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  1. meatball77

    A.P. Bio

    This episode was fun. I hope the writers have realized that the cast works better as an ensemble and not broken out into different groups. The Hamster costs $4.00 now!!
  2. You would have thought that Voyager would be looking for some mushrooms or working on a spore drive when they were stuck out in the Gamma Quadrant. Better than helping out the Borg. . . .
  3. meatball77

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Yeah Chris, I thought that was Nick also. . . .
  4. meatball77

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    He's my favorite. I wonder what other ideas he has to make the ship more comfortable. Music in the Elevators, Casual Fridays I would hate for them to drop the humor. I think the secret is finding the right balance.
  5. meatball77

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Which Chris Harrison said he couldn't do. Chris talked about how Colton can't dance.
  6. meatball77

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Well, Bachelor in Paradise will be fun. . . .
  7. meatball77

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    The craziest breakups were awesome
  8. meatball77

    S23.E09: Week 9

    I do think the producers have been trying to get this ending for several seasons. That's why they've kept bringing in ex-boyfriends. Bringing in Cassie's dad gave them more drama than they ever expected.
  9. meatball77

    S23.E09: Week 9

    He broke the record for girls leaving with the last one that left. Colton is the most dumped Bachelor ever. It makes me think that there's something really odd about his personality. Dude is dull or obnoxious or childish or something.
  10. meatball77

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The tampon bomb was awesome. The premiere was awesome. We shall see if it continues to be.
  11. meatball77

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    I figured they were calling each other sisters because of the complicated relationship. Amelia is Dereks sister. So Amelia is Merideth's Sister in Law. Maggie and Merideth are half sisters. So Merideth connects all of them and because she's so co-dependent (runs her house like a commune) and has no other family she's decided that they are all sisters.
  12. meatball77

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    The kids love for him will save the day? Right? Right? I'd thought at one point that his species had to have been invented by someone and when they went down in the tunnel I thought it was going to be some evil or imprisoned organics, but nope it was worse. That was heavy. I can't wait until next week!
  13. meatball77

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    She doesn't have the qualifications to be a ballet teacher. She hasn't danced since she was a teenager, has no post HS training or experience. Could she work at a studio or run one, yes, but "was a good dancer when she was 16" is not a resume that would get anyone hired even to do pre-school classes given how long it has been since she was involved in the dance world. Now if she goes back and takes classes, becomes involved in the world then perhaps. Even then dance isn't something you can drop back into. It's not like she's been taking weekly classes.
  14. meatball77

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    So, we're all in agreement that Klyden is the worst person on the ship?
  15. meatball77

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Isaac wearing the dirty underwear was hysterical.