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  1. That . And also he ain't on Earth to object as him and Juliette/Eve (sorry I know it's Lois ,but she burned the Gimmibago down damn it) went off on pre-ternity leave to Argos and left her in charge .
  2. Random factoid - Italia Ricci (Silver Banshee) and Jessica Meraz (Menagerie) played sisters in Chasing Life and their dad was played by Tom Irwin who also played Chyler's dad in Reunion where Chyler's character slept with the IRL husband of Reign, who went on to be the on-screen and IRL boyfriend of the MCU's Agent 13 who was the LI for Cap who was the LI for Chyler in NATM. .
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    S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    It's just her real hair with the asymmetric half of her bob slicked back .Between the end of filming the last season and Clexicon she had it cut like that (and it was slicked back like this at some of her other convention appearances over the summer ). As for the colour she has been dying various shades of red since the day she left Grey's . It seems to be a thing with her and there was a fuss on Grey's when she decided to go blond and it was a funky color when she first got it done as they over colored it so her natural hair would grow in underneath it by later in the season and the make up people had awful time doing her . It is always hard to remember that even though she is most recognized as a brunette she is a natural blonde (much like Pauley Perrette it has been that color so long people don't realize)
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    Bull in the Media

    What the system of payouts and NDAs was open to was for conniving bosses (and politicians )to abuse and harass their staff and others and then cover it up while the public or shareholders were the ones paying the settlements while being kept in the dark . The presumption put forward in this case put out by CBS and Caron was that Dushku by appearing in Maxim years earlier meant she was asking for it ,and that them presenting tapes with her swearing (gasp) were grounds to stop mediation - until the tapes showed the harassment happening
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    Bull in the Media

    The big one being that they uncovered the fact Moonves (bestie of MW according to him) had lied during the investigation which allowed the board at CBS to null and void his pay off of $120 m and fire him for cause. They will have at least 3 or 4 in the can . My guess is they are going to pull the trigger it will be at the end of the season as they can just not renew it and then won't face any pay outs
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    Bull in the Media

    His shield was apparently him being chummy with Moonves and he is now gone with prejudice and minus his pay off tick tock
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    S15.E14: Vegas, Baby!

    She was on Access Hollywood a couple of months ago saying how much she loves Kim
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    S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    Not to get too spoilery but he is in the Legion with one of her distant relatives . He recognized her name when he met her at the Pizza Joint of Assholes in 4.02
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    S04.E04: Ahisma

    As far back as the CBS season . In the thanksgiving episode when Mama D is coming to town (and in the midst of Alex having a meltdown about what Eliza is going to say about Kara suiting up ) Kara sidetracks herself and goes into a soliloquy about Eliza's pies being the best in various universes (because she had been and done a taste taste). Then last season in the Midvale episode Eliza's farewell to the girls was handing over a container full of pie for the trip (because she knows her girls) --------------------- He is a regular on The Resident with Agent 13 Both Manchester Black and Lauren Haley are from the books - and just to annoy the fan boys were originally both white
  10. She had the proverbial ceiling come down on her with her kids health . Within a short space of time 2 of her kids were diagnosed with Aspergers and her youngest began having regular grand mal seizures - she was hospitalized 18 times over a 2 year period according to Chyler at Clexicon. So she took nearly 3 years off and moved to Nashville (she did a few months in NY doing Taxi Brooklyn for Luc Besson at the end of it ) before moving back west to do Supergirl Currently doing a re-watch because I found a podcast that was doing it from the start and this week is 4.01 with Meredith and her missing arm ,Mark telling McDoushy that he moved to Seattle for him and Izzie and the fucking deer (also had some great guest stars like Frank from Hart of Dixie as the guy with Pica and Mark Pellegrino for once not playing a super creep guy)
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    Grey's Anatomy Cast & Crew in Other Roles

    She will be fine as long as she hasn't been living beyond her means buying fast cars and mansions . Chyler Leigh happily chose to sit out 2 years and moved to Nashville when she left .And after her limited series was canned after 1 season was going to sit out the year after before she was offered 3 roles at the one time
  12. It was at the main Soho House .There is a bunch of them now including Toronto where she was a member. Nick Jones the guy who founded the club attended the wedding with his daughter as his wife Kirsty Young was anchoring the BBC coverage of the wedding
  13. She was in the Quire but was sat down the opposite end with Charles Spencer (on the naughty step) Both the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandria were all there. The security is estimated to have cost £3 million according to the head of Thames Valley Police So you will be interested to know that the tiny bridesmaid is the granddaughter of the sister of the owner of Highclere ( and the great granddaughter of Lord Porchester from The Crown) And the other bridesmaid that wasn't Canadian,American or a mad scientist is Bertie Pelham's niece One of the Gloucester's kids is married to a Maori - the current #30 and #31 in the line of succession are half Maori .And its a pretty regular thing to see the no touchy Royals to share the Hongi with random Kiwis And Peter Phillips is married to a Canadian - so #15 and 16 are half Canadian They would have been .Especially Eugenie as her and her fiance are now neighbors in KP .the Royal reporters claim that both couples hung out in London and Toronto prior to the story breaking,she worked for the ex husband of the alleged matchmaker of H and M Misha Nonoo and Jack (the fiance) was one of the the ushers Major was named special guardian of the boys in Diana's will (he had been the one to negotiate the separation and divorce ) .He was responsible for their finances from her estate so he has a personal connection to them , The only non British Royal was the Prince of Lesotho Plenty of tiles though - the whole Grosvenor clan were there -Hugh who is now the Duke of Westminster was an usher
  14. In fairness to Janina Gavankar there was a woman from what turned out to be ITV (one of the British networks ) holding up a sign with her name on .She turned up being interviewed (and they did a fair few with the guests including Sir Clive Woodward and his wife) right after she broke off . Prince Seeiso also vanished as him and his wife were entering to do a sit down with the Beeb And the noise was all the Lesotho peeps from Sentebale including Mutsu the little kid (now a young man ) he befriended when he first got involved
  15. It was also played at William's wedding .It is also the Wales thing as Cwm Rondda (that's the tune ) is THE big Welsh hymn , Funnily enough Jack has been working as a brand ambassador for Clooney's tequila brand for the past few years The two exes still run in the same social circles as Harry and especially the York sisters and will always be popping up at the same events as them .Both are also expected to be at the next wedding It makes no sense .Should the other Indian American 2 women in the Quire have been wearing saris as well ? Actor Janina Gavankar and Benitta Litt (the woman sat next to Doria for those who asked )the mother of two of the bridesmaids both wore 'Western' dress as well ( and hey look 2 little Asian American girls were bridesmaids at a royal wedding)