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  1. auntlada

    Family, Food and Cultural Traditions

    This is why I never cook even recipes I know from memory. It's 3 cups of boiling water or broth (I use bouillon made from granules). The chicken is raw when you put it in, but you bake the whole thing for 1 hour and 15 minutes. A number of years ago, my uncle compiled a family cookbook with recipes from all through the family, including a number of people I don't know. My grandfather had 7 (I think, could be 8 ) brothers and sisters, so there are lots of people I don't know. It has some good recipes, including my grandmother's fresh apple cake and an aunt's meatloaf recipe that made my husband realize he doesn't hate meatloaf.
  2. auntlada

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    Anthony Ryan's dress/coat/thing looked like the clear plastic art smock with pockets that we got for our niece when she was about 4.
  3. auntlada


    I took driver's ed in school, but failed my test twice because I couldn't parallel park. The third time we got back to the courthouse (where they gave the tests from) without parallel parking. I parked and stupidly turned to the tester and said, "I don't have to parallel park?" Fortunately, he did not make me go back out and do it. I still can't parallel park. The only car I've ever been able to do it in was the Geo Metro because it didn't require anything but pulling into the space. We got that car when I was 40, and that's when I learned to drive a standard. I still can't start going uphill, though. When the car starts rolling back, I panic. I just made sure not to go any route that might make me stop on a hill. @partofme, what's a k turn? Or is that a typo for a u-turn or j-turn?
  4. auntlada

    Pet Peeves

    I need new shoes for work, and I know exactly what I want. I can't get what I want, though, because Rockport doesn't make that style of oxford for women any more. I can't find what I want in town (I've looked in every shoe store we have), and I'm iffy about buying shoes online without trying them on first. I know there are places with free return shipping, but it's a hassle to have to return something that way. Also, it's hard to tell from pictures exactly how the soles of the shoes look in relation to the rest of the shoe. They all look clunky, but it's hard to tell for sure.
  5. auntlada

    Family, Food and Cultural Traditions

    Chicken and rice. It's chicken, rice and onions. No mushrooms or cream of anything soup or other vegetables to muck it up. You brown the rice and onions in butter first, then put them in a baking pan and pour a cup (I think) of boiling bouillon (or water, but bouillon tastes better) over it. Sprinkle the chicken with salt, pepper and paprika (I may also use garlic powder) and place them on top of the rice. Do not use boneless chicken. Then cover and bake for an hour at 350. Uncover and bake for 15 minutes more. The best part is the rice. The chicken is just there and is OK, but I could eat all the rice in the pan if I could get to it before anyone else.
  6. auntlada

    School Cafeteria Food--The Good, the Bad, and the Inedible

    That sounds a lot like my lunches, except I usually put some kind of drink in a thermos. I don't think they had juice boxes back then. In fifth and sixth grade, we discovered that if you froze a can of Coke and then wrapped it in several layers of foil, it would be thawed but still cold by lunchtime.
  7. I'm aware of the talk about lime Coke. The tenor of the conversation, however, seemed to me to imply a belief that Coca-Cola no longer made vanilla Coke. (Personally, I like the vanilla Coke, although not as much as cherry, and I hated the lime.)
  8. Coca-Cola reintroduced Vanilla Coke in the U.S. in 2007 (according to Wikipedia). It may not be common, but it's there. It's also on Coke's website.
  9. auntlada

    S07.E06: Pedal to the Metal

    I think if she had slit the sleeves up to around the hand or higher, she might still be there. When the model put her hand on her hip, the sleeve would have flowed down. Also, Michelle's dress was hideous. It looked like an ugly '60s muumuu much more than Django's did. Because they don't have pockets. If I have enough pockets, I skip the purse whenever I can. It's a pain to carry and a pain to keep track of.
  10. auntlada


    She's still alive?
  11. I've had the flight held before at a connection point, but there were 40 people in our group and more on the flight coming into the country who were also headed for our next flight. We were at JFK and had 30-40 minutes to make it off our flight, through customs and to our next flight. We weren't going to make it.
  12. I remember discussion after discussion about that after The Amazing Race 7, when the eventual winners had that happen for them on the last leg. I've never seen it happen, but a lot of people said it had happened for them or for people getting on their flights.
  13. auntlada


    I don't know, @annzeepark914, but you might ask in the Indespensable Kitchen Gadgets topic in Food. Several people had a discussion about them earlier. Some were interested in them, and some have them.
  14. auntlada

    Pet Peeves

    Also, if you are at a traffic light and you are turning right, don't stop to let the person turning left go in front of you, especially when there is enough space behind you for the person to turn if you will just go. That happened to me yesterday. I honked loudly, and the person turning right finally turned, but by that time more cars were behind that car so I had to wait until the light was turning red. Since I was in the middle of the intersection, I hurriedly turned, and my son in the backseat said, "Did you just run a red light?" I may have also said something he wasn't supposed to hear. I was hoping he was reading and not paying attention to me.
  15. auntlada

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    I wore a corset for a play once. It wasn't hideously uncomfortable, as I did not lace it so tight I couldn't comfortably eat or breathe. I didn't have as much freedom of movement as normal, however. Bending was not possible really, so sitting, picking things up, etc., required thought because I couldn't move as I normally move. I feel dumb, but it wasn't until I read the topic title here that I got the episode title.