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  1. Deanie87

    You're The Worst

    This is my fear too. From the beginning, Jimmy has been shown as the more "stable" of the two and the one who was more interested in a traditional relationship and, proposal notwithstanding, the one who is probably more capable of sustaining a relationship. As much as I kind of got bored with the Gretchen show over the last couple of seasons, I really hope that they show a bit of growth from her before the marriage. I know that's not really what the show is about, but I worry that if they aren't endgame, it will be because Gretchen needs Jimmy to jump through hoops and fight for her again. The writers seem to prefer Gretchen as a character, and I can understand that as she does have more complex issues than Jimmy's arrogance and on again/off again commitment phobia, but I prefer Jimmy in many ways, so I hope that they can work things out in the end on a more equal level.
  2. So after reading a couple of reviews I am getting a bit nervous that the kids aren't going to make it. Most of the reviewers seem to like the way the series ends, but they call it very fitting for the characters, which makes me nervous LOL! Alan Sepinwall wrote, "Though the show is mostly rooting for Jimmy and Gretchen to get over themselves and make it work, it also doesn’t run from the idea that neither can be their best so long as they’re with the other." While, I'm not sure that I wholly agree with that, an argument could probably be made for it. I kind of think that they would just drag any other partner down to their level, and I"m not sure that any other partner who would put up with them would be much of a step up from what they have now. (Despite his terrible actions after the proposal, I still think that Jimmy has it together much more than Gretchen.) But having an ending that "fits" them could probably go either way. Anyway, I think that I will be bitterly disappointed if they don't get a reasonably happy ending, albeit on on their dysfunctional terms. Is there any final breakup scenario that would make you happy or at least satisfied?
  3. Deanie87

    You're the Worst in the media

    I don't think that this forum has a spoiler/speculation thread so I am going to create on to discuss some of the media reviews I've read.
  4. Deanie87

    S05.E01: The Intransigence of Love

    Yeah, the era confused me a little because Gretchen and Jimmy seem a little young for that time period. But the showrunner is 46 so all of the Generation X stuff must be fun for him to write and as a fellow GenXer I appreciated the nostalgia as well. Although I sprained my ankle from falling off the chair that I was dancing on during the Y2K festivities, but I digress. I will admit that despite the nostalgia I was getting a little impatient for Jimmy and Gretchen to show up and I may have squealed when they did, all grin-y and full of shit. Chris Geere normally isn't my physical type and Jimmy can be such a smug asshole, but he made me swoon this episode. From how good he looked in the jacket at the party to him describing their love story....*sigh.* I just hope that the end shot of the 90s couple getting married was some positive foreshadowing. I am really rooting for these two.
  5. Deanie87

    S05.E06: Stand Up, Fall Down

    What the hell has happened to this show? It used to be funny and also able to make you think about issues without feeling "preached at." The history of black America was woven in naturally and I believed that real people talked the way that the Johnsons talked to one another. Same for the work people, but I will deal with them later. I felt it when Dre or Ruby or Pops would enlighten the kids (and the audience) about the culture or the struggles, and the way that they were able to transform very specific experiences into something universal. Now, it seems like the writers are following some kind Black History Month checklist with historical figures name dropped out of nowhere and episodes seem to exist solely to Impart a Lesson, and it comes across like a bad After School Special with points being driven home like a sledgehammer. And the characters aren't real characters anymore. Now they are either just vessels to impart the lesson of the week or the sum total of the characteristics and tics that used to make them funny and relatable, now jacked to 11 (looking at you Diane, Boss guy and Charlie). The work scenes are now unwatchable and offensive, and that is a real shame because they used to be my favorite part of the show. Not offensive because of the behavior of the boss and co-workers, because they are so beyond caricature at this point as to become meaningless. Its offensive because their behavior is so over the top that I imagine even the most hardened bigot being like "well, I mean, I can't be racist because even I know not to act like that (at least in public)." I know that its a comedy and its purpose has never been to change the hearts and minds of racists, but like many beloved television shows over the years, when it was done right, it might cause some viewers to engage in a little self-reflection or to learn some history, if nothing else. I can't imagine that's the case now. Beyond that, I am still Team Junior all the way, and Dre's wardrobe is giving me Cosby sweater flashbacks and that is very unfortunate.
  6. Deanie87

