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  1. Robert

    Dancing With The Stars [AU]

    New cast for Season 17 of DWTS AU. James Rees Cassandra Thorburn Constance Hall Miguel Maestre Olympica Valance Sir Curtly Ambrose Michelle Bridges Denise Scott Samuel Johnson Courtney Act Jett Kenny For the non-Aussies, my breakdown - legit celebrities - Sir Curtly Ambrose (cricketer), Michelle Bridges (Fitness Expert from Biggest Loser AU), Denise Scott (Comedian - LOVE HER), Samuel Johnson (Cancer charity philanthropist/fundraiser/Actor/Gold Logie Winner), Courtney Act (Reality Star - Australian Idol/RuPaul's Drag Race/Celebrity Big Brother UK) There because of more famous familial connections - Cassandra Thorburn - Karl Stevanovik's (breakfast TV host) ex-wife - recent high profile divorce, Jett Kenny - Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny's son (both where Olympians and the nation's golden couple of a big part of the 80s and 90s). Well I guess I've heard of: Constance Hall - first out in Big Brother 5/Mummy Blogger. I have zero idea who the heck these folk are: James Rees, Olympia Valance, Miguel Maestre A quick search shows Olympia Valance would be in the more famous familial connection category - she's Holly Valance's half sister. James Rees seems to be a children's performer/knock off version of the Wiggles/Hi-5 and Miguel Maestre is a chef (and hot - allow me some superficiality lol) I am surprised their are no Rugby (either League or Union), or AFL players this seasons. There is normally at least one or two per season when on channel 7 (and AFL players normally do pretty well - two have won and most others have performed quiet well (its a sport whose moves and general play compliment ballroom dancing in a weird fascinating way).
  2. Robert

    TAR31 Anticipation Thread

    Honestly the only people I ever remember from US Big Brother (not counting the Celebrity edition) is Dr Will & Mike (Boogie). As much as I''d love the idea of them pairing up for a TAR edition, I don't think it would work (these days). I think their time has passed. I have no idea who any of the TAR returnees are sadly (other then Colin & Christie of course). Its been a few years since I watched. Survivor - love Eliza and Corrine (Corrine was there to play a character and never pretended to do anything else - I am okay with that). Love the fact we have some old school love with Eliza! Agreed, Rupert is the necessary evil, but then again, how well his he remembered these days (legit question) with Joe Public? I know we fan that talk in the interwebs remember, but would he really be the draw card that say Romber or Lisa Whelchel would be? Eh, either way, I have never been a huge fan of his, but it would be kinda of interesting now that he and Laura are the seasons token 'old couple'!
  3. Robert

    S14 Talk

    The flight attendants did have one good leg where they used their flying knowledge to get an earlier flight and thus blitzing that leg (in Russia no less!). Otherwise they where a fairly mediocre team.
  4. I hung around The Kitten Board back in the day. I remember the dead lesbian controversy way too well :/
  5. Robert

