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  1. AllyB

    The Act

    I don't think she had the cognitive abilities to truly understand the nature of the con. Not because of any condition but because of the complete and utter arrested development her life with her mother ensured for her. My son is only 6 but I can see how drastically his development and understanding of the world comes from his peer relationships and the media he consumes. I (like most normal parents) go out of my way to open his eyes to the world and teach him how to interact, to tell right from wrong, to think things through, etc. But that's not enough for him to develop true social skills, real empathy, an understanding of how he needs to act around people, how to compromise and fully engage in the world. Gypsy Rose was only given an extremely limited view of the world and her mother did absolutely everything to minimise her development.
  2. AllyB

    S.6E.19: Eight-Bit Goldbergs

    I couldn't get past the idea that Adam, Jackie and Dave managed to design, animate and program a complex, multi-level, incredibly well animated (for the era, obvs) game in a day or two. It completely and utterly shattered my suspension of disbelief as it was such utter nonsense. If the characters had spontaneously developed super-powers for the episode it would have been more believable. And to have such nonsense be written in as clearly nothing more than a vehicle for a load of meta jokes was just narcissistically self-indulgent.
  3. I have a slight issue with this. In what world is Shannen Doherty/Brenda Walsh average looking? I think she's very pretty most of the time but when she gives a big smile she's utterly beguiling.
  4. I think it really is. This was our 'coming of age' series. I was 12 when it started and I remember being sort of half dismissive/half intrigued as when it started. I was a comic-book reading, Star Trek fan and I wasn't going to be drawn into a teen soap, but I was. It played a part in drawing me into the teen girl culture of the 90s. I also remember going back and watching from the start when it was re-run a few years later and at that point my life and Brenda's were weirdly aligned and as a result I've always been Team Brenda and more Branda/Dylan fan-girly than I care to admit. I heard the news on the school run this morning and it definitely was a bit of a gut-punch.
  5. AllyB

    The Umbrella Academy

    Obviously, you can't see the minutia of the nearly 30 years the children lived for. But there is no way that a nanny lived in that house and was unaware that those children were living in abusive conditions. There is no way a nanny worked in that house and didn't participate in perpetuating that abuse. Just because we only saw Vanya being encouraged to eat her oatmeal at the point where she repeatedly snapped doesn't mean that the nannies were innocent. They simply couldn't have been. They were abusing the children for money and they got no less than they deserved.
  6. AllyB

    The Umbrella Academy

    He arrived in the US in 1928. It was stamped on his immigration docket. And while his attire looked more mid-19th century, the people around him, looked 1920s with the women and girls in cloched hats and higher hemlines and the men in 20s era suits. We also see a car synonymous with that era on the street. The more modern era is also spelled out with the children born in 1989 and the Handler at one point talking about Number Five jumping into 2019. The series just exists a world without our communications technology.
  7. AllyB

    The Umbrella Academy

    I have a hard time feeling sympathy for the nannies. Each one of them was complicit in Reginald's child abuse. They treated those children in ways that anyone with half a brain, never mind a trained childcare professional in the 90s, knows is abusive. And they did it for money. Reginald was an abusive 'father' but at least he had the excuse of someone who appeared to know the world was ending and was desperate to prevent it. He was doing it in the worst possible way but saving the world is at least a noble goal. The nannies were just abusive for money. And I just really can't bring myself to feel that anyone willing to abuse seven 4 year olds for cold hard cash doesn't deserve to be flung out a window by one of the kids.
  8. AllyB

    Erica Goldberg: Cool Kid/Closet Nerd

    Erica's hair and style always puts me in mind of Mallory Keaton on Family Ties. Her hair was never super '80s' like Jennifer's in later seasons. It was always a bit more preppy and wouldn't look terribly out of place now.
  9. AllyB

