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  1. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The network probably has a plan and a short list of people to replace Alex. When the star of your popular show is an elderly man with health issues it would be irresponsible not to plan ahead. I doubt that Alex will be back for another season of Jeopardy. Continuing on as host after announcing his cancer would turn a fun game show into the daily Alex Trebek death watch. People would constantly comment on social media about how sickly he looks and speculate how much longer he will last. The whole thing would be morbid and an undignified end to a long career. When celebrities announce something so serious it typically signals their withdrawal from public life.
  2. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Many indie films end up on streaming services as part of a package deal after they finished a modest theatrical run or as a last refuge for those movies that failed to find a distributor. The package deal is really about streaming rights for some blockbuster or big TV show and the indie films are just thrown in for reasons. I have noticed that many multiplexes, in addition to the blockbusters, action movies, comedies and family favorites, typically have a screen for the small indie films. It hurts distributors and theaters if streaming services sweep the Oscars because they can't make money off the Oscar-winners. A decline in the number of distributors and theaters will hurt the small movies first. Blockbusters will always have a theatrical distribution channel. Streaming services make money by attracting new subscribers. People sign up for the service to watch a movie or show they have heard a lot about and then many end up staying because they see other stuff they can watch or forget/don't know how to cancel their subscription. Big movies with lots of buzz attract new subscribers, not small indies films that no one has heard of so there is not much incentive for a streaming service to finance a small indie movie if it will not attract enough new subscribers to pay for itself.
  3. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Spielberg is consistent in his position and this is not "all of a sudden". He is not in any way saying that one can only make either theatrical movies or TV content. He is saying that whatever is produced should be submitted to the correct academy for consideration. I see his point and I tend to agree with him. Netflix has no intention of producing theatrical movies. Winning an Oscar will do more for a films reputation than winning an Emmy and will hopefully translate to more people signing up for their service to see that film, so Netflix is skirting the rules and the spirit of the award to qualify for an Oscar nomination. It's not spelled out in the article but a significant difference between theatrical and TV productions is the distribution channel and revenue model. Producers of theatrical movies have contracts with distributors to show their products in theaters, which is how they make money. TV productions air on TV networks or streaming services and make money from advertising or subscriber fees. As I understand it there are different technologies and costs in play when making content for the large screen vs. the TV/computer screen. I can see how cutting out theatrical distributors and not using the in some cases more expensive technologies designed for theatrical productions could eventually undermine the movie-making industry. What will happen to distributors and theater chains when they can no longer rely on the cachet of an Oscar-winning movie to attract movie-goers and boost revenue? I also wonder how indie films will fair in the future if streaming services dominate the Oscars. Will anyone take a chance on financing a small movie that that might find a wider audience if recognized with an award but can't compete against a cheaply make movie from a streaming giant to even get nominated?
  4. When I adjust the screen width to get rid of the side bar the tabs, menus, breadcrumbs, notification and email icons, in other words pretty much everything disappears from the top of the screen. This means I can only have the layout I want with reduced functionality. Will that be fixed? On my homepage I see a side bar with links to threads for random shows I don't follow. That is not helpful. How can I hide that, aside from making the window narrower? I also see this side bar when I go into a forum, but it just lists the same threads I see on the left side of the screen. This is redundant. The bottom section of my home page shows 23 forums. I only follow one of those. How can I hide the other forums that I'm not interested in seeing? They take up a lot of screen real estate. I know I can collapse the whole section, but that hides the one forum I want to see on my customized home page. Switching back and forth from my home page to followed content to read one forum is not a practical solution. The one good thing about that section is the check marks on the left that let me mark a whole section as read. Very handy feature. This is missing the the TV shows section. The old customized home page had this functionality with a bubble next to each letter of the alphabet. Will that functionality be coming back? When reading a thread, is there any way to make the left hand section showing the user names and time stamp of posts narrower? It takes up a lot of screen real estate that would be put to better use in the middle section where the actual content is.
  5. That's what I mean. The measure of success in Hollywood is how much money does a movie or TV show make, not its artistic merit. By the standards of the for-profit industry he works in, Singer is good at what he does because his movies make money. He makes commercial products for the average consumer, not great works of art for the discerning cinephile.
  6. Singer keeps getting work because he is good at what he does and his movies make a lot of money for investors and that is what it is all about. Hollywood entertainment is a for-profit business. Just like some despicable politicians keep getting re-elected because they bring money back to their districts, and business people who are awful human beings get high-paying executive jobs because they are good at what they do. This is true for any job, even low-level ones. People get hired based on their relevant qualifications and track record not on their virtue.
  7. orza

