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  1. HollyG


    Oh, I agree. Glad they got the twist out of the way. And he apparently killed the guy in the house by the sea too .(had him killed) So it will be interesting to see his story unfold. And also a surprise was the dangerous criminal Baptiste was focused on finding is now a trans-woman. I didn't expect that either. I'm happy they brought back Baptiste. I only saw recently that they changed the name from "The Missing". It's one of my favorite series.
  2. HollyG


    So, any guesses who Edward Stratton really is if not the missing girl's uncle? Good episode, I'm hooked!
  3. HollyG


    Although not a huge Bright fan, I hated seeing the detectives making fun of him. Glad that Morse is back in street clothes and I hope he loses the mustache along with the uniform. Happy the series is back!
  4. HollyG

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    I thought the peep hole was between Will & Julie's room so they could pass notes (so the answer is both). When the detectives saw the peep hole, they naturally concluded that the uncle put it there to watch Julie. But it was really just a childhood thing between brother & sister.
  5. HollyG

    Russian Doll

    They seem to have gotten out of the time loop... but I don't fully understand it either, but I loved it anyway. I'm going to rewatch and see if it becomes more clear.
  6. HollyG

    S06.E12: The Dead

    As Bannon mentioned above... where were the security cameras in the building & parking garage? Sam has a private elevator but there should have been cameras in there too. Can Ray really have taken the thug out of the building without being seen/filmed?
  7. HollyG

    S06.E03: The Pharmacist

    I thought for sure the episode would end up with Samar and Red being helped by the Pharmacist. Wasn't it revealed that Red has some sort of illness at the beginning of the series? Can't quite remember.
  8. HollyG


    I just finished season 5. There is never enough Luther, especially after that ending. I just read that Idris has not closed the door on another series, so I'm hopeful.
  9. HollyG

    S06.E08: Who Once Was Dead

    What happened to the money Bunchy got from the Catholic church? I know it was stolen last season, but they got it back. Anyone remember?
  10. HollyG

    S7: E9 - Always a Catch

    I don't remember exact threats, but 'other guy' made it clear that he's after Stella. Not sure how much interest Severide has left in their relationship. Whether or not the fire was set by an arsonist or if it started accidentally... why doesn't Mr. Fireman have a smoke alarm in his apartment? (or her apt)
  11. HollyG

    S01.E10: Money's in the Chase

    Does anyone know how much time has elapsed since the pilot episode? Originally wasn't filming of the wrestlers supposed to last just a few weeks?
  12. HollyG

    S02.E09: Rosalie 2018.06.29

    That's the way I remember it too. I knew someone that was diagnosed in '77. That's exactly what he called it.... the gay cancer. No one had ever heard of it back then... no treatment, etc. It was scary as hell.
  13. HollyG


    I thought maybe it was a less severe form of the meds they were giving to the vets. She seemed a bit uncomfortable in her conversation with Colin... so I thought she used it to calm herself down. But I suppose it could be addictive too.
  14. HollyG

    S01.E02: Open Casket

    Aww, I'm sorry for your loss Anela. I felt the same way when my Dad passed away. It's really a personal choice and shouldn't be forced on anyone....adult or child.
  15. HollyG

    S09.E06: Face It, You're Gorgeous

    Maybe Fiona can meet up with Jimmy/Steve and they can run off together.