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  1. Miles

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Did those dumbasses just forget that they have a transporter and could have beamed Airiam directly into an arrest cell?
  2. Miles

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    This didn't quite work for me. Maybe it's because I know that Bryan Fuller was fired and it's all in my head, but it seemed to me like they were trying to copy his unique style, but just missing it completely. Even when episodes had their lengths in season one I was glued to the screen watching the spectacle play out. This episode I had massive trouble getting through. I did so finally in three sittings. I'm not sure who is hard to work with here. On the one hand Fuller was fired from STD and this, but these are both notably troubled productions. STD a lot more so than american gods, but it's notable that they couldn't get Kristin Chenoweth or Gillian Anderson back for this season. Even if Fuller should be the problem, I think he's generally worth it. There is no other show runner with his style and vision out there. I hope he can helm his next project for longer. Regarding what happened in this episode: Why is Mr. World suddenly a dumbass? He has to know that killing gods is just going to unite the other gods against him, right? So it's not just me? Good to know. 🙂 At the end of the episode you see a bunch of cars (including Shadow's/Odin's) and one horse drawn carriage arriving. The implication being that it's all the gods arriving. I just looked up the end of that episode on Prime and man is it a massive difference in style. You can just feel it. I did wonder that too, but then the shooter had that beam-up-technology and that doesn't seem like something Wdnesday would have. That would just be bad writing if it turned out to be him, imo
  3. Miles

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    He's not lucky. He is one of the best. Certainly the best resident we've seen on this show. He has proven that time and again. That is why Glassman was so confident in pushing for him. If Shaun was lucky to get this job then Neil Armstrong was lucky to be the first man on the moon. After all there were many astronauts who could have done the job. I'm sure you would tell him, that he didn't earn his place there through hard work,, right?
  4. Miles

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    Well he is discriminated against because of his disability. No normal surgeon would be held to a higher standard than what Shaun is already doing. I have personally seen doctors who were way worse at communicating than Shaun. Since the discrimination is because of his disability, I'd say the extra protections are reasonable.
  5. Miles

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    I just felt a disturbance in the force. Like a million lawyers just cried out in pleasure and then suddenly filed a lawsuit. Like going to the police and report Han to for attempted blackmail in three counts...
  6. Miles

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    Well that Issac would turn on his people was a given. Getting the help of the Krill surprised me. Also interesting that they are closer to earth-space than the Mocklens. But shouldn't they have followed the Kaelons? wiped out their flett and production facilities? They are robots. They can build new ships way faster than biologicals can. what's stopping them from coming back in a month with an overwhelming force? This doesn't seem well thought out. I asked myself: "Shouldn't the shuttles have toilets? Those away missions sometimes take days."
  7. Miles

    S02.E16: Believe

    Out of her behind.
  8. Miles

    S02.E16: Believe

    So why doesn't anybody tell Shaun to sue the shit out of the hospital? what better way to stand up for yourself? I mean it's dumb to dismiss this symptom, no matter if it's a man or a woman. Medical personal will tell you that they usually drop about everything when a patient experiences "impending doom". That usually means something bad is actually about to happen, like a heart attack or a stroke. This show is taking a lot of liberties, again...
  9. Miles

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    Is everybody in the Union a dumbass? Of course these robots were created by somebody. What, did the union think they fell out of the sky or something? And that they rose up and killed their creators instead of the creators dying of natural causes: About 99% probable... So how are these dumbasses so surprised? Also going back and confronting them isntead of hauling ass out of there? Real smart. I mean the inevitable twist next week will be that Isaac actually does love the crew and the kids and secretely turned on his homeworld and will save the day somehow, but really, the union would have deserved to be wiped out at this point.
  10. Miles

    S04.E05: Escape from the Happy Place

    I mean Alice fucked up ROYALLY. Had she not destroyed the keys, Julia wouldn't have had to give up her godhood and she could have protected them from the library and probably gotten them out of there before all the monster-shenanigans. That's gonna take a few decades to buff out. Yeah but kings and queens of Fillory get one of each, a husband and a wife. 😉 Nah, those two banged... a lot. He is still a king of Fillory though, isn't he? Pretty sure this law applies to all kings and queens of Fillory, not just the high king. I thought they only got together after Arielle died. Would have to rewatch it.
  11. Miles

