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  1. highway61

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    I always call them the 'Bangs of Justice!'
  2. highway61

    S12.E11: The Paintball Scattering

    I though Siebert was going to say something like that, but it really was Anybody But Sheldon. (Of course, that's a pretty good reason on its own!)
  3. highway61

    The Neighborhood

    Watched because I like Cedric, Behrs and Greenfield. I'm willing to see where it goes. Might be more interesting if Behrs was a teacher of some of the neighborhood kids. And we'd get more of her that way!
  4. highway61

    Death In Paradise

    "If you want to know what God thinks of money, look who He gives it to." Not sure if that line is original to the show, but it's a good one... UPDATE: Not original - still good.
  5. highway61

    Death In Paradise

    Thanks for the tip, krankydoodle! Saw the first two this weekend - good to have the crew back anytime. Thought Dwayne's first turn at detective a little disappointing, but the suit rocked!
  6. highway61

    LA To Vegas

    I held off watching the last episode till last night. What a smart, goofy series. Bummed it's not continuing. Captain Dave's proposal would have been spectacular, but yeah, he made the right decision. And he even let Alan fly the plane! That's what choked me up! I admit I got pulled in by Ronnie changing her shirt in the very first scene of 1/1, but a really good series. Hope to see everyone again!
  7. highway61

    Death In Paradise

    Where are Americans seeing Season 7? I don't see it on my PBS stations or Netflix, yet. (Or BBC America)
  8. highway61

    LA To Vegas

    Argh. I've been Hulu-ing through these - what a fun show! I feel like I've been hit by the Big D
  9. highway61

    S11.E24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    Actually I always thought Abby and Martha from "The Psychic Vortex" were the best matches for both Raj and Sheldon! The show seems to have gone a different route, thought. Too bad they never did more with Danica McKellar, at least.
  10. highway61

    S05.E20: Show Me Going

    That was a really weird bathroom. That was one fast-drying t-shirt. Don't tease us, show! Gold The only odd thing for me was the way everyone suddenly discovered police work was dangerous. Rosa is pretty much the definition of 'she can take care of herself' but as the top post notes, the squad 'desperately feared' for her safety. Jake has been undercover with the Mob and on the run from a hitman. Those seem kinda dangerous, too... All in all, very good ep!
  11. highway61

    S11.E23: The Sibling Realignment

    Isn't that BBT in a nutshell - brother's plot: Awesome. (O'Connell - perfect, and by the way, speaking as a The Librarians fan, he's a very lucky man.) Pinkeye plot: a complete waste, and fast-forward fodder forever.
  12. Good episode, for all the reasons cited. What jumped out at me though, was Sheldon's reference to 'subtext' in Sturgis and Meemaw's dinner conversation. Has any Sheldon ever showed that much understanding of human communications?
  13. highway61

    Season 8 Discussion

    I do like Anthony, but the depths to which he Wuuuuubs Erin is getting to be a bit much. But he and Danny going at it is gold!
  14. highway61

    S11.E21: The Comet Polarization

    Just saw a repeat of "The Sales Call Sublimation" last night, where Raj and Sheldon discover a medium size asteroid - "That’s the chicken fingers on the menu of space". Given how big a jerk Sheldon was about trying to name the asteroid after himself or Amy, I can't (completely) blame Raj for being a jerk. Whether Sheldon and Amy will name all their children Rajesh remains to be seen...
  15. highway61

    S11.E21: The Comet Polarization

    It was definitely a very good amateur telescope, but here's what's been looking for comets lately: PanSTARRS