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  1. Lawgiver

    S02.E12: The Burrito

    I wonder if asking Chidi to choose between two identical hats would have been an even longer ordeal?
  2. Lawgiver

    Future Man

    Let me just preface this by saying I am a middle-aged white woman who has never been a gamer. I totally loved this series! I thought it was hilarious and avoided cliches. I’m recommending this to everyone I know who has Hulu, but I have no idea if anyone will actually watch it.
  3. Lawgiver


    Is it only playing in GB or has it made it to Netflix?
  4. The most recent London episode had a hilarious chyron typo: "Muse" house instead of "Mews" house. Haven't they been doing this long enough to get it right?
  5. Lawgiver

    S05.E04: Revenge O' The Nerds

    Me, too! I had a Mac Plus, got it in 1989 when I started college. I still have it in a closet! I can't get rid of it.
  6. Lawgiver

    S02.E05: Existential Crisis

    "It's Chinese for Japan." The best line of a night with great lines. I wish women of a certain age would stop getting too much Botox. First Mindy St. Clair's actress last year was OB'd. At least this year her brow has calmed down a little. Now, Eleanor's mom. It looks awful. I say this as a woman of a certain age who is confronting aging and dating again after a divorce. I think so much Botox looks worse than wrinkles.
  7. My heart started pounding when I heard the "alleged" tape of Wally Hanks hitting that boy. It was terrifying, and I was safe on my couch watching it on TV. I can't even imagine how those kids must have felt, confronted with such abuse.
  8. Lawgiver

    S35: Chrissy Hofbeck

    Wow, LadyChatts, what a diabolical idea! I think Chrissy has a chess player's mind. She's thinking many steps ahead of the others. It wouldn't surprise me if she came up with your exact plan!
  9. Thank you! I had the same thought. A mismatch of a couple if I ever saw one. And is it that easy to move to Australia if you are American and looking for work? Most couples we see are Australian, British or Canadian. I can't imagine one can just move to Australia with carpentry skills and vet tech skills.
  10. Lawgiver

    People Of Earth

    Here's a nice article about Luka Jones, who plays Gerry. Bonus info about Da'Vine Joy Randolph who plays Yvonne. http://uproxx.com/tv/luka-jones-people-of-earth-interview/3/
  11. Lawgiver

    People Of Earth

    Why, Walsh would kiss Ozzie! I laughed like crazy when Kurt was flattened by the truck. And I thoroughly love Don. I've liked the actor since Spy.
  12. "It feels like the walls are hugging me!" Tahani had the best line of the night.
  13. So do HHs routinely understate their housing budgets to create artificial drama? It seems that nine times out of ten, the HHs go over budget! The CA to Italia couple are spending at least a couple of thousand more on their rent than they wanted. I guess they don't have a car, so that can factor into savings, but it's so disingenuous! At least this couple was pleasant and appeared more natural than many couples. And no fake parties, just hanging with their kids.
  14. I would totally move to the Seychelles! The diving is supposed to be fantastic. Her boyfriend was very handsome. Not a bad way to reinvent oneself. I enjoyed this because watching people move to Europe and Asia, it gets kind of old.
  15. Lawgiver

    People Of Earth

    I laughed out loud at the line about landlines and not being a millenial. (I'm a GenXer, just a few years younger than Ana Gasteyer.) I had noticed the phone before Alex brought it up, so I'm glad they talked about it! Question: is Richard's boss a Reptilian? I don't remember. I wonder why Yvonne and Don were missing this week.