    The Great DS9 Rewatch

    I just recently finished a massive watch of DS9 from start to finish for the first time. While I caught a number of season six and seven episodes… maybe 16/17 years ago… yikes… (and I have seen the odd episode here or there), I never really have had the opportunity to watch it as one complete set before. So thanks to Netflix (and having finished a binge of ENT) I set out on this beast. Back in the day I really only had previously watched Voyager end-to-end, so it was pretty exciting to watch a show that was manly virgin territory for me (granted after 20 odd years - I was aware of all major plot points). Over all, I did enjoy watching it, though my goodness, those first few seasons where painful. However, I only ever stopped watching and skipped two episodes total. One being one of the umpteen dozen time O’Brien was trapped behind enemy lines (Miles was seriously the butt-monkey of the early seasons! He seemed to be constantly knocked out cold, got stuck on the wrong side of a conflict, and all the annoying crap seem to fall onto him, being married to character the writers had no idea what to do with). The other one, was one of the Klingon Honour episodes with Worf... doing something Klingon... just because. I will confess, regardless of series, Klingon episodes are my least favourite. And ones where it seems to be nothing but Worf talking about honour are the most painful by far. Hey, I made it through all the Ferengi episodes, that must count for something! Personally to me though, the greatest crime an episode can be, is that of being boring (which is probably half the reason I cannot stand Klingon Honour eps). Bad episodes can often be entertaining (even in an awful way), or at least can be watchable. This is why I don’t hate the Ferengi episodes or ‘Come Along Home’ (though I acknowledge the WTF stupidity of the later). In fact I found the most painful early episode to be ‘If Wishes Where Horses’. My lord that episode just draaaaaaaaagged on. I am not sure if I am going to describe the following the right way, so forgive me if my though process fails me lol - While I enjoyed the show, and I thought it was a good show, but I felt it struggled to cast off the chains (at least during the first 5 seasons) of that post-1987 Gene Roddenberry vision/idealism which I felt delivered a universe full of perfect people living in a perfect society. I mean DS9 did the best at bucking this convention compared to TNG or VOY (both of which tended to wrap up issues of moral ambiguity in 44 mins), but I think it also suffered from this direction as well. Many times I felt like the show was screaming to be released from burden and be free to explore the grey. This Utopian Pacifism I think did hinder it greatly at various points (at least until the Dominion War started - but then again,how much of that war was a result of them trying to stay true to their ideals as opposed to nipping an enemy in the bud before they got too powerful by going on the offensive early?). Whereas Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica could create their own universe from scratch, where the humans where shown to be fallible and far from perfect, DS9 had to use a template where it wasn’t necessarily a perfect fit for the story the writers wanted to tell and thus many times the characters ‘sense of duty to some golden ideals’ won over in the end of the episode (mainly from Sisko). This trope I felt was just as annoying as any of Voyager's multiple technobabble deux ex machina endings. At times I feel like the show was wanting to go darker, grittier and more morally ambiguous but it couldn’t get to the level it wanted to either. This isn't too say that a story arc of a utopia-like society being attacked from outside and having to reassess its ideology for survival purposes isn't a good idea - I just think this was one thing DS9 (mainly Sisko) struggled to tell well. Random other thoughts: By far the best character for me was Gul Dukat. My word man, he wasn’t just the best developed villain in Star Trek history, he is up there in one of the best developed character period! With a complex and compelling storyline that rarely reset itself! I could hate, empathize, feel sorry, feel disgust and even casually like the character, often in the same episode. He was layered and multi facilitated and quiet magnetic. I guess props need to go to Marc Alaimo for delivery such a performance, because very few others, even permanent cast members, in any of the shows, I dare say came close. Jadzia over Ezri – I remember when I watched years ago I like Ezri, but that was basically only having a handful of season 5 and 6 episode of Jadzia to judge by. While Ezri was certainly delightfully cute and perky, she didn’t have that cool sophistication and presence that Jadzia (not to mention the trope of a dirty old man in a nubile young women's body that I think Terry did better) brought to the cast and having now watched the show fully through, Ezri’s presence in Season 7 is much for jarring then it was first time around. What is it with Terry Farrell with leaving shows a season before it ends? Hahaha. Also special mention must go to the kid that played Molly was so gosh darn awful. I know most child actors are pretty dire at the best of times, but Hana Hatae was particularly painful. One of things I feel, that might put me in the minority is I really failed to buy into most of the romantic pairings on the show. Almost all of the various couples combinations the show gave us really didn’t have much chemistry between