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  1. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    Not to slight you @kariyaki, but the big difference between all of us here and the players of the NFL is that they are extraordinarily talented people with an extraordinarily rare skill set who are key to billionaires making money. It's a totally different playing field. Talent traditionally gets breaks. Whether it's drug using Wall Street brokers, professional athletes or Johnny Depp, who sounds like a total mess but still gets roles. This is a league that hails Ray Lewis, but Kaep is toxic?
  2. xaxat

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don't think he's going to jail. When asked, the police chief said that the thing he wanted most was an explanation/apology and compensation for the resources the CPD used on the case.
  3. xaxat

    TTZ In The Media

    Twenty one seconds in pretty familiar face. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. Fifty one seconds, Nick of Time. Two Shatner episodes. Any other references?
  4. xaxat

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    For the important part, I agree with this But now I am listening to the prosecutor's press conference and, holy shit, these guys were stupid. Smollett paid by check? They used Uber? Smollett wanted it on camera despite the fact the brothers clearly aren't MAGA types? I had totally forgotten about that. It was his big debut on the national stage.
  5. Deleted after update.
  6. Buick has a reputation for making sedans, not SUVs/crossovers, which have become increasingly popular (and profitable for the companies). So the ad attempts to challenge expectations by having the first person look at a Buick sedan only to be corrected that "my Buick" is the SUV.
  7. xaxat

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I wonder how much of this obsession is driven by accusations/theories about the death of his intern. Which was reignited not by metoo, but by a tweet from their BFF Trump. I got a good laugh when Barnicle started gesturing with a plastic knife.
  8. Yeah. I was wondering why Pizza Hut would want to associate their pizza with big butts.
  9. xaxat

    Other Pro Gridiron Football (AAF, XFL, CFL..)

    Darren Rovell reported that they missed their first payroll.
  10. xaxat

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    CNN's studio is in the Time Warner Center on the corner of Central Park. Not too far away.
  11. They do realize that Veruca Salt's tantrum while singing this song got her dumped down the garbage chute, right?
  12. xaxat

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I thought they did a surprisingly good job with the McCabe interview. Everybody contributed to a substantive line of questioning. It also showed why the show is so much better when everyone is in studio. None of those disjointed transitions or Mika's "I'm still here!" off camera groans.
  13. That whole project had such a strange creative arc. The first season of most of them started strong. By the end of that season, it felt like they could have tightened them up with fewer episodes. And the second seasons felt like a drop off from the first with the same feeling of bloat.
  14. I happen to know what bokeh is, but is it a well enough known word to make it the focus of an ad? They pretty much admitted that in their older ads.
  15. xaxat

    The Passage

    It feels like everybody got their hypocrisy throw right back at their face this episode. Guilder and Sykes, Amy and Brad, Elizabeth and Lear, Babcock and Sykes. And all of them deserved it. I know they don't watch many movies, but it's a real shame Lear and Sykes haven't seen Wrath of Khan.