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    Maybe I'm weird, but if I ask my doctor a question I expect an honest answer. What good is it to me when he lies to me? If you don't want the answer to a medical question, maybe don't ask it? I'm a 100% with Shaun here. His superiors expeccting him to lie to the family is just stupid. Also "can I hold her"?! Yeah that seems like a great idea just after we ripped out half her guts and plugged a few holes in her heart. I may only be versed in bird-doctoring, but that was the most ridiculous shit. Also again a case where they wouldn't wake up a patient after circumstances had changed to ask him if that's still what he wanted. Let's just rip out this nerve cluster. It's fine. Not to mention that it seems unlikely that you can't biopsy, but cut out the whole thing. Then not reading the pathology report, seriously? It's nice that you think that you got it all, but if it was cancer he still has to undergo regular screenings to make sure it hadn't spread. This show is dumb.
  12. Miles

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    Klyden is such an asshole who hides behind "tradition". Bortus really should divorce him, and yes I mean in the Mocklen way.
  13. Miles

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    How come these writers don't understand the fundamental basics of writing? If you want to pull something like "Tilly and this fungus are now soulmates", you've got to set it up and earn it. What we actually got was both of them being at odds with each other throughout most of their inderactions and only a begrudging understanding, that is until we got dropped that bit of information via "tell don't show" onto our heads. I mean seriously? I was rolling my eyes so hard at that part. Like, can you get out of there, and discuss the philosophical implications later, maybe? I do love her and her Georgiou as well, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. STD isn't exactly the subscriber draw CBS had hoped for. I don't thin that spinoff will happen anymore.
  14. Miles


    Marcy is a dumbass. She could have shot the remaining bodyguard and 001 with ease, after the bodyguard lowered his gun. Instead she shot herself in the head. That's such a cliche and so dumb. I guess the ending on the bus was supposed to be sweet but, I think it was kind of disturbing. Original Marcy is not our Marcy and putting her together with David feels just so wrong. I guess had this show not been cancelled, we would have gotten the travelers 2.0 with the team being put in the same bodies, except for Marcy, which is why David and Marcy got this extra goodby. That would make sense. Without the traveler program everybody on the team would die the same way as they did before, except for Marcy, as her path was significantly altered by 001. But tbh I kinda would have liked it more when future-Marcy (whatever her real name was) had found David again in her new body. That would have been some romantic shit. But now that the story isn't going to continue that point is a bit moot anyway. That really doesn't make much sense. Our heros are always in the past realtive to the director. So they could always write an email saying "Hey the traveler program doesn't work, don't send 001". But that is timetravel mess for you. To be fair 001 was supposed to die immediatly. So you couldn't do a lot of screening. it had to be somebody who was willing to die. The problem was more that he was sent back it bit too early, so he could still escape the tower.
  15. Miles

    Russian Doll

    I think it did. The whole thing was about her being too afraid to commit to anybody because of her mother. In the end she actually met his kid and let go of her mother. That was the conclusion of that arc. Their timelines merged at the end. You can see by her new shirt, she got because her friend spilled a drink on her and his Karma-scarf, he got because he was nice to one of Nadia's friends. Both of them are in the same shot at the end. I was almost rolling my eyes about how contrived it was how they got them in those distinctive clothes. But I think the show had earned it at that point and it was good visual storytelling. Edit: Some visual aides: https://imgur.com/a/GEvtU9y What's interesting is that in the second picture both Nadia's have the gray coat, when the left one should have the black one. In the fourth picture, there are three Nadia's, not two. That doesn't seem like it could be a msitake. So it seems like they made the deliberate editing choice to replace black-coat-Nadia with another grey-coat-Nadia in the left panel and make it three Nadia's in total. Where is that third Nadia coming from? Maybe that would be something that could be explored in a second season.