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    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    So I followed Mo's Insta -- can't watch the stream of videos, but evidently he was all excited to be offered a "movie deal" and it turned out to be porn. AHHHH poor misunderstood Mo. He could be the Farrah Abraham of TLC.
  2. escapetoreality

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    So Jesse got on the "H of 11" train with that hideous jacket this episode -- a complete departure from his style -- supports the view that he and Darcey are up to some crazy publicity scheme. Remember when Mr. Gosselin (forgot his name) started wearing that horrendous logo sportswear; turned out he had a deal. Color me disillusioned with the Jesse/Darcey love story LOL.
  3. escapetoreality

    S01.E08: Moment of Truth

    Can we agree that Jesse and Darcey wearing those hideous "H of 11" jackets was super trashy? Jesse wore that long camel coat like a boss in prior episodes -- perfect menswear -- now all of a sudden he is wearing that horror?
  4. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Does anyone know what if any responsibility does Danielle continue to have for Mo post-divorce? She mentioned 10 years in the tell-all. We know she had to show financial wherewithal, a sponsor, etc to prove that he would not be a drain on government services while here so how does that work if the imported person is divorced from you and disappears?
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    S10.E03: Well, Hello, Monroe

    I'm sorry the delivery room comment was way over the line. I have a hard time with the subtle cruelty of many of Jeff's jabs and pranks -- it's like he is a psychological tickler -- but to make such a crude and vulgar comment about a woman who literally gave him the precious gift of life is such a slap. I was bothered by the whole episode -- Gage's micromanagement -- is that really what a surrogate signs up for? I thought Jeff was kidding at first about the inducement: the fact that he showed such indifference to the biorhythms and feelings of the birth mother really got to me. They treated her like chattel. I really am interested in more of how the surrogate on this board took it; but I would have had grave reservations about this pair as parents based on their utter self absorption and lack of empathy for Alexandra. I supported their mission till this effort but now I feel sorry for the little girl. Maybe she won't fly out of the car seat but will she receive emotional nurture? This episode was more disturbing than entertaining .
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    Spoilery Stuff: Media, Social and Otherwise

    So I tweeted that Sean needs to paint his house and he tweeted that he is remodeling the inside but has bought the exterior paint. Maybe saving it for season 2?
  7. escapetoreality

    S12.E04: We Have A New Puppet Master

    Word to Lydia et mere -- crown is different than tiara.
  8. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I listened to Danielle's new interview on Bring Me Your Torch. She giggled incessantly like a 12-year old (shudder). She was all about her new representation by Mama June's agent and said there is a new show in the offing. Although she and Mo are "officially divorced" she is still gathering evidence to try to get Mo deported. Of course the hosts of the podcast kiss her ass so there was no further explanation of how that would work except she said nothing would happen till his conditional expires. They have had zero contact since the divorce hearing (shocker). The restraining order expired and they are trying to get Cory's record expunged. She doesn't know Mo's whereabouts -- thinks he is still in Florida. Of course she denied stalking Diamond or Mo. She is all about her new boyfriend and claims he wants no part of the spotlight and he is "in it for the right reasons" to use her favorite expression.
  9. escapetoreality

    S02.E05: Lost in Translation

    Anyone know what kind of work Pedro is doing?
  10. escapetoreality

    S02.E11: The Dubrovnik Wedgie

    Wait I solved it. Million Dollar Listing Miami. Samantha DiBianchi. Her dad is an attorney I know.
  11. escapetoreality

    S02.E11: The Dubrovnik Wedgie

    All right I'm going crazy -- the guest who left early, Samantha, was on some other reality show about up and coming realtors. She's in South Florida. On that show I think she carted a dog around and called her dad for advice a lot. She was kind of a dud as she was on this show. Who can name the other show?
  12. escapetoreality

    S02.E04: Family Secrets

    Did I miss an episode? How in the world did Anfisa get a green card? She seems unable to disguise her disdain for Jorge for even a minute. I understand no cameras for the process but a talking head confessional describing what went on would be very enlightening. I can't believe our government bought whatever they were selling.
  13. escapetoreality

