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  1. MerBearHou

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    I mentioned this on the 20-20 forum, but Elizabeth was our next door neighbor from her early teens to when she left for Stanford. We knew the Holmes pretty well and liked Elizabeth, Christian, her mom Noelle and dad Chris (though her dad was quite intense). She was bright, sweet, a little gangly, feminine and had zero deep voice. Our kids hung out with them and thought it was wacky that Elizabeth and her brother had Mandarin tutors on their weekends (though my husband and I respected it). We were all pleased for Elizabeth when her idea gained her such mega-success, but then we were stunned as Theranos unraveled and that this girl we had known turned into a fraud and criminal. Our whole family read Bad Blood and are disgusted by the lying, paranoia and destruction to so many.
  2. MerBearHou


    Re Elizabeth Holmes: she and her family lived next door to us when she was in her teens till she went to Stanford. We knew her, her brother and parents pretty well. There was zero hint in her of what was to come. Elizabeth was very sweet, bright and feminine (zero black turtlenecks!) and no, her voice wasn’t deep whatsoever. We liked the Holmes very much though Chris, the dad, was super intense. My kids thought it was so wacky that Elizabeth and her brother had a Mandarin tutor on the weekends but my husband and I knew it was good idea. We were so surprised and delighted for Elizabeth when her idea was taking off and she was considered uber-successful, then we were stunned to see the fraud, collapse, paranoia and lying. Of course, our entire family has read Bad Blood and are just sickened.
  3. MerBearHou

    S03. E18 Don't Say a Word

    Thanks for the heads-up. I will be skipping this one that focuses on Diane and her fake Texas accent. I wish the show would let her go for good. I hate how she acts in general and especially with Bull.
  4. Agreed. Hopefully HMM will be cast them in other projects. I especially like Sarah Strange and think she could easily lead another series. Totally agree -- Sarah Strange is a gem in her role as Dani. This just sucks for the supporting cast.
  5. Yikes, Lori's husband was arrested; she's out of the country but was told to turn herself in. Felicity Huffman was arrested too. What a nightmare.
  6. That is such a shame -- she sure had a good gig at Hallmark. I don't watch When Calls the Heart or Fuller House but I enjoy the Garage Sales Mysteries.
  7. MerBearHou

    Kids Baking Championship

    I was hoping for Davis or Meadow. Paige is a bit too ON for me. All 3 had issues with their cakes so I had no idea who’d win.
  8. Yep, same guy — Brennan Elliott. I always like him and I usually just tolerate Lacey. In the Crossword Mystery, she was acting in a more mature manner — I enjoyed her in this (as I did in the recent Love, Romance and Chocolate opposite Will Kemp who was a good balance for Lacey’s usual lack of acting chops). It was a “puzzle” to me how they were going to incorporate crossword puzzles into a mystery and it was OK, not great, but I didn’t hate the movie.
  9. MerBearHou

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I could have written every single word in your post. My experience/thoughts exactly! I'm going to skip the remaining shows, follow here, and if it turns out that Duff wins, I *might* watch the last show after the fact. I can't take any more time with Buddy along the way.
  10. MerBearHou

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I was sort of looking forward to this show and found it so uncomfortable to watch. I'd never watched Buddy before but he came across as the epitome of arrogance and not someone I want to spend an hour of my time watching. The whole vibe of the show was weird (odd voice-over announcer) and I felt awful for how disrespectful Buddy was to Duff (who I happen to like very much). It's like there was zero professional respect from Buddy. And then the temper tantrum after he lost -- couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm probably out after this one episode. No desire to watch because of Buddy.
  11. MerBearHou

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    Agreed that this season is totally a snooze for me. Even if last season wasn't such a winner, I'd be underwhelmed with this group. Cannot cannot cannot STAND Wendy. Even though I like Joe, I wish none of the returning players were there. So bummed that they voted Chris off -- great guy, very cute, challenge beast -- but he was really dumb to tell Wardog immediately after David warned him not to. David is savvy -- best to follow his advice. Not liking this EofE addition to the show -- it changes the show's beginning and ending and I miss those two things. I still don't know for sure what the votes were last night -- I could figure it out but I like to actually see those votes. Yes, though I like Survivor creativity, I'm also a creature of habit in some things.
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chronicles mystery tonight. I like the two leads together very much and it was fun having Eileen (the funny, gossipy female from their newspaper office) on the job as well. Chuck, Kendall and she are great additions to the cast. Chuck in particular is a delight — his humor is wonderful. I’m also a sucker for any shows filmed in a vineyard. Pretty scenery and pretty homes and an interesting industry. I wish they were making more of this series.
  13. MerBearHou

    S16.E13: Holy Macau!

    Ditto that. Michelle is clearly a talented chef and very nice, but her voice and personality would put me to sleep. She is super boring IMO. I love Eric and he was basically forced to pair up with his pal Justin (I thought that was not cool -- the two black guys were both chosen last). I love seeing their friendship. I am predicting a Kelsey win. She is talented and so adaptable with curveballs and seems to really "get it" that you should embrace where you are cooking. That's playing the Top Chef game in a smart manner. She hones in on the themes very, very well. No, Kelsey is not my favorite by a long shot but I do respect her abilities. Sara is, by far, my least favorite.
  14. MerBearHou

    A Star is Born (2018)

    Wow. That was so cool to watch. It was almost more intimate feeling than the Academy Awards performance. Those two have quite a friendship.
  15. MerBearHou

    Kids Baking Championship

    I get the feeling about Davis in his polite, controlled demeanor and his fastidious appearance that he is a perfectionist and always in his own zone rather than being social. I do like the little moments I’ve noticed with Paige where she brings him out of his shell and he goofs around a little bit. She is really good with him. He gave Meadow a hug when she won which I haven’t seen Davis initiate all season. Also his immediate sad expression when Nyah was eliminated and him rushing over to her and hug her really warmed my heart because it seems like that this show has helped Davis relate to other kids, inch by inch, bit by bit. I do hope he wins it all, though I love Meadow.