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  1. Enero

    Figure Skating

    I don’t think Kwan and Cohen being remembered (and popularity) is/was solely based on the beauty of their skating. Kwan was the top U.S. figure skater period for a decade. Her reign included 5 world championships (something no lady has done in recent years, two Olympic appearances and 9 National Championships). Of course she is remembered and not just for her artistry. Skaters admire her success. She competed for a very long time. Similarly Sasha competed and was one of the top contenders in the sport for at least 6-7 years. That’s not to discount these ladies accomplishments and the artistry they brought to the sport but they are remembered mostly because they stuck around. IMO. If Tara hadn’t blew out her hip and continued competing for another Olympic cycle or two, trading off titles with Kwan she’d be remembered and idolized by many as well. IMO. Same with Hughes. But these ladies left the sport before they made an impact. I’d be curious to know how Slutskaya is viewed by the the current and up and coming Russian ladies? She was in the sport just as long or longer than Kwan and though she wasn’t an artist she did have quite a bit of success and as stated earlier literally changed how the Biellmann was viewed which in turn effected the rules of the sport. She also pushed the sport with her jump combinations.
  2. Enero

    Figure Skating

    If you’re referring to it’s popularity in the U.S. I believe that was mostly attributed to the Tonya/Nancy fiasco. There was interest before but that incident heightened interest exponentially I think, all the way through the height of the Kwan era, which was the mid-late 90s, through the early 2000s before it started to wane. I think the reason why the popularity of FS has diminished in the U.S. is in part due to there not being a superstar FEMALE figure skater or two and sadly no controversy to boost interest. The sport appears to still be very popular in Europe and Asia, but then over the past decade or so they’ve had quite a few successful competitors which undoubtedly increased the interest that was already there in the sport. @surreysmum - Very interesting insight. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Thanks for this breakdown in layman terms. 🙂 But with all that said, how do WOMEN push the sport? Though I enjoy ladies figure skating I do feel as if it’s technically stagnant. Having a 3/3 and a difficult 3/3 at that ie 3Lu/3T (at least) to win has been standard for well over a decade. And the top ladies have been doing the 2A combos for quite a while as well. You can count on one hand those who can do a 3A and even the rotation on those are often questioned, same with the quads. But as been stated the quads are being “mastered” by girls who have yet to hit puberty. Once they get breasts and hips, the quads will likely disappear. Has women’s figure skating stalled out? Looking at how far the men have come in the last decade is incredible. Not only are all the top men doing quads but they are doing some of hardest quads in the business ie the Lutz and Loop (which no one was doing a decade ago. Most would be lucky to do one quad and that was a mere 4T), and many are working on the 4A, which I suspect will be mastered by someone within the next decade maybe sooner which will lead to the top contenders (at least) adding to their repertoire. Will ladies ever get there? Or have they plateaued and the most difficult technical content we’ll see from them are the 3/3s?
  4. Enero

    Figure Skating

    And continue to cheer even when a skater makes a mistake, encouraging the skater to fight on.
  5. Enero