    S05.E05: Good Grief

    Thank god the various Johnsons finally rallied because I was about to lose it at all of their indifference to Bow and her mom's feelings. Can Dre, ever, ever, ever think beyond what HE needs and what HE wants? Like, ever? Even Pops was more sensitive in the end (of course he was also thinking about his death, but still). Bow doesn't ask for much when it comes to her family, especially considering that Dre's parents live there and Ruby is constantly undermining Bow, so Dre's annoyance at Bow wanting to celebrate her father's uniqueness really bugged. It was nice to see Bow pay tribute to him but I was kind of hoping that some of the other family members would have to. I have a soft spot for all of the Bridges! And I know that Zoey wasn't there likely due to the actress's other show, but I'm not fine with Diane deciding that she would rather go to a wrestling match than be there for her mother and grandmother, and I"m also not fine with her brothers covering for her. Junior should have guilt tripped her into staying (that's how we do it MY family LOL!) I do like their obnoxious friend and the Yo Gabba Gabba reference cracked me up.
  7. Deanie87

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    For me, it’s not about the looks and I think that DeLuca and Meredith have decent chemistry. But she has 3 freaking kids, and they are still very young. That is a LOT of responsibility for anyone to take on, much less a 20 something with no kids and no previous marriages. If DeLuca were my brother or friend, I would try to talk him out of that immediately. It’s just too much. Beyond that, as much as I was not a fan of Derek, we are supposed to believe that he and The MerDer of It All are absolutely legendary st SGH, and of the current possibilities Koracick is the only one I see who has the confidence to not be intimidated by that. But bring on the younger guy flings!
  8. Deanie87

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I kind of get this though. They bought the loft together and completely rehabbed it from a scary space into the homey loft. I understand why they like it and why they don’t want to upgrade. Not only is that a really difficult process but it’s expensive too. Considering how busy they are and the fact that the don’t have kids, I can understand why they keep it.
  9. Deanie87

    Where Do We Go from Here? (Unspoiled Speculation)

    You know I used to think that there was absolutely no way that KH would ever show up on Greys again while Shonda was breathing. And I still mostly believe that, but since she is mostly out of the picture, it seems more likely now than it ever has. But I still don't think its going to happen and I still don't think that all of the Izzie mentions really mean anything. I think that Krista is more into the Greys nostalgia than Shonda was and so we get references to Izzie, George, Derek, etc. We definitely saw Alex sign the divorce papers from Izzie and since he was at the nurse's station when he did it I always assumed that there was some sort of mail in/out box and he signed them and put them there to be mailed. I still kind of think that its too late to bring Izzie back and that only Alex and Meredith will care (maybe Richard and Bailey) but no one else on the show really knew her and so much has happened since then. Then again, they brought Teddy back and the only person who cares about her is Owen, so who knows? If she ever was brought back I have to think it would be for one episode because she's dying and she did something with the eggs and never told Alex or we find out that she died and had a kid or something. I can't imagine it causing any real problems for Jo and Alex. One of Alex's biggest moments of growth throughout the entire series was him telling Izzie that he deserved better than how she treated him and I would absolutely hate for him to regress on that front in any way. So basically, I believe there is 95% chance of her never coming back down from a 100% chance, but I still think that the ship has sailed as far as her character goes.
  10. Deanie87

