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  1. jmonique

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    I loved this show SO much in season 1, but I have been completely over the omnipotent super villains for three years already. Ugh.
  2. jmonique

    S06.E17: A Dark Closet and Therapy with Horses

    I stopped watching as soon as Christy was taught you can bet through apps. Nope. I saw this storyline two years ago. And earlier this year with the smoking.
  3. jmonique

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I'm going to be That Gal and say I expected this from the Kaylon ever since we heard about how they assume they're better than us fleshbags. So the turn wasn't a big surprise to me. But I still found it impressive how The Orville delivered on it! A little boy discovering hundreds of THOUSANDS of skeletons underground? Now that's just creepy. However, I found it weird how the crew knew stuff was getttin' real nasty and knew hundreds of thousands of bones were underground, but they weren't prepared at all to enact any real countermeasures against the hijacking?
  4. jmonique

    Single Parents

    Every kid on the show is like that to me. I take it as some sort of conceit of the show; the heightened reality of the Single Parents universe in which they steer into the "overly wise/mature/flamboyant" cliches of child actors. None of these kids act like actual kids. (Or maybe that's just a thing I had to tell myself in order to get past that and try to enjoy the show because there's nothing else on for me at that time slot on Wednesdays.)
  5. jmonique

    The Umbrella Academy

    True, but she was still taking it out on the world an hour later as she lazily strolled to the concert. She wasn't responding in the heat of the moment, she had checked out like she did when she was tearing through nannies at 4, and Hargreeves went to his backup plan and locked her powers down (which I'm not justifying; once she became 10 or 12 he should have sat her down and worked out an actual program with her once she could reason, but of course he couldn't be assed to bother).
  6. jmonique

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    The whole Jay and Cam storyline was a classic case of sitcom writers going to extraordinary lengths to come up with a plotline. Like two grown men wouldn't just be like: "Hey, Cam, you still coming over so we can make chili? I'll leave a key under the mat so you don't wake up Gloria and Joe." "I'll be there with bells on!" No, instead they go out of their ways to NOT mention it, just to give these men something to do.
  7. jmonique

    The Umbrella Academy

    Yeah, Umbrella Academy is following that trend set by Gotham and then Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, with the retro "what if the Internet had never been invented" type of alternate timeline setting. The scene with Vanya typing made me smile about how charming typewriters seem, but how glad I am computers don't need White Out. I get that, and if she'd left it at blowing up the scene of her imprisonment, I'd have understood. But she just completely checked out and went full White Violin, even flipping some rando's car over and getting ready to blow up all of civilization. It's one thing to exact revenge on your family; taking out the world is a sign of deep problems. Luther is just a terrible, terrible leader. He needs to own it and step back from the whole "#1" thing, but I get then we would have one less conflict on the show.
  8. jmonique

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    I feel like I'm hitting the same notes whenever this story is focused on, but: Am I supposed to think these two are ready for parenthood after watching Dylan flounce out of the baby shower and Hayley spend the entire time pouting over her clothes and the effects this pregnancy is having on her body? Also, they're working way too hard to try to make me think Dylan = Phil. Phil's naive, but he's not stupid.
  9. jmonique


    According to this modeling site, he's 29, but if he isn't actually 33, I'd be stunned.
  10. jmonique

    The Umbrella Academy

    So Hargreeves goes scurrying around the world, picking up as many of the miracle births as possible like a suburban mom racing through Target on Black Friday, then goes about raising them all to be heroes who'll stop the end of the world... which comes about, ultimately because he was a distant, demanding jackass who emotionally abused his purchases, and never got around to trying to deal with or being honest with the atom bomb known as Number 7. And yet, I was all in. Even though Vanya was obviously a psychopath, given how little response she had to tearing through nannies at 4, or slaughtering Leonard. The Phoenix Has Risen thing where Vanya checked out and went full The White Violin was completely disturbing and infuriating: Yeah, sure, your childhood sucks, who didn't? But the joy of having seven characters throughout the series meant that when I was annoyed with one, the others were there to carry things for me. Klaus discovering how fully he could channel Ben, Diego and Luther working together like brothers, and Allison trying so hard to save her broken, seemingly forever lost sister had me all in. The "everybody lived happily ever after" in me wants to think they'll all blink back to 2002 with all the knowledge of how things could go and be able to avoid things like Luther going ape, Klaus going junkie and Ben going, well, dead, but I'd hope they'd keep Aidan Gallagher around as Number Five, because his premature old man schtick with that face that's at once 15 and 50 is amazing.
  11. jmonique

    The Umbrella Academy

    Justin H. Min (Ben) posted to his Instagram about the secrecy he's been living under regarding being cast:
  12. jmonique

    The Umbrella Academy

    I was incredibly impressed with Aidan Gallagher (Five) throughout the series. So much hinges around him, and at 15 years old, he just seemed to nail the role of a 58-year-old in the body of a 13-year-old. Here's an interview with him.
  13. jmonique

    The Umbrella Academy

    Binged the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. As it looks like others are still making their way through, I will say I enjoyed the world building and thought this is a fine addition to Netflix's superhero arsenal given the Disney+-motivated departures of the Marvel series and movies. I also liked that it wasn't 85% in darkness and just dreary, unlike the Marvel series, but that could just be me! Will return with more thoughts once others have made their way through the series...