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  1. Enero

    Altered Carbon In The Media

    Altered Carbon’: Renée Elise Goldsberry & Chris Conner To Return I'm so happy to hear that REG will be back as Falconer and Chris Conner as Poe. I wish they could've brought back Will Yun Lee. I loved him as the original Kovacs, but I'm also excited about Anthony Mackey.
  2. I've never got how people are outraged about how others spend their money. It's their money, They earned it. They can spend it the way they like. I heard about Serena hosting and footing the bill, but I didn't hear about Amal being a host as well.
  3. Enero

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I just assumed the brothers were released because did they really commit a crime if it was staged? I could see if witnesses saw the "attack" or even if it was caught on camera. But the way it looks, Jussie is the only one who committed a crime here by falsely reporting the incident happened. So again, not surprised the brothers were released.
  4. Enero

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    As I understand FOX and the producers of Empire were already starting to slowly prepare to back away from this situation. I seem to recall reading earlier in the week on several entertainment sites ie Variety, Deadline etc., that the show is finishing up filming for the season and that his role had been significantly cut for the final episodes. I agree with others. He’ll likely be rarely seen on the show next season and/or eventually phased out. Regarding the indictment, this is very disappointing and the last thing this country needs in this very toxic political environment where racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., is running rampant. Outside of the disappointment my question is why? Why would he do this?
  5. Apparently dozens of pink roses were used as decor for the party. Wonder if it means anything? Though I guess if the gender of the baby was known, even by her closest friends, I can’t see it remaining secret from the public. So maybe the flowers were just flowers. Lol
  6. Enero

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I think people will continue to believe the victim in these types of cases as long as there is evidence of a crime i.e. physical evidence of an attack having occurred and if the story makes sense. Personally I knew from the start that Susan Smith was full of sh*t because carjackers have no interest in children. They only want your car. And if they happen to end up with children by mistake those kids will be immediately dumped, sometimes with the car that was stolen. But I digress. I didn’t know all the details of the alleged attack on Jussie, but I believed it could’ve happened simply because such attacks aren’t unheard of. Many have been attack, brutalized much worse than Jussie for being gay and/or African-American. So believing he was attacked was not a stretch by any means, at least not to me.
  7. Enero

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wasn’t it reported that they were wearing masks or face hoods which would explain why their race might’ve been reported incorrectly. Though if the men are Nigerian I’d assume they’d have accents, but I don’t think Jussie mentioned this in his account of the attack? There’s been a LOT of conflicting things being tweeted, “reported” etc., it’s difficult to weed out the BS and get to what really happened during the attack and is happening with the investigation. But I agree with others every new report makes this case stranger and seemingly more messy.
  8. Enero

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    This is sacrilege. 😒😡 Word is one of the individuals being questioned worked as an extra on Empire and that the other individual is his friend. If true, this will be very interesting. If these individuals turn out to be the suspects, we should soon get more details on what happened and why.
  9. Meghan is sophisticated, but she also exudes a youthfulness. Pregnancy really does agree with her, and I love the white. With regards to all the criticism she receives, surely she's not wasting her time reading that nonsense. It's negative energy which she should not be engaging because really if she did read all the horrible things said about her, she'd be in a corner somewhere, curled up in a ball. They really aren't worth her energy and neither is her father. Hopefully this situation with him releasing the letter she wrote him will put an end to his nonsense. Of course he'll always have something to say, but I think he played his last card when he released that letter.
  10. Enero

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    This. I find what he’s doing extremely distasteful and disrespectful. Have this man ever heard of discretion? Argh. SMH.
  11. Enero

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I completely agree. I rather know how an individual truly feels about race, women etc., than to hear some politically correct BS. The lesson for him though seemed to be about taking revenge rather than his racist thoughts. He spoke about how horrible it was for him to attempt to take the law into his own hands, even linking it to the environment in which he grew up where revenge was the answer to any violent act, but nothing about racism. So though he acknowledged he’s learned to step back when a need for revenge arises, he failed to address his racist response to his friend being raped. Thus I don’t know if it can be concluded that he’s moved to the right path when it comes to race.
  12. Enero

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Indeed. I think we’ve all been hoodwinked by all these TV crime shows like CSI and the like, where all the evidence is a smoking gun, and immediately obtainable, which results in a solved case within hours. The REAL crime shows ie The First 48, Cold Case Files etc., explores the true reality of investigating and solving cases. Sometimes it happens within hours or days, but more times than not it takes weeks, sometimes months and years to solve a case, and as you said that’s IF it’s solved.
  13. Enero

    The First 48

    Thursday night’s episode was interesting, about the murder at Kroger. I used to work across the street from there, and it is a VERY affluent area, but has many issues with crime (i.e. robberies, theft, etc.,) I think because of the abundance of affluence in the area. Anyway, though the victim was involved in a criminal transaction that precipitated his death, I felt terrible for him and his family. What a horrible way to die, being beaten then shot. What was odd is that they never revealed who the victim was. His family must have declined to participate and didn’t want anything about them or him revealed. Also, they never showed them catching and interrogating the shooting suspect, only the girl who allegedly set up the deal. In the end they did show a mugshot of the suspect, but I wonder why his apprehension etc., was left out of the episode? Unless they showed it when I wasn’t watching. I did step out of the room for a minute towards the end of the episode.
  14. I am loving how she’s rocking those heals this far along in her pregnancy. :) Totally not surprised all the baby weight is in her belly and no where else really. She seemed pretty health conscious before her pregnancy. So she’s probably not overindulging in any unhealthy cravings (if she’s having any), continues to frequently exercise and genetics are likely playing a role too.
  15. Enero

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I could not even give this 2-3 episodes. I could barely give it 15 minutes. This was awful. The acting. The dialogue...none of the characters have chemistry. Liz bordered on abrasive, which I could understand considering what happened with her sister and how her family is treated in the town, but it just didn't work for me. The reason why the original Roswell immediately captured my attention was because of the soulful, smoldering chemistry between Appleby and Behr, not to mention that unforgettable healing scene as Sarah McLachlan played in the background. Mason and Parsons don't even have a smidgen of chemistry and the healing scene was forgettable at best. I won't be wasting anymore time on this poor excuse for a reboot.