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  1. meatball77

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    The kids love for him will save the day? Right? Right? I'd thought at one point that his species had to have been invented by someone and when they went down in the tunnel I thought it was going to be some evil or imprisoned organics, but nope it was worse. That was heavy. I can't wait until next week!
  2. meatball77

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    She doesn't have the qualifications to be a ballet teacher. She hasn't danced since she was a teenager, has no post HS training or experience. Could she work at a studio or run one, yes, but "was a good dancer when she was 16" is not a resume that would get anyone hired even to do pre-school classes given how long it has been since she was involved in the dance world. Now if she goes back and takes classes, becomes involved in the world then perhaps. Even then dance isn't something you can drop back into. It's not like she's been taking weekly classes.
  3. meatball77

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    So, we're all in agreement that Klyden is the worst person on the ship?
  4. meatball77

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Isaac wearing the dirty underwear was hysterical.
  5. meatball77

    S02.E03: Home

    Wait? Alara is gone and she's been replaced by the every annoying office behavior dude? I guess he could end up like one of the other side characters with the character they introduced in the pilot being the new main character. Loved seeing Jason Alexander as the Bartender again.
  6. meatball77

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    Both episodes were just fine for teens or even tweens. The first episode would have a nice way to start a discussion on peer pressure with teens or tweens. The second episode would be a good one to start a discussion on porn (which is a topic that parents should be discussing with their teens and tweens). It sounds like your idea of appropriate is the Disney channel. Perhaps you should just stick with childrens shows that or preview all media first with your grandkids. It's 2018, we don't pretend that we live in the Cleaver household anymore.
  7. meatball77

    S02.E08: Heart in a Box

    The dark warehouse with the six guys working in the dark repacking boxes.
  8. meatball77

    S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    I've thought for a while that there's no one actually in the Good Place. That's why everyone is in the Bad Place and why there were so many Good Janets in a warehouse not being watched.
  9. meatball77

    S11.E03: Rosa

    I loved this. I don't know that I've been that moved by a history episode since the doctor took Van Gogh to see his work. They did well. I didn't feel like I was being preached at. I was worried they were going to have the doctor create the moment, to take it away from Rosa but they didn't and I thought them having to sit and be there while the moment happened was a nice touch and they didn't make it about them at all.
  10. meatball77

    S01.E01: Premiere

    Mandy Moore is such a good judge because that's her other job. She works for one of the dance conventions (I'm assuming Break the Floor because of so many of the tiny-pros being from The Dance Awards) where she will teach classes during the day to ballrooms full of kids and then in the evening she judges their dancing with audio critiques. So she's used to providing valuable feedback to kids who aren't controlling their own choreography.
  11. meatball77

    Dancing Queen

    Totally, it's a show about a drag queen dealing with her life and a show about a dance studio being run by a director that encourages crazy moms. Both are good. It works for some reason though. The moms are insane but it's easy to see why he encourages it.
  12. meatball77

    The Neighborhood

    We can just call it Gentrification is Funny . . . . . Not sure who thought this was a good idea
  13. meatball77

    BiP Season 5: Speculation & Spoilers

    When a bachelor and a bachelorette think they might love each other very much. . . . Are they really going to let Colton be the Bachelor after allowing Raven to talk about what a jerk he is and then showing that?
  14. meatball77


    I can't figure out why everyone doesn't quit. There is no prize (although I'm guessing they're getting some daily rate for pay) it seems so they're allowing themselves to be mistreated for what? But then who knows, the passage of time is unclear. It seems like a lot of the show is set up. They're not making all those beautiful artistic shots without shooting them specifically for the moment.
  15. meatball77

    Trial & Error

    Well, that was the best thing I've watched all summer. Kristen Chinoweth is perfectly over the top. Murder Board! Murder Board!