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  1. goldenpuppy

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I know this might not be the accepted thing to say, but I hope Chrissy takes care of herself and loses some weight. I understand how it’s easy to say that you are ok with being obese, I did it myself ! I was morbidly obese . I had to lose 100 lbs . I kept telling myself I was ok , but eventually when Ihit my 40’s, I really felt it. My joints hurt . I couldn’t walk without stopping after short distances. I had a very hard time traveling by plane , and I had to sit in chairs that were different than others to accommodate my weight. I lost 90lbs, not because I hated myself, but because I couldn’t handle being so uncomfortable. It’s good to see a heavier character as a lead having a normal life and relationship on television. I think the same message can be made without Chrissy being morbidly obese . Chrissy is almost 40 years old , eventually that kind of weight catches up with you . She looks uncomfortable in chairs and seems to have to catch her breath at times during interviews. I think she’s a pretty woman , it’s not about looks, it’s not even about being overweight. Most women and men in this country are not at their normal weights. But there is a difference between overweight and obese to a point where you need accommodations to sit and move. I hope Chrissy eventually does work on losing some weight, I know how hard it is, but I also know it’s a lot harder to live like she is now, because I did do that .
  2. goldenpuppy

    Good Morning America

    I have not watched Strahan and Sarah for a while , and finally tuned in . They are still awful, and the show is horribly produced. I do not get the hype about either of these two It’s like amateur hour! Sarah can not handle a shoe like this . She comes off hyper, immature, shrill, and dumb. She also had to interject sexual comments as jokes constantly because she doesn’t seem to have any other way to be funny. is this show doing well in the ratings?
  3. goldenpuppy

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Spring break ? They seem to be on vacation more than they work this year ! And they whine about the weather when they are on vacation in warm places and private islands every two weeks ! Ryan and Kelly are both so our of touch with reality because they are both too rich to experience life anymore like normal people . And it’s not just them . Lately “host chats “ with the rich, privileged , spoiled talk show hosts is more and more out of touch and unrelatable .
  4. goldenpuppy

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Not to mention , the rich, privileged celebrities, with nannies , housekeepers, cooks and drivers , also don’t even have to pick out clothes or fix their hair before they leave the house ! Hoda and Andy mentioned the age issue , and Hoda of course came up with one of her sayings to tell us that age is not an issue . Sorry, but most 50 + year old women , who work full time , with a boyfriend who travels a lot for his job, are not going to be adopting a baby and then contemplating adopting another one like a Hoda is right now ! Hoda couldn’t even handle her dog without sending him away for training . She didn’t even have the organization skills to close her cupboard doors ! She seems like a not very bright person, who can barely take care of herself normally,’it’s a good thing she has the money to hire a lot of help ! BTW , did she dump Blake because of the baby ? I wonder if she collect find a nanny who would tolerate her baby and a dog at the same time !
  5. goldenpuppy

    Girl Meets Farm

    I like Molly and how authentic she and her husband and family are on her show . I like her recipes . And unlike Pioneer woman and Giada , who comes off so fake to me, and looks very produced , it is refreshing! I do wonder how much freezer storage she has ! She is meal prepping so much food it look like she’ll need a warehouse to keep it !
  6. goldenpuppy

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Yesterday I caught Issac with Rachel Boesing in the morning . Rachel normally doesn’t annoy me , but yesterday she so wound up , it was like she had a quadruple shot of caffeine in her coffee. She was talking a mile a minute , interrupting Issac every other minute , and jumping from topic to topic ! It was so annoying . I haven’t seen her on the air in a while. Is this how she behaves all the time ?
  7. goldenpuppy

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Oh , I get it ! I think that makes sense on many levels, to help the offspring accept himself and see positive role models . But, I don’t get the vacations when offspring is not with them, and I didn’t understand why it seems like it’s like they have no straight friends. BTW, is Kelly no longer friends with NPH?
  8. goldenpuppy

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    According to several blind items over the years , it’s not about age that makes Ryan not commit to a woman . It’s more like a contract where they both benefit. And the “beard “ they were referring to is not the one a man literally grows on his face ! it was hilarious she. kelly told Ryan he would love Fire Island ! It’s also interesting how Into the gay scene she and Mark seem to be ! They even did some short lived show about the gay male party/ sex scene ! Oh Also , they seem to only vacation with gay male couples. Maybe Kelly can help Ryan find his next significant other !
  9. goldenpuppy

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Now that is funny ! Another thing that is comical but annoying is how Kelly and Ryan need to constantly tell us how hot Mark is ! Kelly even made some post on Instagram about how hot he is ! I don’t see it . He’s not a bad looking guy, but he isn’t ageless , and he’s very short !
  10. goldenpuppy

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    So, has Ryan broken up with his girlfriend? He never mentions her and a blind item sounds like him! The item states that the tv guy may grow a new “beard”. Lol!
  11. goldenpuppy

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    When did Laurence go back in the seminary?
  12. goldenpuppy

    Kids Baking Championship

    Madison was cute and funny at first , but she bordered in a bit obnoxious and annoying after a while . It seemed like she just didn’t care to try because she didn’t like Mango . I didnt think that Valerie was rude to Madison, especially since Madison was very snarky and sarcastic herself . She must get a lot of laughs for her sarcasm, but she can get annoying. I think the criticism of Davis’s monkey was a bit much . His work still looked good . I like Valerie and Duff . I think they are Both nice and perfect for a show with kids .
  13. goldenpuppy

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Kelly all upset about th cold when she has no taken about 3 warm weather vacations since New Years was just annoying ! And how did she post Mark’s picture or take his picture coming out of the water when she can only get internet service at the store on their little island ? She said that last time too , and they posted non stop pictures throughout their vacation.
  14. goldenpuppy

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Kathie Lee was embarrassing with Craig Ferguson. It’s so obvious she had the hots for him . And today she acts like a middle school girl talking about her crush when she said that she had lunch with him and told a story he told her . Is she going to really make five movies with him ? She really is quite hot for married men for being such a holy roller ! She went after Frank when he was still married , so I guess she’s horny again and no one is off limits ! It was also funny to hear her criticizing people for eating pot brownies for anxiety who are in shoe business , when she drinks wine at 10am and even started her own line of wine !
  15. goldenpuppy

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Yes , she finally didn’t look like a 60’year old trying to be 18! I like Jenna as a substitute in small doses , but after a steady diet is her and Hoda , I appreciate KLG’s experience and her ability to host . Jenna and Hoda . may be nice people , but they are one note and afternoon not very interesting. Both are constantly trying to be deep about their babies and toddlers . And Jenna sounds like she’s ready to cry every other minute with her raspy voice . Jenna has no skills for interviewing . She constantly interrupts guests and can’t pronounce simple words ! It’s a good thing daddy was President our she’d never have that job . i never realized how much KLG carries the show until she was gone and annoying Hoda had to take the lead . They need someone male or female who’s experienced and doesn’t spend the time talking about babies and sappy quotes for an hour !