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  1. druzy

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Allegedly Big Kev's mistress had a lover and she was said lover's sugar-momma.
  2. druzy

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Where's Big Kev's chart?
  3. druzy

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Wow @Rebecca thanks for the information! Why is Chelsea even mentioning adoption? When Cole came home with Aubree did anyone else notice that Aubree looked like she felt like she was in trouble? It was after Chelsea said Aubree will you go downstairs for a minute and Aubree gets up and she kind of looks at the camera.
  4. druzy


    Someone has to work in that family.
  5. druzy

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

  6. druzy

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Speaking of Cole, look who showed up on Property Brothers- his doppelganger:
  7. druzy

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    That didn't take long.
  8. druzy

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    The response is funny
  9. druzy

    S07B: Being Cory

    Cory Wharton is known for being on the Real World, The Challenge, and Ex on the Beach but now he's taking on the role of a lifetime...being a father to his daughter Ryder. He's trying to figure out his career & his relationship with his baby mama. Airs April 1, 2019
  10. druzy

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I saw that too and I don't know why he apologized either.
  11. The Kill Shelter told VPD that Lucy was kept in a cage at Dorit's house for months before being taken to the shelter.
  12. Another Bravolebrity calling out Dorit:
  13. druzy

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Page Six