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  1. ItCouldBeWorse

    S02.E16: A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    Wouldn't Sheldon have compared the ingredients in the old and new loaves of bread?
  2. ItCouldBeWorse

    S02.E16: A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    Tam's family escaped communism, correct? I thought he might fill in Sheldon on what living under a communist regime was like. Perhaps a small southern town would react differently to pro-communist remarks than a larger town, but it was surely exaggerated Georgie is the only one who doesn't share a bedroom. No need to use the bathroom for private calls. (Hope he didn't initiate the call while also using the toilet.)
  3. ItCouldBeWorse

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    It was all great, but I thought that the problem with the bullpen was that there were too many people and desks there, not that 5 people had too much stuff on their desks (or in their closed drawers?). In Charles' case, I could see where his wife might not have wanted his grandfather's little shoe and other stuff displayed at home, so he took it to work. Rosa, however, isn't watching her Blu-ray at the office, so it made no sense that if she liked it, she wouldn't take it home. Scully not understanding that medication doesn't count as desk decoration was funny and scary at the same time.
  4. ItCouldBeWorse

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    All of Victoria's predecessors were men and their illegitimate children were just that. King William, who succeeded George IV, had 12 children by his mistress, but none of them were in line to the throne, which is why Victoria became Queen. Any credible whiff of adultery on the part of the Queen would lead to a governmental crisis. The arrangement that Palmerston and his wife had was a completely different situation, plus she seems too old to have more children, anyway. Victoria would never commit adultery. She is ordained by God to be Queen and lead the Church. The Church may turn a blind eye to a king having a mistress, but a queen committing adultery is beneath contempt in the eyes of God. If Sophie becomes pregnant, she may not be able to pass it off as her husband's, since it doesn't seem as though she spends much alone time with him. Queen Elizabeth I felt that to be a successful leader of her people, she had to be both Queen and King to them. No husband, no children, no female frailty. She loves him. She has just realized that he no longer loves her, except in the way that he loves their children.
  5. ItCouldBeWorse

    S03.E13 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

    I thought he was going to get the exact same one. What I didn't understand was why they didn't Uber to the party. Even if Oliver doesn't have a debit or credit card to link to an account, Cooper certainly does. Maybe he's never had to before because of his chauffeur, but kids in Westport uses Uber all the time. Of course, the point of the story was for Oliver to do something stupid, but still. Katie not using most of her bonus to pay off bills that they are carrying is just too dumb. I understand wanting a little luxury, so get a set of nicer sheets, then do something intelligent for once. Also, why was Greg acting like Katie contemplating buying expensive sheets for their bed totally about her? He would have benefited, too. It's not like she was buying jewelry or going to a spa by herself. She should have been fantasy shopping for something that really was completely selfish.
  6. ItCouldBeWorse

    Single Parents

    First graders (or are they in 2nd grade?) "dating" is gross. That's not how crushes work at that age. Sophie and Graham are acting in a manner that is much to close to adults' social behavior, as a response to their parents over-sharing of their personal lives. And what Poppy is doing to Rory by making him her best friend is not healthy, either. And Poppy shouldn't be so proud of the fact that Rory gets to insist on "Gucci down to his toes." Kids shouldn't get every extravagant thing that they want.
  7. ItCouldBeWorse

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    In real life, they are 6 years apart. I noticed that the other dancer was also curvier then the iconic ballerina is supposed to be. In fact, teen Beth, although quite slim, was curvier than adult Beth. Wasn't Beth working part-time for years so she could be with the girls, and only went full-time after Randall had his breakdown and retired? She probably did ok, but not nearly as well as Randall. As others have said, it would have made sense for her to guide her towards a college with a strong dance program, where she could double major in dance and something more job-friendly, or minor in dance, and perform in the many dance troupes said college would have. Since the very dance dancers would be in dedicated dance programs, Beth would have had a very good chance and getting solos I do wonder when Beth had the time to get her homework done to the satisfaction of her mother and a college like Carnegie Mellon that was challenging enough for Randall. I actually thought that when Carol said to Beth that they would pay for her classes but that she expected her to give it her all, that she was going to say that she expected the dancing not to interfere with her school work. Kate is married to Toby. Toby has a good job and she would be on Toby's insurance. It wouldn't be an issue. And although Jack's death was a huge shock, Beth had to endure watching her father suffer before he died. I too thought that we were supposed to think he was Russian. We saw Toby's childhood in the episode concerning his breakdown. his mother was Wendie Malick, and suffered from depression. His father left after his baby brother was born. He told jokes to make his mother happy. Jack had an office version of the blue-collar work he had previously done, and never attended college. Rebecca went to college but never worked a steady job. Beth's father was a security guard, I suppose, but her mother was college-educated and likely working in a school, so I think, (disregarding life-insurance policies) that Carol was probably in a much better position with a career and only one kid left at home, vs Rebecca, who was unemployed, had no marketable skills and still had all 3 kids at home. The college guide book her mother gave her said '98. Although she said it was the same book she had given her older siblings, which would mean it was years later, I assume she meant a new version of the same book, but then, why did she have it around? She didn't know until just before that Beth didn't get the solo. That bothered me. I assumed it's a (large) contact lens on young Beth. That's an excellent point.
  8. ItCouldBeWorse


    I assume they're going to go the route of them having a relationship, and the others giving their opinions about whether it's ok or not, if it would be different if the professor were male, etc. Some colleges don't allow any "fraternizing" between professors and students, and others limit it to students who are actually in the professor's class. No decent college would allow a professor to hit on a student whom she is giving a grade to! However, this college has also hired Charlie as Dean of Students, so my hopes are not high.
  9. ItCouldBeWorse

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    Correct, that's what I was referring to when I said; ". . . which within the world of the show, could be bringing back the memory of his uncle telling him that he was his biological father."
  10. ItCouldBeWorse

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    Yes, I thought that, too. The rookies should have been called out for not confirming their identities.
  11. ItCouldBeWorse


    #1 question Zoe should have asked Luca when she first saw the painting: When did he paint it? If before he was with Zoe, it's none of her business. If since, she and Luca have been a couple, then she has to have a conversation with him Did she not think Luca had dated before? So, Nomi's professor is trying to get with her. I hope she loses her job. And unless Nomi is using Zoe's laptop, she also was taking and dropped Design Studio? And is getting a C- minus in American History? I wonder how she is doing in chemistry. These kids spend so much time on drugs and their sex lives, it will be a miracle if any of them graduate with a GPA that will lead to a career.
  12. ItCouldBeWorse

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    I also didn't see how any one of them would have been able to smuggled out a bunch of money 1/3 the size of that huge pile. The other two would have had to be in on it: it would take many garbage bags worth of money to equal $250,000.
  13. ItCouldBeWorse

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Yeah, Grey pissed me off there. That was definitely overreach. And why should Nolan have to apologize for arresting someone at the bar? Should he have just let him commit his crime? And now that's the second person who's done that. Did we ever find out how the homicidal brother of the criminal Nolan shot figured out where he lived?
  14. ItCouldBeWorse

    S03.E12 Disconnected

    Oh I know I've been a broken record with that complaint about this show myself. Although we did have a few 55-60 degree days here in CT last week, LOL. Right now there's snow on the ground. There's not so much in Westport now because it's near the shore, but the lawns would definitely not be green. Lots of people on the This Is Us thread have the same problem with the way that Pennsylvania winter scenes are portrayed.
  15. ItCouldBeWorse

    S05.E14: Cupid's Crossbow

    I thought we had seen Emery and Evan in school that day, but maybe it had been the day before.