    S02.E14: Faces

    Andrews is a plastic surgeon. That was established last season in the pilot. Lim is a trauma surgeon. That was stated in an episode this season.
  8. orza

    S02.E13: Xin

    Sometimes a kiss doesn't mean anything. It was in the moment and when the moment passed it was nothing. If I recall correctly, it was a drunken kiss. Casual kisses happen and adults should be able to take them in stride and move on. Lea and Shaun were never anything approaching a couple or even a potential couple. Lea moved to Pittsburgh specifically to work in her father's business. She didn't leave Shaun, she made a career and family-related decision and she came back because the business went bankrupt, not because of Shaun. Lea spelled it out why she was moving to Pittsburgh. There was nothing confusing or ambiguous about her reasons. She doesn't have to take the feelings of her neighbor, whom she sometimes hangs out with, into account when making life decisions. Not everything other people do has to be all about Shaun.
  9. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Jussie is right to refuse to hand over his phone without a warrant. The police are not gonna just look at his phone, they will make a copy of the data to analyze later and it is unclear how long that data will be kept and how it will be used in the future. The police do not need know anything about his doctor's contact info or text messages sent to friends and family or his banking app or anything else. Regardless of what data may or may not be stored on his phone, Jussie has a legal right to keep his personal information private and he is exercising that right. Good for him.
  10. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Acting is a job and a core competency of the job is faking emotions one doesn't really feel in 10 to 60 second bursts for the camera. An actor who can only project emotions that reflect how they actually feel about their coworker is probably not much of an actor. As demonstrated by Winger and Gere, one's skill at faking the emotions is what differentiates a really good actor from a mediocre one. Just like some actors only seem to do well portraying characters who are close to their own personalities while other actors are able to very convincing portray just about anything.
  11. orza

    S05. E08. The Courage to Continue

    Modern business email and scheduling software allows a user to grant other users read or read/write access to their mailbox and calendar for just this purpose. My assistant has almost full access to my Exchange account and schedules meeting for me all the time. She also responds to some email on my behalf. Of course, I still have access to my mailbox and calendar on my laptop and phone and see all reminders. We see Bess using her computer and checking her phone on many episodes. She is computer literate. There is no reason to assume she does not have the ability to look at meeting and appointment reminders herself but instead must rely on Blake to tell her everything. I suppose Blake could set a different audio tone for his firing reminder if he wanted to but I don't really see the point of doing that.
  12. orza

    S05. E08. The Courage to Continue

    When Bess first told Blake she would fire him in six months he asked if he should put it on her schedule. Bess replied "Please do."
  13. I dunno. I looked through old photos of five pregnancies and did not find a single picture of me holding my belly in that pronounced manner. I would say that it is not instinctive, more of an involuntary response that sometimes happens but can be easily suppressed if need be. A fetus spends most of the time quietly sleeping, anyway, so one might feel fetal movement for only a few minutes in the course of a day and except for the occasional kick it may barely be noticeable. I think the pose of ostentatiously cradling the belly with both hands may also be a bit of a fad that started about the time people started calling an expanding belly a baby bump and now everybody does it. It is definitely attention-seeking behavior on the part of some celebrities who clutch their bellies every time a camera is pointed at them.
  14. When people like Sasha and Paulie jump in like this it dilutes the discussion about a specific case by redirecting attention away from the injured party and toward themselves and their irrelevant opinions and experiences. Their actions strike me to be less about lending support and more about attaching themselves to a hot news story in an attempt to be relevant again. All the me-me-me posts by celebrities and random people that inevitably follow publication of stories like this one are mostly attention-seeking behavior. If certain behavior is unacceptable at an insurance company, grocery store or dentist's office, then it is also unacceptable on a TV set or any other place of work. I don't buy into the notion that creative people should be given a pass for awful behavior because they are artists or they were just joking around or too important to the success of a show or some other bullshit excuse. MW's documented behavior meets the legal definition of sexual harassment because it creates a hostile work environment not just for the actress it was directed at, but for all other people working on set. The grips, hair stylists, production assistants, etc all have a legal right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment. Being forced to repeatedly witness other people being harassed where they are not in a position to complain about it without fear of losing their jobs is a textbook example of a hostile work environment. So MW broke the law with his bad behavior. When people post what a great guy he is or his behavior is ok if crew members found it funny or he was bored between takes, what they they really saying is that we don't need to hold some people to a professional standard of behavior and don't need to take sexual harassment seriously.
  15. orza


    This show was made for British TV so I don't see an issue. They don't have to write the dialog from an American perspective. The police looking for suspects on the train were all British. India and Pakistan are located in Asia so describing the suspects as Asian is not incorrect.