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  1. DesertCyclist

    S20.E14: Part 33

    I didn't hate the episode, but the conflict seemed sudden and over the top -- so dropped into it in media res was off-putting. Plus, Carisi? That was character assassination.
  2. DesertCyclist

    S20.E12: Dear Ben

    I'm 51 and adopted, and I found my birth father, now deceased, through Ancestry about three months back through a DNA link to his half-sister.
  3. DesertCyclist

    S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    So as Eugene and Rosita were hiding in the mud on the creekbank while the Walker herd moseyed on by, I was watching with headphones and heard something like, "[unintelligible] ... do not let them get away." What was that all about???
  4. DesertCyclist

    S05.E06: We Can Find Him

    I miss Frank's buzz cut and designer stubble.
  5. DesertCyclist

    S20.E04: Revenge

    Smarter writing would have had her at least attempt to and then him brush her off -- she's a woman, after all.
  6. DesertCyclist

    S04.E15: I Lose People...

    How did Alicia know Martha was simply injured and hadn't been bitten?
  7. DesertCyclist

    S04.E14: MM 54

    I hate it when writers force characters to act stupid or illogical in service of the plot. I blame Lost for this phenomenon. After this season's last episode I'm done with all flavors of TWD.
  8. DesertCyclist

    S02.E11: Holly

    "And YOU get asylum, and YOU get asylum -- everyone gets asylum!"
  9. DesertCyclist

    Current Timeline: News and Media

    I'm surprised Hulu or Amazon hasn't snatched it up yet.
  10. DesertCyclist

    S19.E22: Mama

    What a minute... wut?
  11. DesertCyclist

    S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    If a movie were to ever be made based on the PlayStation series Uncharted and they need a Nathan Drake, I think they could do worse than Matt Lanter. Hopefully he's not acrophobic!
  12. DesertCyclist

    S02.E04: The Riddle Of The Sphinx

    The only thing that makes sense to me is that certain folks within Delos want to secretly replace the rich and powerful with identical hosts, facilitating their eventual takeover of the real world.
  13. DesertCyclist

    S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    So have Wyatt and Lucy traveled from the future to a point in time in the past in which they already exist?
  14. DesertCyclist

    S02.E20: Bad Reception

    There should be an entire series of Aaron jogging. Oh -- and maybe showering!
  15. DesertCyclist

    S02.E03: Baggage

    Sorry, but what does Eco man mean?