    Figure Skating

    I finally watched the top performances for the Pairs and the Ladies free programs… Pairs: Sui/Han – What can I say? Beautiful and fantastic. Glad to have them back! Love the positions and speed on that last lift. Outstanding. Also, I think it’s pretty incredible how she’s able to skate so well with her hair flying in her face. LOL. It reminds me of Marina Anissina when her very long locks would fly in her face as she skated. It certainly adds flair to the performance. Well deserved win. Tarasova/Morozov – Good skate. They just do nothing for me though. Even if they’d skated clean, I think the gold would’ve still gone to Sui/Han. James/Cipres – Very strong skate. Their synchronization at times looked a little off, but overall they were dynamic! Very engaging pair. I’m still sad that they had a not so great short which ultimately kept them off the podium. Peng/Jin – Skated wonderfully, but they need more presence. Also, I think the 3S were underrotated and they didn’t do a triple/double/double which is likely what kept them off the podium. They are a couple to watch for the future. Ladies: Alina – I still think her Carmen program is awful. However, she fought through that program and won. Good for her. Evgenia – She almost looked as if she had a spray on tan? Or perhaps her makeup was a little too dark for her complexion? Anyway I didn’t feel she connected with her music at all. It was like noise in the background as she skated. She seemed more focused on making it through the program without landing on her ass rather than feeling the music. I can understand this though, considering the struggles she’s had this season. A couple of her jumps looked underrotated too. Winning the bronze should be a confidence booster though. I think many wondered if she’d even make it to worlds much less the podium. Good for her in doing both. Elizabet – Not much of a program. Just a lot of skating around and jumping. I wasn’t impressed. If Evgenia had placed higher in the SP, she would’ve won the silver over Elizabet. She did after all beat her in the LP. Rika – The errors in her program threw off it’s magic. IMO. The music is great as is the choreography. She sort of got it back in the second half of the performance, but not as great as I’ve seen her skate it before. Though she didn’t medal. She did place 2nd in the LP which is impressive. Sakamoto had the most “feeling” of the night, very engaging program. IMO. She could’ve made the podium. Unfortunately, the missed 3F hurt her. Like the men’s, both of these events were just ok. No one really blew me away. I think the placements were for the most part right though.
  6. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Chen is a great jumper. I will give him that and the choreography for his program was excellent, but he has NO PRESENCE whatsoever. Watching him is like watching paint dry. Thus I will never understand the PCS he gets, but congrats to him on winning and defending his WC title. Hanyu always impresses. He really fought for that program. I know that ankle is still giving him trouble which is perhaps why we did not see him put a quad in combination. However the 4T/3A SEQ was WOW. So happy he had a clean skate. I know that he was pleased to have skated clean in his home country, but this Origin program is not one of his best IMO. Congrats on the silver though! Surprised that Zhou sneaked in for the bronze. I thought Jason might hold on for that. I'm happy for him. Shomo has such presence on the ice and potential, but he's had a tough season. He's been on the podium, but he's at times stalled out or regressed. I believe he was fighting an injury at one point. So perhaps that was causing his issues as well as his technique which looks to not be that great. He struggled at the start of his program, but got better in the second half. I hope he can have better success next season. So glad Boyang was able to pull up to 5th. I hope he will continue to improve on this next season. I thought Jason Brown would at least win bronze, but his LP was just not good. And it wasn't just the missed jumps. It was the music, the choreography and the performance. Very forgettable program. Sorry he ended up in 9th place, but with that program and performance, I don't know where else he could've landed. No pun intended. Though the top 3 skated clean and the overall event wasn't a splatfest, I thought this men's event was a snoozefest.
  7. Exactly! In one of the recorded meetings, I believe it was in the Hulu documentary. JaRule, Billy and team were debriefing after the fiasco that was the event and JaRule foolishly thought they could get some good publicity out of the dragging they were getting over this and he pretty much said oh we “f*cked up” but it’s not big deal. What?! You stole people’s money. I think the only reason why he isn’t in jail is because he wasn’t handling any of the money. I think he was named in a lawsuit though. The current owner didn’t even want his property associated with Escobar and had warned Billy not to use that fact in his advertisements for the event. Billy ignored the owner’s request and that’s how they lost the original location. Not that it would’ve worked anyway.
  8. Enero

    Us (2019)

    Though everyone did a great job acting in this, Lupita was the standout. She is amazing. Once again I see why she is an Oscar winner. For those who fear this will be “scary”. It isn’t. At least not to me. There was some suspense and creepiness, but not scary. IMO. This movie leaves a lot to deconstruct, but I don’t know if I’d say it was good. I’ll need some time to think about that. I will say the twist at the end was on the level of M. Knight Shyamalan’s movie twists. Didn’t see that coming. Lol. Again I’ll have to think more on this one to decide if it’s good or not.
  9. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Haven’t watched any of the competitions yet but have seen the results. I am heartbroken for James/Cipres. They had such wonderful momentum this season and coming into Worlds. I knew that Sui/Han weren’t going to lay down and be rolled over and thus it would be a tough win for James/Cipres if they won. However, I didn’t expect the fight to be over before they even got started. 😢 Hopefully they can have better success next year if they continue competing. Congrats to Sui/Han though. I know they were breathtaking. They are my favorites right up there with James/Cipres. Can’t wait to watch their programs. I cannot believe Hanyu popped the 4S. 😳 That’s his money jump, besides the 3Axel. 🙂 I hope he can come back in the long, but I don’t know. He’s been injured for 3-4 months. He’s 12 points behind Nathan (which will be very difficult to make up) and this ain’t the Olympics. So the intense hunger may not be there to win. Though I think he does want to win being that the championships are in Japan, but again this ain’t the Olympics and his body is not what it used to be. There are only so many beatings and comebacks the body can take before it just becomes nearly impossible to rise to the occasion . Anyway good luck to him. Shocked, but then kind of not shocked to see Shomo in 6th after the short. He’s been grinding through his programs all season. And what’s happened to Boyang? I thought and still think he has so much potential but he seems to be regressing this season. He was top 5 the last several years now he’s barely making in the top 10. Is he injured? Struggling with focus and confidence? Not getting the training he needs? So disappointing. I hope he’s able to course correct and find success again. Glad Evegenia is at least within striking distance of the podium. If she skates the LP well I think she’ll at least get bronze, maybe even silver. Glad to see Sakamoto currently in second. I hope she can stay on the podium. What happened to Rika? She’s been having such a great season I thought she’d be a contender at Worlds.
  10. Enero


