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  1. Soobs

    Season 5 Discussion

    I just started watching this show and it kept me entertained while I worked on projects. The jail reminds me of a slightly more dangerous version of my high school, lol! What other seasons should I watch?
  2. Soobs

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Colton has to be one of the most emotionally unstable and immature Bachelor's in the show's history. During his breakdown I really thought he might hurt himself. I guess the psych evals they do when they screen contestants aren't as tough to pass as the STD checks. I hope he's single and working on himself. He's not ready for a relationship or marriage or sex.
  3. Soobs

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    Also the white cop saying "we own you" to him was totally disgusting.
  4. Soobs

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    The plots on this show usually take a left turn into such unbelievable places, I thought maybe the stalker would end up being the serial killer's daughter. I like takes-himself-too-seriously Tim pairing up with the quirky, sexy librarian/ dispatcher lady. That guy needs to lighten up and his junkie wife, even sober, is a serious wet blanket.
  5. Soobs

    S02.E03: Coming Out Plural

    The pearl clutching over the steak seemed a little much. I'm a vegetarian and my husband eats meat, even beef and cooks it in our house. I just request that he open a window and use a pan specifically for that. It's seriously not a big deal. I was more surprised that Jennifer was smoking! Isn't that pretty forbidden? She seems a little shady to me, like she's trying too hard to be likable. Her life sounds pretty busy (bartending, manicurist, motorcycles). Is she really going to go live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and take care of someone else's kids? It's amazing to me that these folks barely know each other and are talking marriage. Aren't they worried that the person is just putting on a front?
  6. It seems like Cody is using his underage daughter's private, medical issue for drama for the show. This is a bad idea for so many reasons. I guess they got tired of wedding planning and now that Meri's inn is opening there's less going on. I had to have four eye surgeries when I was a kid and I'm so glad my father didn't "feel like" I didn't need them because "my life wasn't threatened". I would have been totally disabled without them.
  7. Soobs


    I was a little surprised that she chose to have kids. Radar had no childhood trauma (that he'll admit to) so you have to wonder if there's a strong genetic component. She has had to do a lot of work in order to move forward. She looked so much like Rader, it's a little startling. That probably makes it harder too.
  8. Soobs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    The judge said that there didn't appear to be abuse at the time (although my mom had witnessed emotional abuse) and that "it wasn't illegal to be dysfunctional". This was in 2000 so I wonder if the case would be treated the same today. I should add in the epilogue that my sister did leave the guy recently and he dealt with it by shooting a 9mm willy nilly into the street, near a school. A search of their home uncovered a lot of guns and a home made automatic weapon. His trial is next week. Very Davidesque.
  9. Soobs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    My mom sued her daughter and the new husband for custody.
  10. Soobs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    The Barb/ Jenelle relationship hits a bit close to home for me. My sister dated then married a guy a lot like David. She brought two kids into the marriage. At first we tried to get along with him but every time a boundary was put down, he'd explode. Eventually he ended up assaulting my mom. She brought charges (which didn't stick) and sued for custody of the kids and lost. We were never allowed to see them again. Fast forward almost 20 years and those kids (who did end up being abused) are homeless, addicted off and on, traumatized to the point to not being able to connect to others and build relationships, have careers etc.. I've tried to help them, they both have lived in my home but they are so traumatized and I have no deep roots with them we have been unable to build a relationship. Sometimes I watch the Barb/ Jenelle drama and think about what would have happened if I had worked harder to keep the lines open which would have meant excusing the guy who assaulted my mom. Would I have been able to help the children more? Would my sister have left him? Barb can treat Jenelle and David like the POS's they are and risk losing the children to the abuse or maybe sit and have a glass of wine and have a subtle, positive influence and provide support if Jenelle decides to leave. Abusers like to isolate and with Barb around more, Jenelle is less isolated. I don't know if I totally think this. I've been thinking about if from all angles. There really aren't any good choices here. The cycle of abuse is so hard to break.
  11. Soobs

    S23.E03: Week 3

    I thought the Bachelor rules clearly state that she who smelt the drama, dealt it which means Hannah has to go.
  12. He also said the women would be "sharing his member". Barf. What type of person is going to look at Grizzly Adams who lives in an RV with two kids and and his wife and say, "hmm this is a step up for me"? I need more info on the millennials. Why does one live a half hour away? What type of work do they all do? It was sad when the little girl said she missed her daddy. Polygamists often sell the lifestyle as something good for kids but this scenario seemed liked the opposite. Also, when they asked the first wife if the second wife was going to have kids her answer seemed pretty defensive. I think she got more than she bargained for.
  13. Soobs

    S07 E27 Nique & Alice

    Nique should be putting her energy into getting into CalArts. That's not an easy school to get into or pay for.
  14. Soobs

    S01.E09: Standoff

    I think that's why I like it. It's an 80's over the top, cop drama throwback. I feel weirdly nostalgic when I watch this show.
  15. Soobs

    S23.E02: Week 2

    Billy Eichner made a joke that perhaps Colton was gay and didn't know it. When Colton was on the one on one date with Hannah he spoke about his competitive family and how he felt like he had to fall in line with what they wanted for him. I do wonder if he's gay and it didn't fit with his parents idea of who he should be, hence the virgin status. He just opted out. I just don't buy that he's too busy to have a relationship and that he needed a relationship to have a sexual encounter. It's easier to believe that he's been raised in a homophobic culture and he's petrified to live his truth.