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  1. Stardancer Supreme

    Into The Badlands

    I better get those Blu-Rays. This is such a great show! AMC thinks TWD is better for their bottom line? Ugh.
  2. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E12: You're Dead To Me

    I hope the sisters read all the letters this time. I get Macy's existential crisis; I just don't like the way it ended. Having a pact with Parker's mother? Sigh. It may be better for Macy and Parker to overcome their dark sides or in Parker's case, embrace the darkness and be stronger. In thinking about it a little more, Parker's demon part is ingrained in his DNA. You can't really wash out half of what he is! Also what is the deal with Parker's dad trying to meld his son with a Charmed One? Is there another prophesy we are not yet aware of? We have some family answers about Marisol, but I need more. Who is Mel's father and how did Marisol circle back to Macy's father to have Maggie? How did Marisol know her daughters would be the Charmed Ones? I was hoping that the necromancer was on the up and up, but that was a perfect explanation of how Macy has darkness inside of her. All necromancers shouldn't be evil, though. I'm for Parker eventually becoming part of the TCO gang. Maggie did have a point about having to keep secrets from any regular guy. I'm also glad that Harry's family obsession was short lived. Charity could have showed him that information. Let Jada and the Sarcana not be evil. TCO needs other witches to be in their corner until they get their weight up. The Elders also have to find out who is taking them out. Does it have to be other witches? What about warlocks?
  3. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E11: Witch Perfect

    I am liking the family stuff dredged up. Macy was so happy to have a connection that she didn't consider her sister's feelings on having theirs broken. So Dexter Vaughn is dead, and Ray whatever his last name is, is now in the wind. Who is Mel's father? She says Ray's name like he isn't her father. Jada's parents are looking for her? Are they adoptive parents, because a witch and a whitelighter wouldn't have to hire a human PI to track her down... Galvin has to stay a friend. It's funny to see him so geeked about the existence of magical beings in the world while the sisters are not. If I found out I was a witch, I'd be excited! I would expect Harry to step down from being their Whitelighter because his powers aren't currently working, not that he has to find his son. Charity broke the rules to tell him that the son is alive; she couldn't show Harry that his son is alive and well so he can get his head back in the game? So Macy read most of the letters, while conveniently missing the one that mentions her death and resurrection? Huh.
  4. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E10: Keep Calm and Harry On

    Alright show. We're getting a little more palatable now. Galvin, if we have to keep him, should just be the sidekick to the sisters. He could accept Macy's witchness but not her virginity. Yeah, okay. So stop this romantic storyline, show! They have no chemistry whatsoever. The Elders are even more useless than the OG versions ever were. Is that Charity's sister with the Sarcana? Plus I'm not liking Charity being paired with Harry. Another chemistry-less couple who sucks the air out of the room when they are in a scene together. Maggie's histrionics really bothers me. I get she's immature and insecure, but this is getting to be too much. Either hate Parker or accept Parker! I am more interested in his backstory; how did his mother come to consort with a demon? I can get with Jada and Mel hooking up. She is gorgeous and the Sarcana are far more interesting to me. Since the Dark One is taking a hiatus and the Harbinger is back in Hell, can't we do a little more world building? I have so many questions! So Macy and Maggie are actually full sisters and Mel is the half sister? Can we now get some info on the 2 fathers? See, if I wrote this show, I would have left Marisol alive but with her witch powers stripped from her so she has to train her Charmed Daughters after bringing them together again. Again, I have so many questions that Marisol could answer. New Theory: Macy/Maggie's father is a Human/Demon hybrid (like Parker), Mel's father is a Warlock.
  5. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    So the Source can be hosted by a human/demon hybrid. Is Parker the only one walking around? If there is no current Source, there should be more demon factions vying with Alistair for that power. His only advantage is Parker and the Harbinger in a paint can he can't open. I can only hope that a future episode centers on Marisol. I want to know what her deal was while doing she was doing witchy things. If I could fix the issues with this show, I would have kept Marisol alive, but without her powers. Then we watch her scramble to assemble her Charmed ones and try to keep them all from getting killed with a sassy Whitelighter by her side.
  6. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    Plot Hole Galvin. If he was supposed to be traveling to his family for the holiday, won't they miss him? How did he get to Vera Manor with the broken leg? There could have been a better way to out Parker as a demon. In fact, I'm shocked that Hunter actually told Parker what the real plan was. I wonder why Parker's mother is so keen on the plan, unless she doesn't know that Demon Daddy plans to use her son as the host for the Source... Jada was so right. These sisters are so extra. I hope that they get Harry out quickly. Whitelighters probably won't fare well in Hell.
  7. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E08 Bug A Boo

