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  1. Kemper

    PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    Last night our PBS station ran a movie called "Prince Charles III" or some such. I tuned in (not knowing what to expect) and found it dreadful. An actor (Piggot-Smith) played the current Prince Charles; Queen Elizabeth had died and he was supposed to be coronated King in 30 days. But he ran up against Parliament (and in particular, the Prime Minister) when he opposed putting some restraints on the press. The entire thing was confusing; acting was okay except for the actor who played Prince Harry. This was supposed to have taken place not long after William and Kate had their second child; Harry was still a "playboy" or some such. That particular actor was terribly miscast. He was a bit pudgy, whiny and pasty. The actor who played William at least looked the part; Kate was portrayed as ambitious and a bit of a bitch. The actor who played Prince Charles did the best he could do with the way the part was written. At times "Charles" would turn and address the audience; I have a feeling they were going for a Shakesperean feel; they failed miserably. The scenery and costumes were nice, as one would expect from PBS/BBC. I usually love anything "British" that our PBS airs; but to me, this entire movie was a mess. I hate to sound so harsh; has it been one before? Was it a Part II or a two-parter?
  2. Kemper

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    Has anyone watched Jack Taylor on Netflix? I just started this weekend; Mr. Kemper was deep into March Madness. I liked it; never seen the actor before. It was a bit dark and gritty - just the right touch. I think they made one season.
  3. Okay, I am clueless. What is Fetch? Other than throwing a dog a bone or toy or cat. (kidding, I have two cats)
  4. Has Cane (DG) been taken off contract? I haven't seen him slither or heard him mentioned; of course, I haven't been watching regularly. It is sad when I would rather have him than any member of the Rosales family. I think it is also horrifying (but predictable) that they have Sharon rotating back to Rey Rey. So maybe the actor is staying on?
  5. I posted awhile back my distaste for the truck commercial...the "tailgate" one. The one where everyone is singing "nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye" ... and congregating on a hill. Well. They are playing it continuously during the NCAA tournament. March Madness, indeed.
  6. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    The last sentence made my day! Thanks...got a really good laugh.
  7. Kemper

    House Flipping Shows

    Didn't there used to be a "Vegas Flip" topic? If so, it has probably been moved to this thread; and that is fine because I cannot imagine it earning it's own thread. I watched it maybe once when it first came on HGTV; I thought it was waay over the top in tackiness; but maybe that is just me. But I caught the tail end of an episode yesterday. The couple (just me who thinks the woman is also extremely tacky?) had purchased a condo...maybe on the Strip? Not sure. But the end result was maybe one of the ugliest redos I have ever seen. Pink! Black stripes! Everything seemed absolutely blinding. I think the duo made a small profit because the unit didn't cost all that much (by HGTV standards). Has this show been renewed? I guess the "Flip" shows don't cost the network a ton of money; and if they make enough episodes, they can marathon them for hours. Money in the bank. I guess I shouldn't judge; maybe the unit was going to be sold as a rental. Is that what people expect when they go to Vegas? Lots of glitz, I guess. Depending on your definition of "glitz" and glamour.
  8. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Did I hear someone put Noah Rothman in his place? Max (sorry, last name escapes me), Democrat from New York, was talking about the flammable rhetoric coming from Congress. He feels the need to apologize on behalf of Congress for how awful they are. He is young, bright and articulate; something hardly no one on MJ is. I digress. Noah Rothman piped in and asked a loaded question. Max didn't bite; instead he said something on the order of "that is a biased question" and then just kept talking. Loved it! I don't think I have ever heard anything done so smoothly. And. I didn't hear anything else from Mr. Rothman; bet he was pissed. Made my day. Mr. Kemper was talking to me at the time, so hopefully I didn't mis-hear or get the exchange wrong.
  9. Kemper


    It is nice to see Jacob Soboroff get some recognition for his excellent reporting. Has there been an anchor named to fill in on Meet the Press for Chuck Todd on Mondays - when Katie Tur goes on maternity leave?
  10. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Meeka pushing Joe's Washington Post column. Pushing. And she is reading it verbatim! But. It is nice seeing everyone sitting at the table. Now she is using her squinty-eyed serious face when other people are talking. Because? She can actually look at them, in person, while they speak.
  11. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    "Tits Larue" ....Suomi wins everything. So...Joe actually asked about Jesus being our Lord and Savior? Yes, he is running. Tuned in around 8 and mentioned Meeka's boobs to Mr. Kemper (who said he hadn't noticed..he may be 80 but I am not stupid). Next thing, she was wearing a scarf. Wasn't she? Have I imagined all of this.
  12. Kemper

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    And. The actor is really handsome; plus a better actor than most of the males on this show. Nick would not be the automatic fall-back romantic lead for all the women (especially the new ones). Hey. Why couldn't they have put Mia with him? I would have loved to see him try and handle her.
  13. That post is reserved for Arturo of the immense nostrils.
  14. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    About Joe's preaching (show will lose me forever it this continues). I think this is a sign that he is running for something. You cannot be a Republican who is seeking office without the evangelical vote. You can have all sorts of questions about your past and present behavior. But if you can quote scripture...it's all good.
  15. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    So Joe is STILL mad about Trump's tweeting about McCain? Wasn't that over the weekend? It's Tuesday, Joe, you have already ranted about that...try and keep up. I noticed that during one of Joe's practiced off-the-cuff rants this morning, Meeka forgot that, on air, they are supposed to be in separate places. She looked over at him adoringly. They are not even trying anymore.