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  1. Very interesting -- I enjoy reading ratings info! I really liked Mystery 101 and Chronicle Mysteries -- the other two (Ruby and Emma) are very so-so for me, particularly Emma. Courtney T-S looks way too "manufactured" for me (has she always looked this way? I don't really know her from other shows) and it's hard for me to look at her. Harsh, I know... I do like Taylor Cole (though her Ruby wig is SO bad) and will circle back for sure if there's another.
  2. I believe most insurance carriers will pay if the policy was placed more than 2 years before the suicide.
  3. MerBearHou

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I don't know how anyone can think this grossly extravagant baby shower was in good taste. Private jet, penthouse at The Mark, multi-night stay there, security, harp and special trees brought in, on and on -- ugh.
  4. MerBearHou

    S05. E14. Something Better

    Enjoyed this episode. How is this show not nominated for good things? Loved seeing Raymond Cruz / Julio Sanchez from Major Crimes which I adored so much. He was a compelling former leader who loved his country and his badly damaged family and I loved his heroism. There were so many good side stories — the niece going to serve, Jay and his insecurities about Annelise (and that ahhhhh last moment), Daisy actually wearing sleeves in the winter, Stevie and her instincts, Russell being his curmudgeon, softie self, Blake and his hurt remarks when Jay didn’t confide in him, Bess’ brother giving blunt, awkward, yet good advice to Sarah, the awesome Adele, Dalton and Bess talking about hope and taking chances.
  5. MerBearHou

    Talking Schitt: The Quote Thread

    Electric Boogaloo, I cannot thank you enough for all of these. I'm in my office, a little cranky to be working on a holiday when many are off, and trying to not LOL! I am reading them and hearing their exact voices and sometimes they're almost funnier on the page. So witty, so wacky, love this crew.
  6. Alison Sweeney is my favorite of the Hallmark lead actresses so it was great to see her again. I was bummed that the Murder She Baked series stopped filming — loved those movies. I enjoyed this podcast/small town newspaper reporting set-up and got a kick out of seeing some of the Hallmark regulars in the cast. For me, it’s just like a comfort blanket and I smile when I see the familiar faces in different roles. I liked the Editor in Chief and his staffer who was so eager to research (and did it quite well) but always insisted on running things by the “Chief”.
  7. MerBearHou

    Favorite Commercials

    I love the Applebee’s commercial right now with the busy working mom who runs hard all day, picks up dinner and walks in and catches the dad and the two little girls dancing the Floss. I love the song “Runaround Sue” and think this commercial is a delight. I literally rewind it to watch it again which I never do with commercials. I also get a kick out of the Carmax commercial with the guy who has the turtle named Reggie. It is so random and to me, very quirky funny. I like the TurboTax commercial where the guy is trying to fake that he’s calling from his yacht and then complains about spending $9 on a coconut.
  8. I didn’t intend to watch Love, Romance and Chocolate because I’m not much of a Lacey Chabert fan, but I decided to give it a shot, knowing I’d change the channel quickly if it didn’t hook me (my standard Hallmark movie MO). Surprisingly, I stayed with it and really enjoyed it. I now want to visit Bruges ASAP! The lovely scenery, the gorgeous chocolate works and behind-the-scenes cookery, the gorgeous hotel and palace, the charming hotel manager/owner, a winning and un-silly Lacey, and the wonderful Will Kemp. I didn’t know a thing about him so looked him up — not surprised to learn that he’s a very accomplished ballet dancer because I noticed that “walk” from time to time. I’d definitely watch again.
  9. I just re-watched Murder 101 with Jill and Kristoffer and I came here to reiterate that I think of all the Hallmark duos, they have the most natural, genuine, easy chemistry. I really like their acting “methods” and they both seem real. I get the feeling that there is a tiny bit of ad-libbing that goes on. Kristoffer is such fun and Jill is fantastic too. I hope to see several more of this Murder 101 series. C’mon on Hallmark, are you listening? Film more but don’t change their vibe.
  10. MerBearHou

    Homepage Missing Shows

    Same here.
  11. MerBearHou

    S44.E12: Halsey

    And Billy Crystal as Sammy Davis Jr.
  12. MerBearHou

    S03. E13. Prior Bad Acts

    Two positives for me on this episode: the Black Widow didn’t get away with it again and the hope of no more Diana EVER (fingers crossed).
  13. MerBearHou

    Kids Baking Championship

    Finally Jenna is gone. Weeks overdue. I thought her decorating skills were terrible — IMO her cupcakes early on looked like they had piles of poop on them! And I think she should’ve gone last week for her macarons as well. Karthik and Jaxon did not behave well as young men trying to dominate and man-splain (or as Karthik incorrectly said man-splait!), but Meadow and Madison handled it so coolly like little pros. Love both of those two. Madison is like a clever and adorable, dry-witted, older woman in a small body and Meadow is just lovely with a darling personality, poise and humor. I loved Paige calming down Davis (and I’m not a Paige fan) and her partnership with Nyah was wonderful. Duff and Valerie are the best host duo on Food Network, I think.
  14. MerBearHou

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    It’s got to be so very hard on the family members who observe the new relationship. This is the situation that occurred with Sandra Day O’Connor and her husband who had Alzheimer’s, I believe. If I recall correctly, Sandra was accepting of the relationship — he didn’t remember he was married to SDOC. I was impressed with her big heart in this difficult scenario.
  15. I fully enjoyed Mystery 101 and like kirinan said, the chemistry with Jill and Kristoffer is everything. Also Jill/Amy never acts ditzy or less than the sharp professor she is. That is an immediate cue for me to turn off a movie. I also liked the college setting. Where was the movie filmed? I tried to look it up and couldn’t find the info.