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  1. Last Time Lord

    Media Things

    Spoilering, just in case.
  2. Last Time Lord


    *Della Sings Lullaby based on the NES Game Moon Level Theme* Me:
  3. Last Time Lord

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    I feel horrible, because my first thought was “I wonder what Riverdale is going to do, now”.
  4. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    Just went to a local comic store looking for some of the comics. They were out of the Trades, but had the very first issue. For $65. I declined to purchase it. Yeah, turns out I wasn’t the first person the show got interested in the original comics.
  5. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    Luther being a bad leader has been fascinating to watch as the season went along, culminating in what is perhaps my favorite exchange from the show: Diego: What’s the plan? Luther: We go to the Icarus Theater. Diego: That’s a location, not a plan. And since I’ve been kinda hard on Luther, the past few posts, I just want to say that I loved the phone booth scene where he helped Allison hear Claire’s voice again by talking to her on Allison’s behalf.
  6. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    Worst part is she was showing genuine remorse over what she accidentally did to Allison, only for Luther to do that, shoving her over the edge.
  7. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    I seriously have no idea what to make of the ending of the season. I mean, I liked the episode, and am really excited to see where the story goes from here. Let’s just say as far as unsatisfying endings go, that left me very satisfied.
  8. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    High on Estacy and dancing shirtless at a rave Luther is the best Luther
  9. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    Thank you for reminding me of this
  10. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    Boy, Netflix doesn't fuck around with their NDAs.
  11. Last Time Lord

    The Umbrella Academy

    I just started this show today. To my surprise (based only on the title) it does not have anything to do with Resident Evil and their Umbrella Corporation. I really don't think there are any characters I don't like. They're all so interesting and screwed up in their own ways.
  12. Last Time Lord

    Doctor Who in the Media

    That looks really cool! *Remembers that design was made into a suit in the late 1980s* That probably turned out unfortunately.
  13. Last Time Lord

    S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    “Take My Breath Away” has never been so sad. :(
  14. Last Time Lord

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    I want them to start selling that shirt.
  15. Last Time Lord

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    I had planned to catch up on the whole series before the new season began. I did not, but jumped right into this, anyway. I think my favorite thing was how Jake kept calling Amy “Holly Gennaro” while she was in the shockingly accurate get up. Edit: 20 hours later, I finally noticed a particularly awful typo...