    I like Parker and his family issues. I don't like Galvin, and I wish this show would stop trying to make him happen. Clearly his grandmother didn't want demon witches in her bloodline. I want Macy to get a clue and explore her background so we can know why Marisol did what she did. Who and where is Macy's father? Why did Marisol have her hands in damn near everything? I want to see why and how she engineered the existence of her own set of Charmed ones. Have a daughter with a demon? Check. Have a daughter with a Whitelighter? Check. Have another daughter be a pure witch? Bam, you now have three! Seems to me that the Elders should have eased the restriction on witch/whitelighter relations, since most of them can't help but develop feelings for each other. Jada is awesome. She can stay. Can't wait to see Harry's reaction once he learns that Fiona is still alive.
  8. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    Yep. The protection spell was probably set off by Macy's presence.
  9. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    Ideally, this should be the last we see of Galvin. He is not for Macy and now we can get into her origin. Has it been said on the show that all 3 sisters have different fathers? I don't remember the Vera sisters even mentioning a father of any kind. I see chemistry between Harry and Macy. They do need him, but not in the house with them. I would not be mad if Harry hooked up with Macy; we should see that at his condo instead of Vera/Vaughn Manor.
  10. Stardancer Supreme

    S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    And yet she ran to Samwah and got pregnant by a brown man. These folk need serious therapy! Free Asuelu, Oliver, and Alessandro!
  11. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E05 Other Women

    They sure missed the mark with Galvin. I was all set to let the succubus have him. Macy doesn't need him. This storytelling is rushed. We wasn't with Niko long enough to feel truly invested in her and she seemed really obsessed with Trip. Now he would have been a good one for the sisters to keep in their pocket since he seemingly was on track to solve the supernatural shenanigans going on in town. The only thing I liked was Harry now being the live in whitelighter. I would be wary of the Elders handling the Book of Shadows since Charity managed to get a major demon taken from her, but Harry and the sister don't know about that yet. Macy's father is a demon. Hopefully the writers folded some origin stories in with the demon of the week. Let Harry and the sisters bond more.
  12. Stardancer Supreme

    S06.E03: Rough Landings

    Especially when he snatched Alessandro from his grandfather's arms at the airport! I expected Leida's dad to say something about that. "Whoa whyte man! That is my grandson who is very happy to see people he recognizes. Give him back to me!" I want them to leave Leida with Eric and go back home with Alessandro.
  13. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E04 Exorcise Your Demons

    Is Niko the only detective in the police department? The sisters may have to let her in on the supernatural stuff going on if she is going to be the first one on scene for supernatural shenanigans. Her partner, while annoying, didn't need to go out like that. And how does one weep with no tears? I like Charity, but these Elders can be killed and easily glamoured by demons? Useless.
  14. Stardancer Supreme

    S06.E03: Rough Landings

    I thought Coltee and his mother was the height of codependency. Kalani, Kolini, and Low are enmeshed. Kolini seems to think she should be Oliver's daddy. Yikes.
  15. Stardancer Supreme

    Watching Trainwrecks in Realtime: The 90DF Live Chat

    Free Asuelo and Fernanda! Did Jon ever get the bed? That room with the clothes all over it had no furniture in it.