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  1. boes

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I would have no trouble believing Claire lights herself a stogie and belts down some single malt behind closed doors every time she plans out her latest ill-conceived plot - and puts on some Sinatra in the background.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! ByTor, you killed me ####DEAD#### and it's not even 9 am yet. George Costanza in the hospital, one of the funniest ever, thanks for starting my day with this!
  3. boes

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Which seems silly since he always keeps one piping hot and ready to go on him at all times.
  4. A thousand likes for your post, Thumper82003. As you say, it's hard enough to get donors and misleading storylines sure don't help. Back in the Dark Ages, soaps wouldn't name diseases specifically exactly because of this, after an ugly incident.
  5. Because in Genoa City, women with their hands tied in front of them can only be rescued by men whose heads are up their asses. It's the law.
  6. boes

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Isn't it about her and Jack using Haley as a prop for Jack being tough on illegal immigration, being the stick to keep beating that drum?
  7. First things first...... Did Show really expect us to believe Hope was going to eat that donut? How many decades has it been since Kristen Alfonso has even had a donut as close to her mouth as she did today? How does the Brady Pub and Julie and Chloe's restaurant, The Death of Fun, stay in business with them closing at the drop of a hat so some Salem couple can have a date night? I'm feeling sorry for Hope, whose unlucky enough to have two blockheads after her. She oughtta just eat that donut. I love Casey Moss. I liked him when he first got cast and he's just gotten better and better as time has passed. This storyline with Haley looks to me like it's quickly heading into a suckage vortex and he deserves so much better than that. I'm afraid Show is treating him like the new Bryan Datillo. Show's got something good in Casey, I hope they realize it. Haley can be deported, transported, teleported, sealed, signed and delivered for all I care. I liked her at the start but she's just pissing me off now. Yeah, JJ should have kept his mouth shut but Miss Thing has a high opinion of herself not backed up by the facts. I hope she's ready for the wedding breakfast Claire is going to be fixing for her. Yum, yum, Haley, eat up! You should have chosen the chicken. I think JJ may have dodged a bullet. Tripp, however, is liable to get a real bullet after pissing off Claire. Aim for the hair, Claire, you can't miss.
  8. A thousand times yes to your post. I still resent the completely unnecessary loss of Colleen and I don't like the plot-point trashing of JT. The character was always flawed, always had an outsized ego but those flaws were small potatoes to turning him into a prop for spousal abuse. Especially when we've had an active, front and center abuser on screen for decades who's done some consistently heinous shit to his wife and family and others and Show keeps trying to sell him as a hero. There's no spanx or leather jacket or pair of boxing gloves big enough to disguise the little orphan boy who grew up to become the malignant Mr. Mumbles.
  9. JBC344, absolutely wonderful recall and retelling, thank you. And another example of why I've got no problem with Hope killing Stefano. What a monstrous asshole of a character.
  10. So JT wants this all to be over and he's got a splitting headache. We feel ya, bro, because we've ALL got headaches and want this to be over. That sewer ride must have made him feel like he was the star of Fievel Goes West! We all float down here, JT. Wait till you meet Mia. Speaking of hellish visions, I see Phyllis shoehorned herself into the rescue. The only good thing is that she's tagging along with ButtBiscuit which can only make them both even more miserable. By the way, exactly how are ButtBiscuit and Nick going to make Rey Rey pay if things don't go right? The way those two were jing-jangling their manliness for all to see today I expect they both downed their whole box of gummy bear Viagras. "Dina is struggling" seemed to me to be a not-subtle signpost towards a future storyline, not one I'm looking forward to. Oh yeah, the gas leak. There's been a gas leak on that sound set for quite some time. One last thing - since JT must have a brain tumor, is Natey Nate Yoga Pants Nate going to have to change his liver transplant hat to his brain tumor hat? If so, how much you wanna bet he'll be predicting JT's imminent death if doesn't wake up 10 minutes after surgery. This guy was just a GREAT hire.
  11. I can't buy Ben as hero for even a minute, but it's Ciara I really can't stand.
  12. I bet it was the episode where Phyllis and Nick defiled the kitchen island, considering the boon it was to the kitchen remodeling business as people all across the world recoiled in disgust and ripped theirs out.
  13. Well, that intermittent death thing Victoria thinks he suffers from probably DOES bring on headaches.
  14. It's not just you. I like RSW, but I just can't with Ben. They're not the next Bo and Hope - hell, they're not even the next Ren and Stimpy. Show where I live was mostly pre-empted yesterday, but I did get to see Eric bargaining with God, either his penis or Marlena's life. Talk about ego. Eric, God probably finds you as tedious and self-centered as she finds Brady. Nobody cares.