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    This was a really weird episode for a Grey's mid-season finale. I continue to think that the insistence on pairing Greys with Station 19 is dragging Greys even further down. I expect even!more!disasters! because god forbid we can't shoehorn the new show in any other way. There were cliffhangers sort of but...not really, other than the baby daddy drama. I have never been Maggie's biggest fan, but good god. Its like they have taken the worst qualities of other characters and shoved them all into one insufferable mess: Lexie/George/April's stammering dorkiness, Callie's insecurity and now Izzie's self-righteous bitchiness. Awesome. I actually didn't think that this was that big of a deal. He called in a couple of times, the police were saying stay off the roads and even Bailey said that Alex getting hurt trying to get there was the last thing that they needed. So, other than the fact that he was late because he slept in, I didn't think it was some kind of dereliction of duty. I'm in Maryland and we had a huge wind storm a couple of years ago and they were telling people to stay inside, stay away from windows and to definitely stay off the road. Stuff was flying through the air, trees were falling on cars and it nearly took my car door off - seriously it still doesn't close right. Quite a few people died as a result. Beyond that, though, boy they sure are making Alex and Jo look like complete idiots in every other respect. They can barely feed themselves, they can't plan a wedding, Jo - WHO WORKED IN A RESTAURANT - doesn't know what a ramekin is, they lock themselves in a shed, Alex's office looks like a teenage boy's high school locker and now they can't remember to send off their marriage certificate. Good lord, what started out as slightly charming has turned into near unbelievable stupidity, especially because neither character has ever been portrayed as "brilliant but with no common sense." And if I recall correctly, we sat through 3 seasons of angst about Alex wanting to be a grown up with a real marriage, and angsty proposals and refusals and break ups and secret husbands and Izzie's eggs and blah blah blah. And now neither cares that they aren't really married. AWESOME! I don't think the Izzie mention means anything and I don't think them not being married does either, but I'll be damned if I know what the point of any of their scenes were, beyond showing them happy, cute and barely able function in the real world. ETA - I forgot about Link's only slightly less terrible hair (seriously he has gone from Melrose Place to 90210 with the sideburns...WHY!) I was really hoping Glasses was going to tell Nico to fuck right off after his assholery, but I guess not. I don't mind Mer and DeLuca but I still don't believe that a hot twenty something surgeon would be flipping out over a middle aged mother of three. I hope she has a sexy fling with him and then sends him on his way to find some hot nurse or something.
  11. Deanie87

    S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    Ugh, I love Richard and James Pickens, Jr. never gets enough to do so I really liked this episode. Its nice when they can show him as more than a wise mentor who is befuddled by the interwebz (though I love that Richard too). He is a conflicted, multi-faceted character and I appreciate that we have gotten to see that side of him over the last few seasons, its been sorely missed. One of the most affecting scenes of the entire series for me was him with Gary Clark in the season 6 finale and this kind of reminded me of that. Like many of the characters, Richard has had a rough few years and I think that this was building in him. I can see that many people have a problem with the fact that he will probably not face any consequences for destroying the bar, but all that stuff doesn't really bother me because after the timeline, the LVAD and Ghost Denny, I have given up on any hope for realism, as have the writers apparently. I will also say that I have never been more attracted to Richard as when he was smashing up the bar. Considering I also was very attracted to Alex when he was trying to lie about beating up DeLuca and that my favorite character on HTGAWM is Frank, followed by Connor, it appears that I have a type. At least as far as Shondaland is concerned. In real life my husband has sadly never destroyed a bar, committed fraud by bringing over African orphans or covering up a shady murder. That I know of... I don't care even one ounce about Maggie/Jackson or Jaggie, beyond their relationship to Richard, Catherine or Meredith, so my biggest disappointment was that they were so off in their own high rise world and had nothing to do with the main storyline. Hopefully, that will change next week. IMO, Jackson has never really fit in with the other characters as a whole, his storylines only seem to involve one or two other people at a time, one of whom is a recurring character. So I don't get why they would put him with Maggie if they are then going to just be in their own tedious storyline that has nothing to do with anything else. Their romance isn't doing either character any favors. Speaking of Catherine, my god is Debbie Allen a fucking stunner. Wow. When she she first showed up and the camera showed us her back and then moved around to reveal Catherine, I swear I thought it was some actress in her thirties, tops. She looks incredible and I am very invested in her story. I like seeing her vulnerable and I can't wait to see scenes of her with Richard. Normally, I don't love these sort of centric episodes, especially right before the Fall finale, but I really enjoyed this one and I am very happy with the first "half" of this season so far.
  12. Deanie87

