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  1. ehr1006

    Party Of Five

    yes! I watched it when it was on the air, and I think I was around the same age as Julia/Bailey at the time, so I related to them. But when I recently re-watched all of the episodes on Netflix, I found myself paying so much more attention to Claudia - and to Owen! As the mom to two small (7 YO and 3 YO) kids, I felt so much more for them than I did the first time around. I continue to be Julia/Justin 'shipper, though, even in my old age.
  2. ehr1006

    S07.E01: Sheklia & Talli

    Am I the only one reading this who hears the cat-meow sound drops in my head? (please tell me I'm not...also, I would like that sound drop for my notification tone...)
  3. All I have to do is see the picture of those two together and my day is made. LOVE forever! (yes, I'm a 36 year old married mother of 2. SO WHAT.)
  4. Amazing. I have to say, I listen to the podcast first so I don't spoil the episode (since I don't watch the show, just enjoy listening to my 2 fave hookers). Love the gifs.
  5. Love this so much. I will never be able to unhear JD's amazing Jersey accent. Veronica's mom reminds me of one of the Arquette sisters (I can't remember which one). That "mystery" is a pretty weak link in the season. Abel Koontz is Balthazar?!? mind. blown. Agree that I'm pretty sure the timeline is that Duncan breaks up with her (Lilly is semi-sympathetic, IIRC, but I think she knew about the parentage ew), then Lilly is killed. Because of her friendship with Lilly, she stayed with the cool kids, but once Keith went after the Kanes, she was shunned. I have NO recollection of that being the closing music ("All You Need Is Love"). Hm.
  6. I am about to listen - and words cannot express how excited I am to have this and 90210 podcasts to de-stress from the hellscape that is real life right now.
  7. ehr1006

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    Here's the newest People Magazine article: http://www.people.com/article/online-commenter-warned-josh-duggar-molestation (headline: Online Commenter Warned About Josh Duggar Molestation 8 Years Ago).
  8. I haven't seen this one posted yet: http://www.people.com/article/online-commenter-warned-josh-duggar-molestation People is really singing a different tune now, aren't they?