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  1. ProudMary

    Season 5 Discussion

    What bothered me more than anything about the crosswalk episode was that there was a simple solution: Frankie could drop Joan Margaret off at the buffet, then go park the car and cross the street on her own. Frankie could still go on her crusade to get the timing of the traffic signal changed but they would have gotten their crab legs! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who found Frankie supremely annoying for much of the season. I really didn't like that she lied--or at least didn't tell the full truth--about their girls getaway weekend. I hated that she dragged Grace somewhere she would never want to go. I would have been furious with any friend of mine that did something like that. My favorite episode was the one where Frankie and Robert got high together. Hardest I laughed all season. Also, Martin Sheen playing high was a reminder of Jed Bartlet high on pain pills for his back. There was an inflection in his voice that took me right back there. I love when the writers put Tomlin and Sheen in scenes together. Their chemistry is so good.
  2. ProudMary

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    I sincerely hope that the judge agrees to this, for the future benefit of Kensie and Saint. There's no need to have all the ugliness between their parents laid out in public.
  3. ProudMary

    S04.E04: Marry Fuck Kill

    According to Trevor Einhorn from the "Making Magic" video posted above by @ElectricBoogaloo, the ship has been christened #MARGOSH. 😊
  4. ProudMary

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Interesting article from The Hollywood Reporter on how ASIB went from an Oscar frontrunner in late summer, 2018 to where it now stands with its only sure thing Oscar seeming to be for Best Original Song. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/oscars-can-a-star-is-born-still-pull-a-best-picture-win-1185329
  5. ProudMary

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

  6. ProudMary

    Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Yes. This is the final LCK. Michelle is back in the regular competition. Eddie's done. I was pretty shocked that they told the audience who won and who's back in. I'm pretty sure that's a first. Usually they hold off until the following week's episode with a big reveal about who's coming back. The gallery. Brandon: I don't think I would have been great at relating food to emotional things. Brian: Is it because you're a sociopath? Me: 🤣
  7. I can't recall if it was here on FYR or if it was WDYTYA, but Queen Noor of Jordan--the former Lisa Halaby of New Jersey--was descended from Charlemagne. I remember thinking it was pretty cool that an American woman who became a Queen via marriage, turned out to have royal roots of her own.
  8. ProudMary

    Media for Mrs. Maisel

    Nice get for the Palladinos. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/mrs-maisel-showrunners-amy-sherman-palladino-dan-palladino-sign-new-amazon-deal-1186417?fbclid=IwAR1hFpLxtw3O65BBlVJ6zfLC-9eSjY8K5u0hZhhlaanuyFiQ4IyyBaJ7eJc
  9. I wish we could see ratings' information for this episode against others for this season. Personally, I've chosen not to watch because as someone who is very politically aware, I detest all three of these politicians for varying reasons and have no interest in learning about their ancestry. It would be interesting to know if ratings for this episode showed a reflection of this for other viewers.
  10. ProudMary

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I think Alfonso Cuaron pretty much dropped the mic on why Cinematography and Editing MUST be included in the main ceremony.
  11. I didn't realize we had a dedicated BAFTA topic here! Wish I had known on Sunday when I was watching the BAFTA red carpet. I'm bookmarking this one for next year. 🙂
  12. ProudMary

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I was just coming here to post the THR article. I'm stunned that Cinematography and Film Editing are among the "demoted" categories. These artists deserve their due as much as the actors who are allowed to exceed the set limits for acceptance speeches just because they're recognizable to the TV audience. Not cool, Academy. 😡 https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/academy-unveils-4-oscars-categories-be-presented-commercial-breaks-1185505
  13. ProudMary

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    While I do think that Roma will most likely be named Best Picture, I'd just like to go on the record with my upset pick for the trophy. (If I say it "out loud," maybe it'll happen! 😁 ) Because of the preferential ballot, I honestly believe that Black Panther could slip in and grab the night's big award.
  14. ProudMary

    2019 Awards Season

    There are 3 Regal theaters within 20 miles of my house and sadly, none of them are showing the short films. 😥
  15. ProudMary

    2019 Awards Season

    I think it's great that you've seen all the short films. I was hoping to see the compilation of all 15 that began screening on 2/8, but our local art house theater isn't showing it so I may be out of luck. Some of the short films are available on Youtube, but not all. I've only seen Bao as it ran with Incredibles 2. I agree with all of your picks in the main Oscar categories. I also think Spike Lee has a pretty clear path to a win for Best Adapted Screenplay as the other major Best Picture nominees fall into the Original Screenplay category (Green Book, Roma, Vice, The Favourite.) That category is the real toss-up. I'm leaning toward an Adam McKay win for Vice there. Cuaron has the award for Best Director locked down and may very well win Best Picture (Producer), Best Foreign Language Film and is a strong bet for the cinematography award too. I think the Green Book controversy over just how much (or how little) of the story is true may come back to bite Nick Vallelonga in this category. Peter Farrelly's past on-set behavior doesn't help their cause either. This seems like a good category for a nod to McKay.