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  1. Athena5217

    S05.E11: In Loving Virtue

    I need to watch that red carpet scene about 5 more times. I love these ocassional comedy gems on a show that often goes to really dark places.
  2. Athena5217

    S06.E10: Gintars

    For those who do not enjoy long CVS receipts as much as Nicolaj, there is a way to get rid of them: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/05/cvs-says-it-has-a-fix-for-those-mile-long-receipts--heres-how.html I have chosen the easier method of just not shopping at CVS anymore.
  3. Athena5217

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    I assumed it was not a real place until I read the posts here. Usually when there is a storyline involving a war or big disaster on these types of shows they make up a country. I’m happy for Madam Secretary to raise my geographic awareness, but I’d rather it not be with a storyline like this. Nauru seems to have plenty of environmental problems from mining and there could have been a great plot involving some American company with lots of campaign money to donate but Bess won’t take it because the company had mining operations in Nauru that destroyed the land. I bet there is a perfect Thomas Aquinas (cue Henry) quote for that ethical dilemma. I think I was equally depressed by Mike’s dog and Eric Stoltz looking so old and ragged. He needs a makeover from Noodle ASAP.
  4. Athena5217

    S06.E10: Gintars

    Despite Holt and Amy nerd crushing on Dr. Yee, this episode was a big fail for me. Shaving off his eyebrows is something Scully would do but not Terry. Charles’s comment about not being Nicolaj’s “real dad” was clearly written by someone with no personal experience with adoption. Describing a biological father as a “real father” is so offensive to the adopted child and adoptive parent. It implies that their relationship is somehow not “real” because it fails to meet a certain level of common DNA. A rare miss from a show that usually does a good job with social issues.
  5. Athena5217

    S05.E10: My Fault Is Past

    Best line of the night! I will miss the Jamal/Becky friendship. Becky always keeps it real.
  6. Athena5217

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    When Rumer was on Empire, there was some dialog about how her character didn’t sing like a white girl. I’ve heard so many times that a Caucasian singer “sounds black” but no one ever seems to say why. I understand that the judges were trying to guess the race of the Lion because it narrows the possibilities, but in other contexts...maybe we could just admit that you can’t reliably tell a person’s race from their voice and just enjoy the singing. I like Adele and Tina Turner, and I can’t say what they sound like except themselves. I was surprised how good of a singer Rumer was when I saw her on Empire. I hope this show gives her more musical opportunities. I’d love to see her in a live TV musical if they ever do one again after Rent.
  7. Athena5217

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    I almost felt bad for Ken when he was reciting his unconvincing “Anita Baker in the style of Gladys Knight” theory that he has clearly been told to say. Monster has been unexpectedly good, but Bee is so far above everyone else. I can believe some audience members don’t recognize Bee because they are too young, but not the judges. They know they are watching a living legend perform.
  8. Athena5217

    S05. E09. Winter Garden

    This plot had many unanswered questions for me. How did that guy get to the McCord’s house? I assume he walked so he must live in the neighborhood. Why didn’t his Secret Service guys prevent him from wandering the neighborhood at night when he was clearly impaired? Why didn’t his wife call the doctor when he acted so oddly? Poor Blake. I know exactly how he felt rearranging the kitchen. It was his attempt to control what he could when events around him were so chaotic.
  9. Athena5217

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Yeah, I know this show is fiction, but it has been bothering me on and off for days that Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Elise Wiesel are not in The Good Place.
  10. Athena5217

    S05.E09: Had It From My Father

    Great find! Trai is 35. I don’t recall Andre’s age being mentioned on the show, but I think it would have to be at least that since he has an MBA and seems to have been married to Rhonda for a while when the show started. So I’ll guesstimate that Kingsley is supposed to be 38.
  11. Athena5217

    S05.E09: Had It From My Father

    The Kai and Jamal storyline is so annoying. If Kai was really concerned about his journalist ethics, he would not be reporting stories that involve the Lyons because he can’t be objective. I liked Lucious’s speech to Hakeem about guns. Nice contrast between their motivations. Cookie needs to get the broom out again and knock some sense into Hakeem. i have not been able to find the age of the actor who plays Kingsley, but he looks younger than Andre.
  12. Athena5217

    S05.E08: Master Of What Is Mine Own

    I think Becky with anyone is good because Becky is just that awesome. She could even redeem Hakeem with her magic. Becky and Thirsty are my favorite pairing. I keep waiting for those two to realize they can do better than the Lyon family and start their own record label.
  13. Athena5217

    S05.E07: Treasons, Stratagems & Spoils

    I don’t know how to feel about this episode. In one scene, Franklin was channeling Jack Nicholson in The Shining. In another scene, Cookie was wearing a tank top that looks like when bad craft projects happen to good people. Both scenes were very scary, but I think I was more disturbed by the tank top.
  14. Athena5217


    Graces’s face when Lady Mae apologized to her was priceless. That was the most suspicious thing Mae could have done. We finally got to hear Patti sing!
  15. Athena5217

    S01.E07: I Dare You

    I have been to Boston several times. There are many placed to eat so why does this show make it seem like the ramen noodle place is the only one?