with ya Abe. You can just make lamb chops instead!"
  12. tennisgurl

    Single Parents

    Maybe my friends and I were weird, but I very much remember having crushes and "dating" in first and second grade. My friends and I would gossip and pass notes about the boys we thought were cute, and we would go on "dates" by hanging out at the jungle gym for two minutes than running away to our friends to report back. None of really knew what dating actually was, so... Douglas and Miggy are a fun combination, I always like when they get plots together. "Your father must be so disappointed" *Miggy nods sadly* "You have sports tattooed here. Thats a choice you made." It was actually a good observation of Miggy that Poppy shouldn't be making fun of her exs girlfriends with Rory. Poppy and Rory are close, but she needs to set more boundaries with them,and her talking smack about all of his dads exs is just going to create problems.
  13. tennisgurl


    Poor Xavier. #Xavierstrong The advice that Ana gave for her Instagram deep dive was hilariously real to so many people. So many people just go to town stalking their significant others and their exs online, and doing this whole full on investigation into who likes what. So it looks like Aaron and Ana are moving on and up! That picture on Instagram of little Ana in her Bush/Chaney hat! I mean, I can kind of see both sides of Zoe and Luca and their stuff with his exs. On the one hand, he probably should have at least let Zoe know that he was putting up on intimate picture of an ex in his art exhibit. On the other hand, its not like Luca was supposed to be a monk before he met Zoe, and it seems like he and his exs mostly ended things well, so thats a good sign! Personally, I follow most of my exs online, and its not a big deal. I mean, one of my exs has a corgi! I cant give up adorable corgi pics just because of a break up! Is Nomis teacher hitting on her? Because thats super sketchy, even if Nomi is an adult. Nomi clearly sees her as a mentor/teacher, and her moving in one her is just skeevy, no matter the genders involved. Maybe the next "issue" episode will be debating student/teacher relationships in college?
  14. tennisgurl

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    This was an entire episode based all around "people dont take three seconds to communicate with each other" situations, which was just way too much for me. I mean, come on Manny, why would Phil call himself a bad actor? And I have no clue why Cam didnt just text Jay, or Jay didnt text Cam to confirm they were getting together. That isnt a farce or a comical misunderstanding, thats just nonsensical! The Superbowl was so freaking boring this year, I would have loved having a baby shower around to distract me from the tedium, and Adam Levine's questionable taste in ink. Dylan actually showed some real competency when he was wrapping Claire's arm, I wish we saw more of that, and less of the bumbling duffus for an easy joke stuff. Abd enough with the "Dylan and Hailey are Claire and Phil 2.0" stuff. They are both very different people, especially Dylan and Phil. As many have said, Phil is naive and silly, but he isnt stupid!
  15. tennisgurl


    All-Star sure brings back the memories! I used to be able to do the whole song, not sure I remember it all now...or maybe I do... "AH! HE IS JUST SO INSPIRATIONAL!" Glad that in real life, Ronnie is very much not in high school, because he is so very attractive. I liked how Jock Rocks played out, the story went different than the usual "teacher pressured to give athletes a pass" story that a lot of shows do.