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  1. truthaboutluv

    Romantic Comedies

    Well unsurprisingly, especially once a sequel for To All The Boys I've Loved Before was officially greenlit, Netflix has announced a sequel for The Kissing Booth. To say my feelings regarding that news is decidedly different to the one I have about To All The Boys, would be an understatement. Fingers crossed, the writers read all the negative comments about the first film and the second one is far less problematic and annoying. At the least, hopefully they don't find a million ways to show Joey King's ass in the sequel. Also interesting is that the leads dated and "shocker", already broke up. So that should make for an interesting sequel assuming they're both reprising their roles.
  2. truthaboutluv

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    And right on cue... Again, they really need to stop.
  3. truthaboutluv

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Actually many do because that's also when they hand out the Honorary Oscars.
  4. truthaboutluv

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I actually do remember this and I remember it did get some criticism but I think unfortunately because the two artists weren't "mainstream" enough, it didn't get nearly the attention and blow back it should have. That and this was the year of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and I believe that this situation got lost amidst all that. I think this year's decision got so much heat because one of the nominated songs featured Lin Manuel Miranda who called them out publicly and of course that gained traction and another is a Diane Warren song and is featured in a documentary about RBG, being sung by an Oscar winner.
  5. truthaboutluv

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Okay but my comment had nothing to do with the actress herself. It was based on how long the character of Carly has been around and my belief that she has to be near 50 by this point. Carly was in her late 20's far as I assume, when the character first showed up in the early, mid-90's, That was more than 20 years ago.
  6. truthaboutluv

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Isn't Carly like 50 by now?
  7. truthaboutluv

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    And now some of the heavy hitters are coming out with an open letter calling out the decision - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, among a few. Honestly, this is just embarrassing at this point. Is the producer of this year's show entirely new? Because this feels like someone wanting so much to make some big splash and put their own stamp on things and instead just falling flat on their face over and over. First it was the "we're going to have a Popular Movie category" as if to say, "well we don't think you were good enough for our real nomination but hey, you made a lot of money". Naturally film makers and studios were offended and people pretty much went, "who asked for this". And so that got scrapped. Then they decided that only two Original Song nominees were worthy of performing their nominated song. And one of those was Kendrick Lamar, despite the fact that per insider reports, while the Academy desperately wants him to perform, he's been pretty much whatever and hasn't given them a yes. But they decide only he and Gaga should perform their songs until of course they got trashed for that decision and had to come around and go, "okay sorry, our bad, every nominated song will be performed". Then they decided, last year's acting winners weren't "famous" enough and so they were going to do away with the tradition of the previous winner awarding this year's winner. And naturally they got shit for that and so once again had to turn around and go, "our bad, yes, last year's winners will award this year's winners". And now this. These people just need to stop. They already don't have a host, which I think will go a long way in keeping the time under control. As others said, we don't need a million montages and I say that as a person who loves a good montage. Eliminate the unnecessary stuff and finally officially extend the show to 3 1/2 hours and give everyone their damn award on air and move along.
  8. truthaboutluv

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Well in the case of Samantha, there is the unfortunate familial connection and she is a racist. Also, while the relatives are awful, they only have as much power as is given to them by the tabloids that give them a platform to spew their bullshit. Without The Daily Mail and Good Morning Britain and creepy scum like Piers Morgan, etc. Samantha for example would just be a delusional gnat making comments on Twitter all day. Haven't people noticed that very few U.S. publications have given these people a platform to speak? TMZ spoke to the father and Inside Edition ran a few stories a year or so ago. But in general, most U.S. entertainment shows have steered clear of these assholes. They will report on what's being written in the British tabloids but they're not getting in bed with Samantha and company. So far as I'm concerned, it does come down to the racists - in this case the racist British tabloids who are dead set on creating a narrative about Meghan. And I'm over hearing how "all royal brides go through this". First of all, sexism and misogyny should never be shrugged as "well, others went through it so whatever". But two, no one will convince me that there isn't a deeper and uglier motivation behind these attacks on Meghan that didn't exist with other royal brides. So no, it's not a "well others went through it"... What's happening right now with others calling them out and fighting back, which has many of the royal writers so pressed is because people are shining a light and saying "no, your rampant racist bile is not OKAY no matter WHO it's directed at".
  9. truthaboutluv