    The Other Two

    When they were pretending to be celebrities in ep2, all I could think was how extremely like Kaitlin Olsen Brooke looks. I don't know who the reality star is that she pretended to be but if she had said Olsen, they'd have waved her on.
  10. I've assumed that would be a big reveal at some point. But two teenagers having a brief, seemingly intense but in reality shallow dalliance does not constitute getting to know someone. Not remotely. And since then, ten extremely important years have passed. It also wouldn't change any of it from Max's perspective. Up until this episode all he knew was that despite whatever relationship they had, she left and didn't contact him for a decade. There is nothing between them. His feeling as he does about her is a red flag for her to be very wary, his constant speeches to her are a red flag for her to run and run very, very far and fast. His behaviour is terrifying and absolutely not romantic. He doesn't get to whine at her about his feelings every time he sees her. Especially when she is processing the fact that aliens not just exist but are on earth masquerading as humans. That people she grew up with are actually aliens. That they have all sorts of powers that put humans in a potentially extremely vulnerable position. And an alien murdered her sister and the two girls her sister was accused of killing. She is dealing with both the terrifying existential reality that everything she knew to be real has shifted. And the heartbreaking news that the sister who's actions caused the death of two girls and destroyed her whole family's lives was actually an innocent victim and patsy. But Max needs his feels to be front and centre. He is awful. Isobel wiping a brief teenage relationship from Liz's mind doesn't mitigate the fact that adult Max has behaved like a creepy, empathy voided, terrifyingly obsessive stalker throughout their interactions. It's insanely messed up that a show that's painstakingly (and painfully) preachy about modern day politics is this disturbingly obtuse about painting what is already an emotionally abusive dynamic as romance.
  11. Haven't watched ep 5 yet, so maybe it will improve upon this. But I'm finding Max such an appalling character. All he cares about is his ongoing love for Liz. He keeps throwing his years of love for her in her face as if that's supposed to mean something to her and she owes him some sort of acknowledgement for it. In this episode when he went to her in Crashdown all he cared about was that she believed he loved her. His attitude was, I know you suspect me of murdering your sister, but that doesn't matter as long as you believe I've always loved you. That's serial killer level creepy. He doesn't know her, he was never close to her, got to know who she was. Even if he had, he hasn't seen her in a decade. She's a fantasy that he's obsessed with. And every chance he gets, he needs to tell her all about it with his big wounded face that she could think badly of him when he loves her so. Even his refusal to let her kiss him in ep 2 because she was feeling his feelings, seemed rehearsed. He's probably been mentally fantasising about his big Nice Guy gesture of respecting her autonomy since he was 12. And now he's done that and she still doesn't act like someone who is respecting his big gesture of loooooove. OMG, life isn't playing out like his fantasy, it's so unfair. If only there was a 4chan group for alien men who's human love interest hasn't fallen at their feet despite how Nice a Guy they are. I hate him so much.
  12. AllyB

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    I feel really bad for Paula. She's had a really shitty ride over the last few years. Her marriage, job and home life was deeply unsatisfying leading to her become unhealthily obsessed with Rebecca, which in turn exacerbated the other problems. When she started to take stock of what would make her more genuinely happy and began to work a little on her marriage and start the hard work of making a career change she fell pregnant. After supporting her through her abortion her husband then turned around and had an affair. After working through that and getting her marriage to a better place, she was still having trouble with her children. As soon as she faced up to that and repaired her relationship with her sons the eldest moved to another continent. And now just as she is on the cusp of qualifying as a lawyer she has a heart attack. Every single time Paula takes a big step forward she gets punched in the guts. Hopefully she'll recover from her heart attack and pass the Bar, but even if she does it will be marred. It's going to be really, really hard to establish a satisfying law career while not having a health relapse. Second heart attacks are really, really common in the year after a first heart attack. Paula genuinely needs to take it easy but her dreams for the next couple of decades of her life involve a lot of hard work. I think it's a really sad thing to have hanging over her as we head to the series end.
  13. AllyB

    Young Justice

    Near the end, when they were cleaning up Conor and M'gann's house the doctor immediately retrieves the hairbrush she'd used to brush Violet's hair. It's sort of implied (though not confirmed) that the whole hairbrushing thing had been a ruse to get a dna sample. I'm also wondering if the daughter she spoke to Violet about is being held captive by her "boss" in order to make her do the work she is doing.
  14. AllyB

    Friends From College

    Yes I know all of that, and as I outlined in the quoted post, people in the same graduating class can vary by several years in age for numerous reasons. There is no reason that Max couldn't have started college at 17 while Marianne, Nick and Sam were 18 and Ethan 19. And Lisa isn't meant to be two years younger, she just started college 2 years after. She could easily be 4-5 years younger than the oldest of the others.
  15. AllyB

    Deutschland 83

    On a quirkiness level Comrade Hartman was my most MVP this season. I loved him in the penultimate episode as he was freaking out about the radiation levels being too high while everyone else gaslighted him. He knew his scientific instruments were telling him something was very, very clearly wrong, he knew by history that the accident he could see the evidence of could be covered up, meanwhile everyone else was seeing nothing out if the ordinary and acting like he is mad. The poor man was cracking up. And then the subtle flip, when the Russians admitted the truth about Chernobyl, to Walter asking him about the safety of the refreshments he was about to serve. It was excellent and it made my blood run cold to watch. I have vague memories of the time and my parents being worried, especially about my newborn brother and how best to feed him when the radioactive cloud came over us in Ireland.