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  1. What a lovely wedding. I didn't get to see much of it because my finger kept pressing the ff button on the remote - how strange, huh? Oh well, I do think Abigail was wise to choose Straitjacket White as the color for her outfit. From the look of it, she and Julie could - and do - wear each other's clothes. I'm sure that Abigail will be very happy in Paris - and Chad will be utterly and hopelessly miserable. So how many times to you think those poor chess pieces have been swept off the board and scattered around the room? I wonder if Haley has picked up a bug, maybe a Horton bug.....With the way she was talking to Eve I thought she might have been channeling Abigail or Jennifer. She better get some antibiotics for that, fast, before she starts slapping her way across Horton Square. Trask reminds me of a roomba gone bad. Or one of Marge Simpson's sisters.
  2. Thanks, Spinxella, so much, for always bringing us such great clips and information!
  3. Hahahahahah!!! If you put your ear up to a conch shell, you can hear the ocean. If you put your eye up to Summer's ear, you can see the ocean. Waldo13, you done killed me ####DEAD####
  4. But to keep the kids safe, the parents have to raise them somewhere other than Salem..... Otherwise, they'll just grow up to be murdered, murder someone themselves, or marry a murderer. Best to be safe and hope for a partner with a marketable skill that doesn't involve homicide.
  5. That idea makes me miss Anne Milbauer all over again! One of DOOL's best day players ever......
  6. They had to do it for her, since our lil' Dummer can't actually read.......
  7. If only she'd cut an album....
  8. That was fun, seeing those old clips. It took me about 25 years to warm up to Nikki but I'd sure hate to lose her now. One thing about the clips - did Nikki's sister always sound like she sucked down 4 packs of Camel Unfiltered every day before breakfast? The strip tease scene reminded me of a certain drag act some friends and someonemaybeme performed as the Linoleum Sisters after midnight at Carol's Speakeasy in Chicago's Old Town circa 1973..... Nikki has aged waaaay better. Spangles looked familiar, though.....and the crowd was better looking.
  9. Ollie Weston has done a major reset on crime in Salem. Now, you have to murder at least 4 people, preferably more, and they must STAY dead. Anyone comes back to life and you're back to zero. Murders less than that count as misdemeanors and attempted murder, assault, littering, off leash dog walking is punished only by a 500 word essay and a heartfelt apology. So Sonny and Will did nothing wrong. Though getting rid of that rug, now that was a crime against fashion, anyway. Is ANYONE EVER going to ask who TOOK those pictures of Leo getting rolled up like a cigar in that rug? Anybody? I know that Julie and Doug no longer go on cruises, but I still think Julie deserves to get away from it all. Has she considered premature burial? Not only is it restful, but it's also heart healthy, digging her way back out. I'm only thinking of what's best for her. I'll send her some brochures..... I loved Kate and Chad today, love that Show resisted making Kate Chad's real mother, let the love between them be the way it was. As so many of you have mentioned, the scenes with Chad and Sonny and Will were just superb. It was a tremendous soap moment, one where the reality of the actors crossed over into the story. I'm going to miss Billy Flynn, he was a treasure for a long, long time.
  10. Wow! Can't wait to hear the details. While I'm not a Ben fan, I do have a fondness for RSW because of what the cast said about him on the short-lived All My Children online reboot, they loved him. How EXCITING for you, and how cool that he sounds so cool.
  11. And reclaim his Tightpockets, they were tailor made for him, after all.
  12. There are pictures of her entire family on the piano, I bet.
  13. Chad, I'm going to miss you. Or to be more accurate, Billy Flynn, I'm going to miss YOU. I liked Chad a lot for the longest while but it's past time for him to go. Abigail, don't forget to not fasten your seatbelt when you fly to Paris, and in fact, see if you can sit by an open door on the plane so you can wave at us. Oops! Don't you worry, I'm sure Chad will marry again. Gabi is everything. Show is doing something right and for me, this is it. Bollie would be wise to steer clear. A shame about the Gabi Chic pillow - after where it's been it has be to be destroyed. I hope I hope I hope I hope Gabi did something to Leo's envelope.
  14. It's interesting what the passage of time - and more than several truly horrible EP's and head writers - will do to a firmly held opinion. There was a time when the only scene partner I wanted for Cricket was a can of Raid. Then we had JFP, Pratt and finally Mal and I'm THRILLED to see Christine! Oh, I know her case will fall apart, they always do. I know Phyllis will walk free, she always does. But for one brief, shining moment there was a character giving Phyllis all the shade and contempt she deserves. One brief moment..... When Rey Rey and Arturo and Mia walked into Lola's empty hospital room, I was hoping they'd be met there by Show's personnel department, handed their final checks and escorted off the grounds. Wrong again! I forgot to mention this yesterday and I think one of you did, but since when does failure to wake up constitute imminent death? Or at least, that's how Dr. Yoga Pants Camel Toe interprets it. He did the same thing with Nikki - she was fine, but on the verge of a dirt nap because she wasn't waking up from a real nap. Now Lola is still unconscious, doing fine otherwise, but Nate Natey Nate Nate is all but asking them to choose between cremation and traditional burial. There IS a spot open in Chancellor Charnel House and Playground available, just in case. Anyway, back to Rosales and Co. Don't care, other than wanting Kyle to somehow inflict bodily harm on Arturo in particular. Here's hoping he slips Dina a shiv and lets her welcome Arturo into the family, Nikki style. I was really happy to see Kyle kick that duck billed platypus out of the hospital. I only wish he'd escorted her to the elevator himself and oops. Maybe you should have stayed in Dubai, Dummer. We were left with several burning questions - (Phyllis has a refillable prescription for that, I believe) - Will Victoria, Nikki, Sharon, crack under the pressure? Will Nick and Phyllis have sex before he asks her why she's home? Will Mia attempt to overact in the hospital as well as everywhere else? Will Rey Rey ever understand that throwing wood is NOT how you want someone to describe your acting? Will Arturo ever learn to leave the nostril flaring to the TOP horse's ass in town, ButtBiscuit? Will Lola wake up? Will We?
  15. I would have been fine if Show had cut short Arturo's insane rant at Kyle by having Kyle just knee the jerk between the legs. I don't dislike Arturo to any great extent and frankly think this is one of Abby's better pairings in a history of bad pairings, but I really hate this macho brother bullshit. Plus, his accusations made no sense. I guess we should be just be grateful Mal didn't decide to have it be Dina who tried to off Lola. Oh no, Mia, nobody will ever suspect it was you. Really....Give Arturo a call, why don't you? Why do I think Rey Rey keeps a "special" folder, just for himself, of lady mug shots? For artistic purposes, of course, what did you THINK I meant? Does Michael charge extra for each lie or does he bill in bulk? Does Brittany realize what she's just signed on for? Poor Christine. Not only is probably going to make a deal with the devil, she's going to lose to her once again. Maybe it was because of everything else we saw, but I enjoyed Jack and Kerry somewhat. Perhaps is was by comparison, but they weren't bad together, IMO.