them. The only ones that tended to work where the comic pairings (Rom/Leeta - heck even Jadzia/Worf worked best when they where played up in a comedic ep with Worf as the Desi/straight man and Jadzia as the Lucy/OTT wife). Saying that, I absolutely loved the episode 'Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places', so i guess there was the occasion the writers did strike gold with the hooking up various characters. On the other hand the show did unrequited mooning over somebody pretty well, I felt Odo/Kira worked better when Odo was mooning over her and Kira was oblivious to it more so when they finally did hook up. I kinda wonder what the budget was during the seasons. So many caves. Many many many caves. Did I mention the amount of paper mâché caves this show had? It was like Bajor was riddled with so many caves, tunnels, basements, cellars, cubby holes et cetera I’m kinda surprised it collapsed onto itself for all the holes in the earth! Even Enid Blyton's Famous Five never accounted this many caves! I felt some episodes suffered from this - the Bajoran coup episodes in early season 2 I felt lacked a certain punch cause all the action scenes took place in cheap looking caves with a limited amount of background extras. All in all, I did enjoy it, though I wished on occasion they'd change up the establishment shot of DS9 with the Defiant in the foreground and that same random starship in the back! The good thing about DS9 was the rich background given to the secondary characters - they where gold (except Keiko as previously mentioned), especially since a few of them where up there with Jake in actual episode appearances. While I appreciate them not shoehorning the kid in every episode (unlike Wesley), though sometimes you forgot he was even on the show, and it made shoehorning other characters (mainly Quark) into some episodes much more obvious (pops his head around the corner for a second, makes a quip and disappears for the rest of the ep. Many of the Cardassian characters had such meaty stories. Really fleshed out and enjoyable. In an age full of 10-13 season shows which are mapped out in advance and stories are spread over episodes as opposed to contained in just one, it is funny to watch a 26 episode a season show that does feel mammoth and long winded in parts, struggling to fill in the gaps. It also does lead to some unevenness in that there was a lot of filler. I.e ,- they followed up the darkest episode of Star Trek ever in 'In the Pale Moonlight'with a Kira/Odo holladeck romance episode. I guess it is more glaring these days because our viewing habits have changed that htis is more obvious. Ergh... I probably have many other thoughts. Mostly positive, though darned if I can remember any at the moment lol. Needle me and I might recall
  6. This makes so much sense. I have always wondered at Amber Benson's objection at playing Evil!Tara if Joss tried to sell her the pay-off of Good!Tara returning. Saying that, since most TV actors seem to relish playing a one off evil/mirror universe version of their characters (thinking Nana Visitor in Deep Space 9 as the best example), it is interesting, if rather refreshing, for Amber Benson to have taken a rather holistic position on it, even if it costs her money.
  7. I remember seeing Amber Benson in person (she was opening the Salt Lake Library back in 2004) and she was asked this question (since the show was still pretty fresh on everybody's minds at this point. I can confirm she said she was offered by Joss to return as The First for CWDP and she turned him down for the reasons stated above. I am guessing with her turning down the role in CWDP, it nixed the future ideas Mutant Enemy toyed with Buffy using to bring her back with her wish (I recall it being something along the lines of Buffy alluding to using it on boots, Willow was exasperated at the idea of wasting a wish on boots, only for Buffy to say 'no silly' and step aside and have Tara standing behind her). The one I recall the initial plan with Maggie Walsh was that she suppose to have a much bigger role in Season 4 (and be the big bad). And other then being Buffy's mentor, was to be seen as another Mother figure to Buffy, thus the season was suppose to end with Buffy having conflict dealing with a Good Mum vs Bad Mum scenario (Joyce was to have a bigger part). Of course the actress Lindsay Crouse quit (I think she was only a day player and under no contract), thus having to rewrite the storyline with Adam (who was suppose to be a Monster of the Week deal) as the Big Bad. That would've been quiet interesting in theory as Maggie would've been a human big bad with no magical or supernatural elements (only trying to control them) and thus her Big Badness came from a very human place. (being misguided in her beliefs and human failings as opposed to be twirling her mustache while tying Pauline to the train tracks while cackling loudly) I have to wonder how many potential storylines where canned due to actors not being available. I biggest clearly would've been Kate Lockley in Angel due Elizabeth Rohm getting a role a leading role in Law & Order and thus her storyline ending very suddenly (it had an ending (abiet open-ended), none the less it was very sudden). I remember Eric Balfour and Bianca Lawson having active film & tv careers during that period which may of caused issues with coordinating them for a return appearance on the show (this is just in theory - I have no idea if Mutant Enemy ever tossed around the ideas bringing Jessie and Kendra back for an episode of two).
  8. Robert

