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  1. I think she often pays some kind of ghost writer.
  2. I read on Free Jinger that he husband gave her a teddy bear and candy, then took her to dinner and they stalked a Trump hotel (apparently they were in Florida).
  3. She always has been at their level in my book.
  4. DangerousMinds


    I am shocked and bewildered at how many still automatically give their children their fathers' last name. Why?
  5. DangerousMinds

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Much like politicians!
  6. Yes, as the face of the brand they were just toxic. It would be different if they were working in Thrive Market's warehouse (not that they would ever actually do real work!) unless of course, they insisted on proselytizing to coworkers while on the job. Then I think they should be fired for that.
  7. Yeah, that made no sense! And all the acts were able to so easily drop out? Were there no contracts at all?
  8. How the hell is this any kind of news?
  9. DangerousMinds


    Well, all Kimmy ever did was have sex on camera (and badly) and the rest of the family just got rides on her coattails.
  10. DangerousMinds


    Because I don’t “hate” people I don’t even know. And certainly don’t judge based on silly rumors.
  11. They want to take away others’ legal rights. Sorry no pity from me. Also, aren’t their headships supposed to be doing the “providing?”
  12. DangerousMinds


    I have no idea why all these K women have been giving their kids their dads’ last names.
  13. DangerousMinds

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Agree and Javi should no longer be on this show.