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  1. wilnil

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    I was wondering that too. Not only did he have the initial panic attack when the first new person showed up, but he didn't do much of anything helpful or constructive after that. Even the Eleanor/Chidi montage movie ultimately just made them both sadder.
  2. wilnil

    S02.E06: Twin Cities

    It's UN. Yeah, they really glossed over that; there's a lot of blanks the viewer has to fill in there. What we know is at least one of the Management originals had a good enough connection with the government to get good funding for their project from the outset. When Yanek Alpha murdered his other in Prime world, and the others decided that had to be dealt with, Management must have had to come clean with their government contacts in order to get those police/soldiers/whatever on each side to take him into custody. How we get from there to the German government getting the UN involved is still a mystery, but UN control does make more sense, given that these are two entire worlds that, since Yanek's case demonstrated major crimes can be perpetrated across worlds, now know they have things they have to negotiate.
  3. wilnil

    S01.E10: No Man's Land, Part Two

    I forget which Season 1 episode it happened in (I know it was one of the last ones), but yes, she comes out of the coma in that episode, though she isn't speaking at all, just awake, when it happens.
  4. wilnil

    S02.05: Shadow Puppets

    I think just because letting their situation be revealed is likely to get him outed as Prime, which would lead to him getting sent straight to that OI holding cell for stranded crossers, or worse, unless he killed Peter and Clare before they could talk.
  5. wilnil

    S02.E03: Something Borrowed

    Mostly, yeah. Prime has the edge on medical advances, having been spurred on in that one area by fighting the epidemic.
  6. wilnil

    S02.E01: Inside Out

    Last season, after we saw the weird way Management on both sides communicated with staff, I ended up thinking that was the twist: two worlds, but only one Management team. Now that we've seen that they communicate with each other equally weirdly, I'm almost sure of it -- that there's a hardwired connection between the worlds, and the security measures they use when communicating are intended to help keep this a secret. Was the Management guy at the end (the one codenamed "Avalon," I think) James Cromwell?
  7. wilnil

    S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    Doug didn't know about the point system. He just guessed it (with 92% accuracy). Whereas Michael told the soon-to-be Soul Squad about the system, thereby tainting any subsequent points they would thereafter score. Exactly. The difference is in having certain knowledge. Practically every religion includes instructions on how to behave in order to achieve salvation (or whatever the goal of that religion is), and knowing those instructions doesn't disqualify a member of that religion -- in fact, knowing them may be necessary for salvation. But faith is also a key element in many of those religions. Think of the difference between, say, a Christian who follows Jesus' teachings on faith vs. someone who follows them only because he/she got a Dante-style actual tour of heaven and hell and thus knew for a fact what was at stake. The person who's acting on faith is generally going to be seen as the genuinely virtuous one. WHOOPS … I missed VMepicgrl's post saying basically the same thing with more clarity.
  8. wilnil

    S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    The thing with Tahani's points status, to me, isn't really that she's getting marked down for having selfish motives behind her philanthropy -- I think she just isn't getting the high points that she'd have gotten if she were selfless. Also, a lot of people here seem to be seeing her assignment to the Bad Place as unfair based on the current incarnation of Tahani rather than on any of the earlier versions who hadn't improved themselves morally. Consider her first reboot in Season 2 Episode 1, where she reverted to her original condescending snobbery with her short soulmate, his wardrobe choices (cargo pants!) and the cutting remarks she made to sash-wearing Eleanor. That Tahani, like the one in early Season 1, was pretty much an asshole pardon me, ash-hole.
  9. wilnil

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    That's been going on for a few years now, which annoys me because, even if you grant the argument that broadcast programming is all same-old-same-old while streaming/cable TV is the only innovative medium (which I don't think is entirely true), they're still ignoring a huge group of network-show actors, crew, etc. whose work ought to be acknowledged.
  10. wilnil

    S03.E22: Make It Reign 2018.06.11

    Yeah, I think the "terraforming" thing was just lazily lifted from Man of Steel without anyone in the Supergirl writers' room acknowledging that the movie at least set up the plot point that the two planets' atmospheres were different enough that it was a struggle for even Kryptonians to acclimate themselves to breathing Earth air. In Supergirl, by contrast, Kryptonians are all "Feel the power coursing through my veins!" the instant they arrive. I don't watch all the Arrowverse shows, but of the ones I've seen, their problem with Lazy Writers Syndrome has been steadily growing across the board, to the point that consistency and logic are now getting cast aside almost every time a scriptwriter needs to resolve a plotline. Cartoons do better than this.
  11. wilnil

    S03.E08: It Reaches Out

    Judging from the preview at the end, the answer to all the questions is "Tune in next week -- same bat-time, same bat-channel!"
  12. wilnil

    S02.E06: Phase Space

    Did you see the Episode 4 scenes of Emily and Stubbs meeting as Ghost Nation captives? I forget if we see how Stubbs gets out of that, but we do see Emily escaping.
  13. wilnil

    S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    If we all didn't already know these were standalone episodes intended for the canceled fourth season, I'd have said they wrote "Once Upon a Time" so it could serve as a finale. And I would've loved if they stayed with the alternate world for a while -- Charlotte and Dan on the run with Lucifer's loot? Maze apparently founding a cult of demon-worshippers? I did notice the fudging in "Boo Normal" where Chloe told Ella she didn't think she was crazy because of all the weirdness Chloe herself had seen, which would've made it easier to sneak the episode into, say, the S4E2 slot (leaving Ep 1 to be the reaction to Chloe seeing Lucifer as the devil).