    This. So sad after all these years they ended up on opposite sides and thus estranged over an attempted comeback that led to a disagreement over what they should be today, how they could be relevant, which ultimately led to a lawsuit over who could use the name. SMH. What I don’t think some of them got was that they’d never be as relevant as they were in the 80s during their peak. The most they could hope for is getting gigs (hopefully that paid fairly descent) at C and D venues singing their old hits. This is JMO of course. That said, it was once again refreshing to see an artist/group profiled who weren’t destroyed by the vices of fame ala DeBarge. It sounded as if they were pretty clean cut. Hearing the songs they sang again after this many years (I was a kid when they were in their prime) made me so nostalgic. Sigh. They really did have some great hits.
  11. Enero

    I Am Evidence

    I agree with everything you've said here. I was angered by the fact that law enforcement makes the call as to whether to send the case to the D.A. for prosecution. That is outrageous. It may be sexist but I realized, once again, while watching this that there are too many men in charge. These investigators, most of the district attorneys, politicians etc., were mostly all men, and as stated in the documentary it is a system of misogyny. Was not at all surprised that they found so many serial rape cases. My thought has always been if someone does it once they're more likely to do it again, especially if they're not caught. It's heartbreaking to see that there are still so many cases that are backlogged that will likely never get reviewed, and even if reviewed the statute of limitations could be up on the case and thus no justice for the victims.
  12. This documentary made some interesting points i.e. the psychologist speaking about the psychology of lying and the detail of the errors with using the Edision. How if there was a mishap with the machine, blood would be everywhere inside the machine and in the portals. A lab technician would then have to reach his/her hand into the machine where there were exposed needles to try and correct the issue. It was really interesting and informative to see how impractical the Edison was just based on this issue alone. However, overall, I thought 20/20 did a better job with their documentary. I'm thinking he or they (some of the patents have several people listed), either remained with the company thinking they could continue tweaking the device until it worked the way it needed, while drinking Elizabeth's kool-aid or they left (or was fired) after pointing out the issues with trying to get the device to work.
  13. After watching the documentary, I still believe that she's a pathological liar and fooled everyone. Many of her actions were too deliberate IMO and strategic for it not to be on purpose i.e. ignoring the advice of her college adviser, bringing on board members who were all old men who were past their prime and had no idea about what she was doing and how it should be done. Ignoring employees concerns who actually informed her and Sunny of the major failures they were having making the technology work, lying about field testing the technology with the military, among other industries, running in the other direction when anyone (specifically potential investors or vendors i.e. the Department of Defense and the firm hired to do their Marketing) would ask for proof that the device worked, firing or asking people to leave who were persistent in their views about the flaws in the technology and worst of all, selling the idea of the technology to Walgreens without being even close to a workable prototype. She wanted the prestige of being a billionaire innovator. She didn't care if the technology worked or not. She didn't care that selling this product for public use could be detrimental to many if the medical results provided by the technology was even remotely wrong. Thank goodness the company imploded before any real damage was done to patients, but I absolutely believe she is a pathological liar. All that said, as someone asked in another thread, what was Walgreens thinking? The moment Theranos informed them that the Edison would not be onsite and that they'd have to send the blood off to the Theranos labs in California for testing, they should've known something was up. And whoever said her fake voice was annoying is an understatement. We heard more from her in this documentary than the 20/20 story and it was nearly intolerable listening to her "deep" voice. Argh.
  14. Well there have always been fraudsters ie Charles Ponzi, George C. Parker, Joseph Weil, to name a few who were from the early 20th century. Now we have Madoff, Holmes and MacFarland. What I find fascinating about the latter two is the similarities in personalities, both supposedly were/are extremely engaging, can tell a great story, very “passionate”, won’t take no for an answer and will dispose of i.e. fire anyone who opposes their delusions of grandeur. Perhaps the others mentioned were like this too. These personality types are likely very common in individuals who are able to successfully con on this level. I watched the 20/20 documentary on Holmes. I can’t wait to see what this documentary will reveal.
  15. Enero


    I know hindsight is 20/20 (no pun intended. Lol) but I have to ask...how could anyone believe (which obviously many did) that a 19 year old could create a innovative MEDICAL technology with zero mentorship, minimal education in engineering and no medical degree or experience? Astounding. Whats even more astounding is that board members, men with years of business experience, believed her claims of using the technology with troops overseas etc., without any proof to back it up. They just took her word. Absolutely mind blowing. SMH She was/is certainly a brilliant con artist, and as someone said, she was able to wrap all of those men, many of whom were old, around her finger. The story regarding Tyler and his grandfather Mr. Schultz was just sad. Perhaps the grandfather in some strange way was trying to protect his grandson’s career, or maybe he was trying to save his personal investment in the company or maybe he was just an old fool or a combination of all these things. SMH. Glad Tyler pushed on and exposed her ass. Interesting that she had no women on the board or as executives in the company, and of course no medical doctors on the board either, but we all know why the company didn’t have the latter.