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  1. ElectricBoogaloo

    Deadly Class

    S1.E6 podcast:
  2. ElectricBoogaloo

    S05.E07: A Whisper Of Desire

    More first theater roles:
  3. ElectricBoogaloo

    13 Roles Why: Cast & Crew in Other Projects

    Alisha Boe is going to be in a movie with Diane Keaton, Pam Grier, and Rhea Perlman!
  4. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Umbrella Academy

    S1.E1 I never read the Umbrella Academy comic book so I went into this totally blind. I first heard about it last year because I saw the first national tour of Hamilton which featured Emmy Raver-Lampman as Angelica. She left the tour to do this show, which is the reason I originally learned about the show at all. I decided to give it a try and so far I'm interested. I don't know what's going on with Luther yet, but he gets an A+ for playing "I Think We're Alone Now" and getting everyone dancing. I loved that Diego carefully closed the doors before dancing his ass off. I know in theory that scene served no purpose but it gave everyone a chance to dance off a little bit of the stress that they were feeling. Poor Ben. He definitely did not seem to enjoy his super power during the bank robbery. Now I'm worried that good old Reggie killed him and made it look like an accident. I feel bad for all of these kids who were clearly treated like a science experiment by their "father." What kind of an asshole makes children get tattoos? Apparently Hitler and sweet Reggie. My main question while watching this episode was how Reggie knew where to find all 43 of the babies that were born on October 1st. Bonus points for using They Might Be Giants!
  5. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Umbrella Academy

    S1.E1 quotes
  6. ElectricBoogaloo

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    I was so annoyed in that moment because she clearly knows that she has entire gang of people who have been shown to drop whatever they’re doing whenever she says that she needs them, yet she was playing the martyr and whining about having to pack up the apartment. She knows that if she so much as sighs in the direction of her friends they will stop whatever they’re doing and run straight to that apartment with boxes and packing tape, but that’s not enough for her. She needs the attention and help from yet another person.
  7. ElectricBoogaloo

    Broad City

    It was a pretty long list of names when Ilana described them all! I think it was Ilana, Abbi, Lincoln, Jaime, Ross, Rachel, Gunther, Michelle Obama, and Bernadette Peters. The bright red one is from the time she shat herself at the party where she saw Lincoln.
  8. ElectricBoogaloo


    Anna and Maya on Late Night:
  9. ElectricBoogaloo

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Stephanie J. Block discusses The Cher Show:
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    Anna Konkle & Maya Erskine discuss Pen15:
  11. ElectricBoogaloo

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Andy Karl and Orfeh discuss Pretty Woman:
  12. ElectricBoogaloo

    Shocking! Black Lightning in the News

    Marvin Jones III discusses Black Lightning:
  13. ElectricBoogaloo

    Proven Innocent

    Nikki M. James discusses Proven Innocent:
  14. Matt McGorry discusses How to Get Away with Murder:
  15. ElectricBoogaloo

    My So-Called Life

    Wilson Cruz discusses S2 of Star Trek: Discovery Short clip where he talks about MSCL