    S09.E15: Oil And Vinegar

    I love the lyceum to museum line -- meaning high school to museum -- never heard that one before. I've had that experience a lot especially in older women packed into tight jeans and maybe a bedazzled denim jacket or some such look. The long hair will fool you for a second from behind and then you see the front and its shudder. Props to Dorinda. I thought the date was hilarious in terms of Tinsley's violating two rudimentary taboos in the first few minutes (i.e. the ex and drinking) -- she is a mess but I find her amusing and commend Carole (if the fix up was bona fide) for her effort. Please keep up the hair grooming commentary -- enlightening!
  14. escapetoreality

    S02.E03: We Got Bad Blood

    Don't think the lawyers who met with a Jorge and Anfisa would agree to represent him in a capacity adverse to her. Also the essence of a pre or post nup is honesty and full disclosure so his plan has no shot -- even if it were possible to treat a spouse in that way, and I don't see how it could be. I'm not even so sure there could be an agreement that could limit the ability of someone Jorge owes money to to collect from both. They're stuck together.
  15. escapetoreality

    S02.E01: Happy Wife, Happy Life?

    Also may I say I was disappointed not to see the return of the werewolf attorney. The new one to be honest seems much more direct but that werewolf was so snarkworthy.
  16. escapetoreality

    S02.E01: Happy Wife, Happy Life?

    As a Miami resident may I just observe I do not think Russ will be able to adjust to Miami. Can't imagine there are any jobs in his field.
  17. escapetoreality

    S02.E08: Flirting with Danger

    Now what is this about Adam and Malia know each other???
  18. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Very insightful Christina. Mo always complains that Dani lied about her financial condition -- meaning his real grievance is that she did not have the resources to give him the material things he wanted. If she had been an heiress there is no doubt he would have been equally desperate to escape her. I still recall idly tuning in to the new TLC show and then having a completely jaw-dropping moment over the opening scene with Danielle giggling and smirking over her true love, Mohamed. As if there were ever one moment of suspense. Speaking of which, where is Mo keeping himself these days? Still driving for Uber in Port Richey?
  19. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I found Luisa's Instagram its called SouthernCharm or some such thing. It's largely highly filtered selfies but she does make some Mohamed comments. Nothing really bad recently -- in one she says he asked her to be on the show, in another she was watching the reunion and said something pretty unsympathetic about Danielle. I remember when she left Mo she was tweeting some pretty negative things like about how selfish he was sexually. Bit in Danielle's mind she's not convinced they were doing the deed ....
  20. escapetoreality

    S09.E11: A Countess No More

    The find of the Edgar resume is an example of why I return to this site! Brilliant! The personal attacks on people are unworthy of our talents. Let's snark about the behavior.
  21. escapetoreality

    S02.E07: Mo' Onions, Mo' Problems

    Let's talk about this tipping culture. I can't imagine that these wads of cash are handed over to a crew this way "in real life." First the amounts seem wildly extravagant by any measure unless the crew is truly paid nothing. Second, it seems imprudent if not illegal for the clients to be traveling internationally with such large amounts of cash. Third the crew's obsession with tips probably does reflect real life and having seen this phony baloney facade for the guests I would never enjoy this kind of vacation knowing that all the smiles, compliments and good service are driven by craven tip-consciousness. It's a fair assumption that people drawn to other service industries such as the airlines truly have a mindset for serving the public but it seems in the yachting industry the overarching attitude is that the guests are a means to an end of travel and under-the-table compensation. Uhhh no thank you. (P.S. also having visited Croatia, the idea of extended anchoring out seems like a complete waste of time when there is so much to explore on land).
  22. escapetoreality

    S09.E11: A Countess No More

    LuAnn's gloating over her catch was so unseemly. It wasn't just her thrill at finding "true love" and a playmate, but the putdown of other women with the repeated shrieks that she got him, that he was so eligible, etc. The most grating comment was that she feels like Cinderella at the ball with there being so many women competing and HER getting the glass slipper. Ouch. Love is not a zero-sum game, people!
  23. escapetoreality

    S09.E11: A Countess No More

    This episode was funny as hell. Lots of legit and unintended humor.
  24. escapetoreality

    S02.E07: Mo' Onions, Mo' Problems

    Am I the only one who finds the idea of a Cajun shrimp and grits entree repulsive? What's next -- lover and onions? Breakfast for dinner?
  25. The June 25 show is on TLC go!