    S10.E03: Thin Ice

    I know what you mean. It isn't the accents (being in Australia, I grew up with British television) but the sound mixing is terrible. I've especially noticed it around the punchlines. Where you know they set something up, but you cannot understand the delivery (always Capaldi in this case). I can think of three instances this season where I've had to go back and hear it again.
  9. Robert

    S29: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    I am not sure if this helps, or means anything... I *think* I actually had a couple of teams go past me last year in Melbourne, Australia. Searching back on Facebook indicates it was November 23. I was walking along Flinders Street (opposite Flinders Street station) after work and two teams and a cameraman each went past. I recall one of racers being an Asian lady (and one of the cameraman was bloody hot), but nobody else stood out (bunch of generic white dudes lol). ;) Also it was peak hour with everybody on their way home, so it was fairly crowded and this happened in a matter of seconds. (One team and cameraman zipped passed, quickly followed by a second team). To tell you how quick it was, all six people zipped passed me in the short distance between the Woolworth and Fitness First on Flinders Street (for anybody local that knows that particular patch, their is only something like 10ish metres between them). One of the cameraman had a distinctive North American accent when he went past saying 'excuse me', nothing stood out for the others. At the time I was thinking it was for an Canadian or Asian edition, I still don't know. I could very well be. It all happened very fast, so my memories of the events are not that long. One of my best friends reported seeing something similar, wherever he was that day. If anybody has any clues, I'd be interested to know :) The weather was really crappy that day as well. Miserable (though it has been pretty nice a few days prior). I was mainly fascinated by the camera I saw the cameraman with (a little handheld rectangle thing - I know nothing about this stuff, but I found it fascinating for the moment I saw it.
  10. I miss that Sally/Stephanie dynamic. The actresses bounced well of one another, and the characters, while friends, where willing to piss the other off (just for the sheer fun of it), but where still none the less loyal and steadfast true (in their own unique way) to each other. Basically they could throw each other under the bus, but nobody else dare too do it or their will be some mighty hell to pay! That is such a fun and enjoyable dynamic that made such entertaining TV, that you don't see much of these days. Yes, AndySmith I'd loved to have seen that alternative universe spinoff! :D
  11. Wow, I will admit I never actually knew how Brooke gained control of Forrester Creations, even though it seemed to be such a major plot point in the mid to late 90s when I was watching (this must of occurred just before I started watching heavily. In my head I always assumed it was her playing off Eric & Stephanie in her divorce from the former. Gosh I miss that 90s fun they had in the show. I recall at one point in the late 90s (when soaps in general where still going strong) there was a lot of complaints about how the 30 min format was limiting B&B and how TPTB on the show wanted to expand it to one hour (I cannot recall the details but it was around the time they let three relatively new cast members (including two Hispanic ones) go because they where struggling to tell anybody's storylines outside of the core families (I think Tracey Bregmann went back to Y&R around this point as well). Fast forward 20 years and the 30 minute format (and its saleability to overseas markets) is what has kept it alive and strong in a world where most of its fellow soaps have died a sad death.
  12. Matty was at Mardi Gras in Sydney this weekend. My friend got a photo with her as well (we where both marching and she was as well I guess) she was wandering all through the marshalling area. She actually was pretty chill :)
  13. Robert

    Adventure Time

    It is funny, I enjoyed 'Islands' but I was expecting more from it as well, namely around Minerva's reveal since we've waited 8 seasons for (prime universes') Finn's mother to be revealed. I guess the best way to explain it, after the punch-in-the-feefees heartbreaking backstory that was Simon/IceKing, the bittersweetness of Marcy & BMO backstories, the excitement of getting answers about Betty, and heck even the truly sad revelation that Marvin was a jerk with few redeemable features, I just expected a more emotional rollercoaster when the finally introduced us to Minerva. I guess you really are going to have trouble topping such episodes as "I'll Remember You", "Simon & Marcy" and "Betty". I'm not saying it wasn't bittersweet (it was), it was just... I dunno... can we say the bar was so high after all the other backstories, it was always going to be so difficult to top? I am surprised they didn't use the actress that voiced her in Farmworld, Ming-Na Wen (Mulan!!!) again. Saying that the new actress' Irish accent was adorable and charming!
  14. Robert

    Poll: Once and For All, TB or TV?

    I cannot be the only one that read the heading as Tuberculosis vs. Television? Anyway - in the comics I was TeamVeronica. I just felt her character was more exciting. (And being that little gay kid from rural Australia, I kinda wanted exciting, not next-door). In the series so far... neither... though I rather them pair together off then be with Archie only because I think the two actresses have amazing chemistry with each other.
  15. Don't forget Saul also died (granted he was as tertiary as Darla was at that point) when the actor Michael Fox passed away (a bit of trivia - this actor was the reason Michael J. Fox had to use the J. in his stage name) though I remember the funeral they had for him on the show and the tears where real :( I want to say Sly died in a fire when the Bikini Bar burnt down. Granted this is a fuzzy 20 something year old memory.