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    B&B : In the Media!

    I also think I saw her in a weight loss commercial for an app I forgot the name of, she looked quite a bit younger but am sure it was her, also aired in Canada.
  2. Hope holding that baby while the baby smiled and clearly looked very happy to be in her arms! Yep, Annika deserves an Emmy!!
  3. Annika is a shoe in for an Emmy for her performance! Scott is also right up there, great acting!
  4. The actress playing Hope is doing a great job, very real and Liam is doing a superb job as well, so much great acting makes me overlook the horrible storyline!
  5. Another poster also noticed Kelly was replaced and I agreed stating this baby appeared much younger than the previous one.
  6. Yes new Kelly and this one is much younger.
  7. Everyone was dressed to the nines! Loved Brooke in winter white and her hair. Stuffy however needs to cut about 8 inches off her length, at least cut the ombré out! Her natural color suits her. When is she due? I don’t expect her to be off long because of the adoption story and I bet they bring her own child as the newborn Beth unless she is having a boy, no idea. Glad to see Quinn and Eric happy and hope it stays that way. Donna can go after the doctor! LOL.
  8. Foghorn Leghorn

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    Will is going to need his leg straightened I think. It is very bowed which can affect his other joints like hips/ankles/knees resulting in poor gait, falling and possible discomfort. He doesn’t seem mature enough to handle a surgery like that yet..
  9. I am not sure what was bigger on Taylor today, her boobs or her cheeks! Her mouth can hardly move and I noticed today one letter she can’t say moving anything is a P...she can’t purse her lips! The scenes are wasted when she is on beacuas o all her cosmetic work, so hard to keep our eyes off of it all! I wonder if she looks like that woman on Game o Thrones that looks young and voluptuous then takes her robe off and looks super wrinkly and super old! LOL
  10. Foghorn Leghorn

    Season Five Discussion

    Trent was an AHole to Elizabeth and she sure is one mature beautiful lady! She is a lovely girl! Agree Anna is delayed, her parents are correct to keep close tabs on her or she will end up in a bad way...she has a woman’s body in a child’s mind and her going to someone’s hotel room makes me wonder if she didn’t already sleep with someone that night. Burping/farting are things the younger Johnston’s aren’t even guilty of! Amber rose to the occasion with Elizabeth. I don’t find her to be as badly behaved as some do but do agree their new business venture should be back burnered til Trent can help support the family with his pension. That is a retirement project. Announcing the potential change to the kids was thoughtless especially when they know Alex will have another meltdown! But wasn’t Alex cute thinking of his education!
  11. Foghorn Leghorn

    S13:E14 Christmas!

    I think Will and Zoey both know they are the boss and can get away with murder including being rude to both Jen and Bill too I am sure although we don’t see it as much. Jen asking “OK?” After every single request of her kids to do something lets them know she is not in charge so hence their disrespect and behavior. Bill is not the boss but a playmate so why swat him?! Respect is earned not deserved and she needs to work on her command skills at home.
  12. Foghorn Leghorn

    Season Five Discussion

    I think Anna must be delayed, her behavior is that of a much younger girl and I can see why Trent and Amber keep a tight rein on her. She is very child like.
  13. Foghorn Leghorn

    Season Five Discussion

    Thank you so much, the tears/sobs come when least expected. Our love for them never leaves us but gets stronger over time....thx again!
  14. Foghorn Leghorn

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    Yep, Zoey’s Hair looks pretty horrid in this photo!! LOL. Will needs bangs to minimize his head size...the guy in Houston knew how to cut their hair to flatter them.