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  1. zenithwit

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    Wouldn't it be funny if Ru had fed false information about Mariah Carey to the team? I'm not a big Mariah Carey fan and even I knew more about her than the drag queens. In other news, looks like Silky and Yvie are fighting for the Vixen spot on Untucked.
  2. zenithwit

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    I know Soju deserved to be in the bottom and didn't perform as well as Kahanna but I was still sad about her elimination. I really enjoyed her personality and thought she had an interesting view of point. Also, I thought her makeup in her promo look was really pretty. Similar to Soju, I have a feeling that Mercedes is not long for this show. Hopefully both will be able to use their newly-formed Drag Race connections and post-show gigs to improve.
  3. zenithwit

    World Of Dance

    I'm new to this show but follow a bunch of dancers on Instagram so I'm familiar with a few of the contestants. One of the contestants I follow is Charlize. So I was really surprised to see Charlize paired up with Julian because I don't recall seeing them perform together regularly (unlike Kaycee and Sean). I think it was evident that they don't regularly work with each other - though I guess they are able bridge part of that gap with their industry experience.
  4. zenithwit

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    Bananas curse continues?
  5. zenithwit

    S33.E01: Apocalypse Now

    I'm excited that half of this season's cast are fresh faces to the Challenge. Hopefully this means that we'll finally start to see some new strategy and that 90% of the show will not be rehashing old drama (though I'm not holding my breath on that one). It's funny how the last place finishers in the first challenge were a Big Brother winner and a Big Brother runner up (from different seasons). Though I guess it's not that funny since both were considered to have been carried to the end by stronger players.
  6. Just tuning into the feeds now but Jokers is reporting that Ricky is wearing the HOH key.
  7. Looks like Tom was thoroughly enjoying that special Gallagher veto comp while everyone else was covering their eyes. Hopefully he was paying attention and not just laughing along. ETA - welp, nevermind... Lolo won veto and Tom was in last place lol.
  8. Tom/Kato are by themselves being very quiet in one of the bedrooms while everyone else except Tamar are upstairs playing chess/pool. Tamar just got out of the DR. Probably. But maybe Lolo will get into another fight with Tamar and make this week really interesting?
  9. zenithwit

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    Unless the 5th chip for Farrah is a crush vote which would leave her with a net 1 cut vote - sending Corey out the door. Not sure if that makes sense for any of the remaining unaccounted votes but it's a possibility. On one hand, I can't imagine the producers would be happy to let their largest name and drama-making machine walk out the door. But on the other hand, maybe they feel that Farrah's storyline has run its course and there is no point to keep her there since she not really interacting with anyone in a romantic capacity.
  10. Man, how long have the feeds been down? 2-3 hours? This better be a good HOH comp.
  11. Rerun time! Guessing that we won't get to see the HOH comp on the feeds tonight. Bummer. While we wait... did anyone catch the special "Celebrity Breaking News" power? Was it the same power that Tyler had last but didn't need to use? I guessing Tom will get it.
  12. Lol... Maybe she's trying to get on a special celebrity edition of MTV's Catfish? I think that's because Julie asked Ryan how he thinks Joey will fare in the house by himself and Ryan's expression said it all. Speaking of Joey... that looked like an intense convo between Kato and Joey after Ryan's eviction. Anyone catch the general gist of it?
  13. Tom just asked Lolo if she had been called to the DR yet today. She said no but she probably will be asked to go tonight. BB immediately chastised her. Then Lolo replied "Who made BB mad today?" Sounds like it has been a rough day for production.
  14. Sounds like Natalie Eva got a cold. She has been coughing a lot and it sounds like she has a stuffy nose. But all of the houseguests have been super nice to her (offering to make tea, etc).
  15. Natalie Eva is stirring the pot by going around and telling everyone that this eviction will probably be a double. ETA - we got a feeds talker. It's Jonathan and his was trying to do a bit as if he was a field reporter.