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  1. abbey


    correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Tristan with a pregnant girlfriend (or a girlfriend who had recently given birth) when he hooked up with Khloe? So where does she get off playing the poor victim?? Did she think she was going to magically transform him? And then to come out with all of this BS on instagram or whatever. My sympathies are with True. What a pair of parents she has.
  2. abbey

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    I found the show very interesting but I also found myself yelling at the TV every time Jazz said she wanted to see her "beautiful vagina." As someone up thread said she probably uses that term to cover all of her new female parts but I found it very annoying that she brought it up so much. Everyone in her family knew what she was having done, she didn't need to keep bringing up her vagina. I don't think any of them wanted to hear much about it. Dr. Bowers even mentioned the specific names for her external genitals perhaps in the hope that Jazz would be clued in to the fact that her vagina was internal, not external.
  3. abbey

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    cannot get ride of the quote box, sorry! Could Tom Burley be Tom Christie? He was one of the settlers at Fraser's ridge and at least in the books plays a somewhat important role.
  4. abbey


    Just saw this episode and was wondering the same thing....It didn't make any sense that Radar was delerious from the rabies shot or that Col Blake could tell the dog wasn't rabid without examining its brain tissue. I was also surprised that rabies vaccine was apparently readily available in Korea. Then again maybe rabies was prevalent there.
  5. abbey

    S16. E 08. Friendly Fire

    I have a friend who was a marine and a body escort during the Korean war. They wouldn't send him over to Korea because he had 2 brothers already in combat units over there. He had some very moving stories to tell about the body escorts he handled and the very strict regulations there were for their conduct as escorts. That part of the episode rang very true to what I had heard from him.
  6. abbey

    S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    If I remember correctly Deja got a couple of text messages last night and they were shown on the screen? I was too far from the tv to read them. Can someone tell me what they said?? Thanks!
  7. My parents bought a new house when my sister and I were about Will and Zoe's age. We did not go house shopping with them. When they found the right house they told us about it and we drove by it but we never went in until it was ours. Maybe I am an old grouch but I see no reason for kids that age to go house shopping with their parents, especially when they are as undisciplined as Will and Zoe are. Their misbehavior is not cute, not entertaining, and disrespectful to the owners of the house they were in. Will and Zoe are cute kids and I don't expect them to behave perfectly but I expect them to mind their parents and for their parents to actually require them to behave when necessary. I
  8. abbey

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Happy Birthday Dot! I always enjoy your comments on our favorite not so fabulous fat person. I hope you are having a great day.
  9. it is pretty sad when people will pay, sometimes in big bucks, to have someone who doesn't know them and will never know them wish them a happy birthday etc.
  10. abbey

    Mrs. King: Kate Jackson

    Just curious....is this show on a cable channel somewhere?? Loved watching it while it was on TV and would like to see it again if possible.
  11. Thank you Ketzel for explaining the evolution of Whitney's and Roy's "relationship" I have a tendency to watch an episode or two, then be so disgusted by her I don't watch again for a few weeks. So I missed the news that Roy was gay. The episodes I did see did not show any kind of relationship between them other than as co-workers, so I was mystified by her comment in the clip referenced above that she thought their relationship was "in the bag". Rather scary that she can be so delusional but she has certainly given us enough evidence of that.
  12. This whole clip/conversation ticks me off. I only watch the show infrequently so I must have missed this the first time around. First of, Whitney is not "newly single." She wasn't married to Lennie so she was single and is still single. She thought the relationship with Roy was "in the bag?" What relationship??? They never dated, I don't even know if they ever even had any time alone. And she thinks he led her on? I think he was doing his best to be polite to her, no leading on. She can cry all she wants how she will never find a man because she is fat but until she does something about that all she is going to attract are fat fetishists. Nothing fabulous about that.
  13. abbey

    Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta

    I am pretty much done with this show. Tired of all the made up story lines and especially tired of the lori/monte antics. Not entertaining at all. I am with those who would like to see a show which focuses on the gown selection. Where we see the consultants recommend the best style gown for the bride. Where the bride and consultant have an in depth coversation about what the bride is looking for and they work together to find the best look for the bride. I don't want to see obnoxious relatives and friends. I don't want to see anymore shows where Monte is sent out for a pregnancy test or puts a turban on and pretends to be a psychic.
  14. abbey

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I am very happy for Jeremy and Jinger with the birth of Felicity (and with the fact that she was born in a hospital) but I must admit to taking perverse pleasure in the name they picked for her, seeing as how Jeremy is so anti-Catholic. Felicity is the name of a saint and martyr in the early church and her name is mentioned in one of the Eucharistic prayers that can be used at mass. He may think the Catholic religion is misguided/ evil but he will always have a little bit of Catholicism in his life.
  15. abbey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Way back in 7th grade (1963) I took home economics. Our first "cooking Lesson" was cinnamon toast. We didn't follow a recipe. We just got some instructions and off we went. Not difficult for a 12 year old. Many of us had done it before I am sure. I am truly appalled that Jill would think it was necessary to put a recipe on it on her blog and that any of her followers were actually impressed with it.