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    In my defense, I hadn't had my morning coffee yet but that sentence so confused me on first read. I was thinking, "wait, why is creepy Piers Morgan criticizing Prince George? Kid is only five (or is it six, not really sure)." Pretty much. With her father especially, like any good narcissist, he also expected her to make him her number one priority and in his own way be treated like royalty. And when that didn't happen, he got more and bitter. Little comments he's made throughout his 10,000 interviews have made that clear. Things like his admitting to being upset that he was told he would not be able to give a speech at the second wedding reception, but then of course Harry's father would. And it's like yeah, because Harry's father is you know, the next King of England. Then he whined once about how Doria apparently received this very official decree announcing the engagement when it happened and he didn't. Someone from the Palace did visit him but he claims he didn't get the fancy decree as well so of course that was an issue. Not that I necessarily even believe that things happened as he said because dude has proven himself to be a liar. But I do think it's indicative of this mindset he has, where he should be as important and treated in some ways as the royals are. I have also always believed that was what was behind his fuckery the week of the wedding. I do think it was almost some pathological test on his part to see if he could get Meghan to postpone her global/million dollar wedding all because of him. And of course she didn't, which like any good narcissist, pissed him off. In the case of Samantha, I just think Samantha has always loathed Meghan and is demented enough to want to try and ruin her life any way she can. I also think, like most people, including many racists, Samantha never thought for a second Harry and Meghan's relationship would last. So when the relationship was first made public, she just saw a chance to kill two birds with one stone - throw all the venom and hate she's long had towards her half sister, while making money off said hate and Meghan's name because Meghan had become international news. She probably figured she'd milk it for however long the relationship lasted. But then when they got engaged, she realized that this was a much bigger pay day. But by that point, if she hadn't already been dead to Meghan before, her actions throughout the previous year and comments she'd made, pretty much confirmed that. By the way, as sad as the whole situation is with Meghan's dad selling her letter, I can't help it, I screamed with laughter when I heard that in the letter, Meghan apparently referred to Samantha as, "your other daughter who I barely know". That is some Mariah Carey "I don't know her" levels of shade and an as tactful as possible, "you don't fucking matter to me". And that's really one of the most insane things about people like Samantha, even the father and Piers. Meghan is the most awful person in the world according to them and yet they're all so damn pressed and bitter to not be a part of her life. You'd think they'd want to have nothing to do with someone who is this awful. Someone threw that very thing in Piers' face on social media. Coming with his little response article to George Clooney's comment and stating how Meghan is no Diana, who was beloved the world over, while Meghan isn't even the third most popular person in Kensington Palace. Someone responded, "then focus on those more popular people and leave her the hell alone." I also loved the person who responded to all the other royal whiners, all jumping on the "she will never be as popular as Diana was and is irrelevant and won't be future Queen" etc. by stating, "okay, so stop running daily headlines about her then, if she's so irrelevant". The poster actually challenged them to go one week without a single click bait headline about Meghan and no reporting on her outside of her official royal engagements. Of course curiously none of them responded and seem to want to take the challenge.
  10. truthaboutluv

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Beat me to it. Many people were shocked to learn just how much Brad is worth because they don’t realize just how many Oscar winning films the production company he co-owns, has produced.
  11. truthaboutluv

    The Annual Grammy Awards Topic

    She didn't. That's not even a secret. It's one of the reasons old school Hip Hop/Rap purists don't respect her because she openly admits to not writing her rhymes.
  12. truthaboutluv

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Heard about this because apparently she's getting quite the dragging on social media from Alan's fans. People are none too impressed with her. The slut shaming is rampant of course but now people are calling her crazy, weirdo, etc. Yikes... Yeah sadly that double standard has existed for a long time. Look how long it took for many to finally start considering and judging young female teachers who slept with male students in the same way they judged male teachers who slept with female students. That's because in the case of Milo specifically, many of his teen fans came from his Disney movie, which means many of them are shipping him and Meg Donnelly, his co-star in that film who we'd be happy to know is only 18 herself. I've glanced at Milo's social media a few times and I will say he seems to be that guy who has a lot of female friends. I don't know if that means he gets friend zoned a lot or girls just feel comfortable with him but yeah, his teen fans are busy shipping him with so many other people there's no time to even acknowledge Alexis. Plus, with many of them being teenagers and slut shaming can be rampant with that set, many of them aren't too impressed with her never ending half naked pictures so I don't think they'd "approve" of her and Milo.
  13. truthaboutluv

    Robotic Media Coverage

    No worries, they will. Shooting just got pushed back because well Rami decided to go and become an Oscar nominated actor (lol). Kidding, but basically because of the Awards season and the million shows and stuff he's having to attend, shooting got pushed back. But he did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel and said that he and Sam Esmail discussed the final season and Sam apparently has the whole thing mapped out, so Rami actually knows how it all ends. I do think we won't get the season until maybe the end of the year and that's being positive. Because you have to factor shooting, then editing before it gets released.
  14. truthaboutluv

    The Annual Grammy Awards Topic

    My issue with Drake is that he's such a damn poseur. First he made a big show of publicly stating how he wouldn't submit his work for consideration for the Grammys because that's how much he doesn't care. And yet somehow he ended up with 7 nominations. Someone had to submit it because they don't nominate work that wasn't formally submitted. All so some of his gullible fans can go, "oh Drake doesn't even submit and he still gets nominated...LEGEND" What the hell ever. And then he makes a big show of declining to perform, acting like he has zero interest in the show and won't attend. But coinky dinky he shows up to accept an award. Say what you will but when Childish Gambino and Kendrick both said, "thanks, no thanks", they meant it and stayed away. It started off okay but I got very confused when it veered into her typical Vegas performance complete with Salsa dancing and feathers. At that point I forgot that this was supposed to be a Motown tribute. For someone who's a good dancer (her singing is meh at best but she can dance) J-Lo actually could have done way more with that performance, especially considering all the backlash she got just from them announcing she was doing the tribute. There was probably that story too because Wilmer is the creeper who has dated many young Hollywood stars. But he definitely said it about Mandy as well. I think he said it on Howard Stern's Sirius XM show and then Howard asked Mandy about it when she was on the show some months or even a year later.