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  1. AuntieL


    Those are beautiful.
  2. AuntieL


    Proof no. 10000 that I am old -I'm watching CBS Sunday Morning right now. Proof no. 10001, Roger Daltry of The Who now looks like Tony Bennett.
  3. AuntieL

    S14.E05: The Tall Man

    I'm going to have to try to find this episode (I don't have a DVR) since I grew up in Elizabeth Township, which is just up the hill from Versailles (and yes, it's "Versales"). My Dad lived the last 20 years in N. Versailles, just down from the cemetery. I do like the creepy episodes.
  4. AuntieL

    Pet Peeves

    @emma675 so very sorry for your loss. And I second and third and fourth the age related complaints. And the DST peeves. Now that it's 5:20 PM and pitch black outside I'm almost ready to go to bed! And speaking of getting old, would it be too much to ask to watch reruns of the Closer on Start TV without interminable commercials for healthcare and adult diapers? I'm not even Medicare eligible yet! At least it's not political commercials.
  5. AuntieL

    S12.E07: The Grant Allocation Derivation

    It's not totally unrealistic, though, for people to revert to past behavior in certain situations. Being left out is one of Amy's biggest fears; it takes her back to a time when she didn't have any friends. Even though she may know logically that she has friends and a husband who love her, well sometimes we can't help how we react when certain buttons are pushed.
  6. I actually know someone who did this. Her house got infested with bedbugs (thanks to her nephew) and it had to be fumigated. To be fair, the lady is 100 years old and it wasn't safe for her to be around those chemicals so she went to stay with her daughter for a few days. To the best of my knowledge though, no hijinks ensued.
  7. AuntieL

    S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    If they ask him to turn the music down, they might end up hearing other things they really don't want to hear!
  8. AuntieL

    S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    The thing is Leonard wasn't terribly adamant about it. He said he'd always assumed that he would have kids. That's different than kids being a deal breaker. I did think Amy's reaction was funny. Bernadette and Howard sitting on the couch trying not to listen to Stuart's luuuurve music cracked me up.
  9. AuntieL


    So happy you're cancer free @GHScorpiosRule. Wishing you all good things.
  10. AuntieL

    Season 10 all episodes talk

    I wish the Admiral was right and Hetty had parachuted into Mexico to save them. I like Gerald McCraney but I missed Hetty. I assume since Sam killed the general's son that he's going to be after revenge. I can't think of any other reason to make the random assassin his son.
  11. AuntieL

    Season 10 all episodes talk

    Seriously they killed off Hidoko? And in a horrible way. That's bogus.
  12. AuntieL

    Comfort TV

    Ooh Leverage. That's one of mine too but it's not usually on when I can watch. Also I can watch Stargate -SGI all day long; and NCIS-LA.
  13. AuntieL


    So happy for you @GHScorpiosRule!!
  14. AuntieL

    Comfort TV

    British murder mysteries - Midsomer Murders, Vera, Shetland, etc.
  15. AuntieL

    S06.E01: Pre-Washed Lettuce and a Mime

    I actually had a professor in law school give us that speech. They also told us at orientation that 25% of the class was admitted by accident and shouldn't be there but wouldn't tell us who. I always assumed I was one of the 25%. lol I only watch this show intermittently but I love all of the actors.