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  1. BodhiGurl

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Oh lordt - previews for next week - is Erika throwing yet another tantrum, but this time, at LVP?
  2. BodhiGurl

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Who convinced Erika it was a good idea to wear that short, poorly applied wig in her talking heads? I could literally see the seam coming undone... Complete with animal print blouse. Oy.
  3. BodhiGurl

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Yeah... Denise's new husband is hawt! Gotta love (not) Dorito in her leggings and heels whilst sipping bevys at home with her PeeKay... Cripes. Rinna drives me batty but at least the woman knows how to dress comfy while she's at home. Makes me long for NYC - those women know how to dress up (some awfully -but dressed up none the less) as well as dress down and be "normal". Yes. I like my wealthy peeps to have some "normal" moments. ETA - I'm sure we'll get some more Charlie Sheen moments - it's one of Denise's biggest claims to gossipy fame, so... hold on tight. We did have to deal with endless Kelsey Grammer yadda yadda the first season. I mean, I know he and Camille were married when filming started but I have no doubt that marriage was in the tank before they started filming... Now he's only occasionally mentioned. (Yet, still mentioned). Hopefully we won't hear about Charlie in every episode tho... we shall see 😉
  4. BodhiGurl

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Rewatching b4 the new one - up to the scene with stretchy tee shirts PeeKay etc at lunch - and Dorito says "we found her a good home, with a good woman" - yeah - that woman was so good she gave it up to a shelter. MMkay, Also - I noted how Lisa was putting Teddi out there in a subtle but clearly under the bus kind of way... why even mention Teddi? She babble about Teddi being good friends with one of the Johns (I didn't hear which one LVP was referring to). What does that have to do with anything? Maybe time will tell. Maybe not. But I do think it was LVPs attempt to take the heat off of herself and put it on to someone else, in this case - Teddi.
  5. I was in Ulta today and happened upon the Too Faced/Erika Jayne collaboration shat show - I was... underwhelmed... also - all the glittery aspects seems wildly off base given Erika is well into her 40's and the glittery thing is generally not something us older gals do - as it can accentuate wrinkles and what not... BUT - I guess for EG's alter ego EJ it's ok -and given she's been botoxed to the max, it can work... anywho... the display was underwhelming as well. I see it being on clearance in the future.
  6. BodhiGurl

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Still trying to figure out why LVP continues a friendship with Dorito and PeeKay - what does she get from that friendship? What does PeeKay have on her? Is it because PeeKay has the "good stuff" nose candy? Is it because he's British? I'm at a loss. Especially given it's pretty clear his supposed wealth is a sham - or at the very least, not anywhere near what they pretend it is - I would think LVP would have zero flocks to give to those two. Things that make you go hmmm... I like Kyle's shorter hairstyle. Also like how at Rinna's house gathering - Rinna was wearing Adidas sneakers vs pumps. Makes her more down to earth. I also noticed Kyle's flat sandals when they went to visit LVP dogs... I appreciate those moments - I'm in their age range (closer to Kyle's age vs Rinna) and not for nothing - but no friggen way I'm wearing high heels at home or on a simple outing (like visiting the dog rescue) (ok - honestly - I no longer ever wear heels...over it! ha ha). I even appreciated Erika's more casual attire at Rinna's. Now Dorito's ridiculous outfits... Lawd... I can totally see LVP igniting the gossip about the dog, sniping from the side like she does. She's a master at it. And speaking of the dog - none of this adds up. I even doubt the fact the dog bit Dorito's kids OR PeeKay. There is some shady shite going on behind this whole thing. It absolutely makes ZERO sense for them to not have reached out to LVP, or to take the dog back to her rescue, that is - if they're such close friends... which loops me back to my first paragraph - why the heck is LVP friends with these morons?
  7. BodhiGurl

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    oh the shade Lucy Lucy! And I'm LOVING it! ha ha ha...
  8. BodhiGurl

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Ermahgerd - I only made it about half way through. Gave up when Megass was laying into Joy for making a joke about Melania on Melania's bday (which btw, Joy wasn't making a joke about Melania - anywho). How is this wretched person (Meg) allowed to continue on this show? She brings no value. So annoying.
  9. BodhiGurl

    RHoBH in the Media

    I concur. There HAS to be more in this than a dispute about the dog. Even LVP has said it's not about the dog. I go back and forth with LVP. Sometimes I enjoy her on the show and sometimes I do think she's a "sniper from the side" (tm EG... or was she EJ when she said that?!?). I do think LVP manipulates people and they catch on. Brandi was the perfect example - however Brandi went overboard with her crazy, thus causing her ultimate demise - but I do think LVP encouraged Brandi's shenanigans while they were still pals. Time will tell. I'm Switzerland right now in this cast vs LVP situation.
  10. BodhiGurl

    RHoBH in the Media

    Unless I missed something I doubt Rinna is leaving. Easy money for her and she's all about the dolla dolla bills y'all... LOL... I think the speculation is that LVP is leaving (has that been made official or is it still speculation?)
  11. BodhiGurl

    RHoBH in the Media

    So Erika's fantasy that she's living is to look like a two bit whore that pays for "queen" attention? mmmkay. (lordt).
  12. Rewatching last season - and not that I didn't already know this but since I've not seen it in a while I kind of forgot just how true this is - Erika is SOOOO extra! Like all. the. time. Ugh. Not holding my breath but hopefully this season she's knocked her extra-ness down a little. Where is the Erika that wears an adidas track suit for a flight (aka, sensible and down to earth)? She's always ON. Blah. I really wish her and Dorito weren't coming back. Lawd.
  13. BodhiGurl

    "The View": Week Of 2/4/2019

    Agree on all your points 😉 I honestly don't understand why these nosey bishes think it's any of their bidness that B. Smith's husband has chosen to have a girlfriend while taking care of his ailing wife. At least he's not doing it on the DL and even if he was - still none of their biz. It may not be what they think they'd do or that they'd want their spouse to do but yeesh. Soooo judgemental! I actually thought his arrangement is probably very healthy. He needs support too. His wife that he loves is in the throws of dementia. Can't be easy. Would it be better for him to break? I also thought it was ridiculous how Sunny goes on and on about how B. Smith shouldn't be shown as her disease progresses. Hey Sunny - maybe it will help others! It's a fact of life - unfortunately some people will deal with dementia or other unforgiving illnesses. Oy. I get the show is about them talking about "hot topics" but sometimes they really go overboard with inserting their opinions as though they are everyone's truth - or should be everyone's truth. That fluff piece Abby tried to call an "exclusive interview" was beyond laughable. What a waste of time indeed. So happy PTV is back online! ❤️
  14. BodhiGurl

    Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    I was lucky to grow up in a neighborhood with friends who had pools. I also went to city pools without even a thought of perverts. In high school (the 1980's), swim was a mandatory class we had to take. Ended up on the swim team my senior year - strength being long distance swimming.. Anywho - I used to find it odd to run into adults who don't know how or won't even go into water - but as I get older I get it. When you have so many opportunities - in this case - swimming - it can be hard to realize others did not have the same opportunity. I do wish it was a mandatory class for all middle schoolers or high schoolers everywhere, as I think it's important to at least be comfortable in the water (of course if you never go near a body of water I guess it's a non-issue, lol).
  15. BodhiGurl

    "The View": Week Of 1/28/2019

    Man . Whoopi really carries a HUGE chip on her shoulder about the younger generation "respecting" the older generation. What's her damage? ETA - I say this as someone who is approaching 50 near the end of the year...