    S15.E06: Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

    Ugh I hope not. I don't know how many people watch Station 19 (I don't) but I am not sure this is the best way to go. I'm not going to watch Station 19 so now they will have to duplicate storylines so that those who don't watch can keep up, or more likely, people will just tune out or fast forward through. I am surprised to find that I am enjoying this whole thing. I like that she isn't in instant love with anyone, that she is flirting and that it is all pretty light right now. I also like each of the suitors and would be okay if Meredith hooked up with any of them, and that includes Koracick. I don't think that I want her to end up with DeLuca forever, but a fling would be fine. I like Link because he has no...*ahem*...link to anyone else sexually, and I like the thought of an Alex/Jo/Link/Meredith friendship foursome. But the incestuousness of Grey's has never bothered me because its pretty much always been this way. As much as we say "why can't anyone date someone not from the hospital offscreen," that isn't fun and then that relationship gets short shrift. That's definitely not going to happen when it comes to Meredith. I liked that Link is flirty but isn't coming on too strong and isn't gaga head over heels for Meredith, at least not yet. I haven't liked Owen since mid-season 6 and it took me forever to care even a little bit about him, Amelia and/or Omelia. It finally happened when Leo came on the scene and now Teddy is here to drag it all down to soapy hell. I even enjoyed the Teddy/Owen Germany episode and now I regret that too. Its a bit of a re-do of the Mer/Maggie/Riggs situation where every positive step is followed by three interminable steps back. I'm back to not caring about any of them anymore and that goes double for Betty. Honestly, I think that Nico is kind of dick. One glance at Glasses and you can see that he is not any kind of player, with men or women. Nico led him on, seemed to get a kick out of teasing him and getting him all flustered and then gives him the "its not me its you" speech, not to mention then semi-mind games he was playing last week at Joe's. I see the similarity to Calzona, but this hot/cold playbook has been done by plenty of couples on Grey's so it just seems like more of the same to me. I would love it if Glasses totally turned the tables and out and out rejected Nico next time he comes sniffing around. Jo and Alex were cute, but I really wish that Jo and especially Bailey, faced some consequences about this. Part of the problem of Alex never facing any consequences for DeLuca is that it comes off poorly if he were to really come down hard on someone else, although the situations are totally different. Despite the potential hypocrisy, I was really irritated that he let Bailey and Jo off scott-free and I really don't like the implication that Jo can do whatever she wants because she is married to Alex. I liked the patient and I get that the choice may have either been to go with a not quite safe/ethical liver or she will die, but a small part of me hopes that she has severe complications because I don't see how else this will ever come back to bite them all on the ass and I kind of want it to.
  13. Deanie87

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Bringing this over from the episode thread: Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part, but I really don't think its going to go that way. They seemed like long lost friends to me and nothing more. I wouldn't mind seeing a "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" type situation though. Jo has always had to fit into Alex's world and tolerate his friends and that caused some problems when Meredith was extra clingy. So Alex will have to deal with someone who knows Jo from "Before" and who has absolutely no connection to Seattle Grace and all the ghosts that haunt it. Link may know stuff about Jo that Alex doesn't know and the two will have shared memories and experiences that have nothing to do with Alex. I can't imagine that causing huge problems, but I would be okay with Alex feeling a little left out sometimes. God knows Jo did and Alex didn't do much to alleviate it.
  14. Deanie87

    S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Moved my answers to the spoilers/speculation thread.
  15. Deanie87

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I don't know about an affair, but I definitely think that there will be some trouble ahead for Ben and Bailey. My hope is that it will all be on Station 19, because if Ben isn't going to be on Grey's full time, I am not interested in a storyline that tries to piggy back both shows. I refuse to watch.