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  1. jaimesommers

    S09.E10: Authority Figures

    Agree! I was waiting for her to start complaining like she did when she and her partner lost their car and had to walk their beat. I’m glad she handled this one a lot better. (But messing with someone’s handcuffs? Shame on you, Eddie. You’re better than that.) And I think it’s going to be UGLY when word of their engagement gets out around the precinct. Captain Sunshine (Jamie’s boss) isn’t going to handle it well at all.
  2. jaimesommers

    S01.E06: The Hawke

    I agree that I think it’s the writing. I remember watching him in “Judging Amy” and always enjoyed him in that.
  3. jaimesommers

    S01.E05: Juniors Choice

    Agreed! His enthusiasm and effort made him so much fun to watch. He was my favorite!
  4. jaimesommers

    S01.E03: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    This is probably obvious to everyone except me, but does West know that Nolan and Lucy are a couple? They weren’t overly affectionate when the 3 of them were sitting together on the beach, but when West got up to start running and Nolan and Lucy got a little lovey-dovey, I couldn’t help thinking that West could easily circle back and see them before they saw him first. Do we know if West knows anything about them?
  5. jaimesommers

    S01.E04: Halloween Night

    The judges seemed unnecessarily harsh with Ariana tonight. Can I just say how much I loved how Jordan reminded everyone that (appropriate and constructive) criticism is part of the competition but he still made sure to ask Ariana if she had fun? ❤️
  6. jaimesommers

    S09.E5: Thicker Than Water

    I’ve read in other places that Tony Terraciano, who plays Jack, is a college freshman this year at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. I hope we get to see Jack on occasion, though, and have some mention of him in family scenes.
  7. jaimesommers

    S09.E5: Thicker Than Water

    I love watching Danny and Jamie together. Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes play off each other so well - I wish we could see more of that! I also wish we'd gotten a mention of Linda while Jack was packing, especially when Danny said he'd included some condoms. "Your mom would never let either of you boys go away to college without these and a really long talk about using them. I’m skipping the mom talk but I sure wish she was here to help with all this packing and to celebrate this milestone with us.”
  8. jaimesommers

    S01.E02: Crash Course

    This exactly sums up my feelings!
  9. jaimesommers

    S09.E4: Blackout

    I don’t mind the unrealistic way some things play out since I watch for enjoyment and escapism at the end of a long work week. And I’m a big fan of Jamie and Eddie - I miss having them as patrol partners but I like seeing this new chapter for them. I wish Frank wasn’t such a sanctimonious jerk, though. His “all power belongs to me here in my office” attitude during the blackout made me realize how much I dislike this character most of the time. A good leader would actually show some faith in the people directly under him since he (presumably) put most of them into their positions. He acts like the city can’t possibly function without him calling all the shots from his ivory tower.
  10. jaimesommers

    Baked In Vermont

    I somehow stumbled on to this and am watching my first episode (ice cream cookies, grilled creamsicle cakes inside oranges, and homemade pizza dough). I am enjoying it and learning new things already - and I can use all the help I can get!
  11. jaimesommers

    Season 8 Discussion

    THIS!! Remember in S2’s “Moonlighting” when the family was at the dinner table reminiscing about Jamie’s childhood penchant for swallowing things and Frank totally cracked up saying “When he swallowed the key to the liquor cabinet!” That’s still one of my favorite scenes from the show. I’d like to see that side of Frank a little more often. (Yes, it reminded me of Magnum, but it works for Frank, too!)
  12. jaimesommers

    Season 8 Discussion

    Agree! Between all the time spent together on patrol plus all the time they’ve spent together after the end of tours, they’ve already been dating for a long time. I didn’t see an engagement coming, but I’m glad it did.
  13. jaimesommers

    Season 8 Discussion

    Jamie has made it clear on more than one occasion that he loves his job, he knows he’s good at it, and he’s happy being on the streets. He hasn’t shown any desire to do administrative work or be behind a desk. He’d be good at whatever he does (of course!) - choosing a different path than the one others think he should be on doesn’t make him wrong. It makes me sad that his family isn’t more supportive of him. Back off, Frank.
  14. jaimesommers

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    A ‘Sports Night’ reference! You have made my day!
  15. jaimesommers

    The Vet Life

    LOL I thought the same thing about that hip dysplaysia surgery and hollered out “That’s what Dr. Jeff calls an FHO!” I was so proud of myself!!