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  1. Eeksquire

    S04.E14: I'm Finding My Bliss

    I could not believe they went there. I mean, I can, but talk about a disappointment. As I predicted, I forgot that the show was on and just discovered it on my DVR tonight. It was ... fine? I guess? It was definitely not compelling enough that I watched closely though. Definitely hit the laptop about ten minutes in and meandered around the internet while this was on in the background.
  2. Eeksquire

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    I think the crux of that article is this: Elena strikes me as very real because she's sixteen. If her interest were music, and she was overly pedantic about the differences between albums or bands or whatever, she would be just as annoying, but less of a target for this kind of article. Teenagers who are REALLY INTO SOMETHING tend to be REALLY INTO IT no matter the subject. That said, if they get another season (fingers crossed), I think they'll need to allow her to grow up and relax a little. It would be interesting if they started to morph Alex into a little bit more of that, though he hasn't demonstrated any specific passionate interest in anything but sneakers.
  3. Eeksquire

    Season 5 Discussion

    I think the show has done a good job of showing that Saul also acted as Frankie's "keeper" - his inability to let go of that role caused a lot of tension with Robert in earlier seasons. I think it would be interesting if the show 'went there' more with Frankie - of the four, it appears that she's the only one that never had her own independent source of income, for one thing, and she's shown to be bad with money. Without Grace, she really is the most vulnerable of the four for reasons that don't have anything to do with age, but would be exacerbated by it.
  4. Eeksquire

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    This show is one of the refuges from tv's obsession with antiheroes - which, while I Get It, it's enough already. I keep trying to get people to watch it to no avail.
  5. Eeksquire

    Single Parents

    YES. I think that's why I can't really get into it and I think I'm out, even though I had high hopes and like most of the actors.
  6. Eeksquire

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    And... isn't California's bar exam actually *three* days instead of just two? I'm just saying. I know realism isn't this show's strong suit, but Paula's law school story is all kinds of messed up, as far as the timeline goes. I feel terrible saying this, but even though the last couple of episodes have been a return to form, as far as including songs within the episodes, it might be too late? I will keep watching until the end, but I feel like it's much more of a slog than the pleasure it once was. Last season benefitted from a binge re-watch and maybe that will be true of this season as well? Waiting more than a month for the next episode is certainly not going to help though. I DVR, so I won't miss an episode, but the likelihood that I will even remember that it's on by the middle of March seems unlikely.
  7. Eeksquire

    S01.E14: Someday

    Are we meant to believe that Ashley is out of the picture? She flew off to Barcelona and ... poof? I could definitely see the show teasing that a character is leaving and that being it. Her storyline is over. Not to mention, with Gary AND Ashley and now the PI... it doesn't occur to any of them that a woman might do something totally radical and unheard-of like, say, get married and change her last name? The fact that it says "Nelson" on the door doesn't really mean anything. That one got all the eyerolls from me.
  8. Eeksquire

    S01.E14: Someday

    Oh but I think we're supposed to read that he's SO IN LOVE with Delilah and CONFLICTED about Katherine and Theo and BOO HOO for how COMPLICATED Eddie's life is right now you guys! Poor man baby. I don't know. I like the characters on this show, but I'm my ability to suspend disbelief is starting to slip.
  9. Eeksquire

    Season 5 Discussion

    Clanstarling, to be clear, my objection wasn't about the timing as much as the idea that anyone would get halfway across and then ... run back to the same side they started on. Who does that? No one. I'm firmly on the side of everyone taking as much time as they need to cross the street!
  10. Eeksquire

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    I think the problem I have with the idea of Josh as endgame is this: He left Rebecca at the altar. I know in show world, they're friends again (which I find unrealistic even for this show, though I understand the impulse to keep Vincent Rodriguez around because he's great), but that's a rough thing to come back from and go back to romantically, even for Rebecca. (Maybe especially for post-recovery Rebecca who seems to be growing into her own self-worth.) Even the other characters would have to twist themselves into pretzels to not react terribly to that. (...Uh, no pretzel pun intended.) On another note, I hope we get more Heather in this last stretch of episodes, and not just her standing in the background making the odd explanatory remark here or there. I think Vella Lovell is criminally underused. And, to be honest, I'd rather see almost any of the secondary characters more than NewGreg, who I just can't warm up to, though I admit that I am never a fan of actor swapping, so it might just be me.
  11. Eeksquire

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    For some reason, my DVR didn't grab this on Friday, so I had to wait until today. I think it says a lot about this season that this episode was one of the highlights - and not something good. I've always like Maya, but who knew that she and Nathaniel would be so much fun together? I just wish that the songs could return to the quality of the earlier seasons - the karaoke song was good, but not strong enough to be the only song in the episode. I do think they were leaning pretty hard on Rebecca and Nathaniel at the end - Rebecca's "Uh, using pop culture to come to a conclusion about your own life? I can relate." (paraphrasing) line was a pretty big anvil in that direction.
  12. Eeksquire

    Season 5 Discussion

    I think my biggest objection to this season was Joan Margaret - she annoyed me everytime she was on the screen. (And don't get me started on the running back and forth at the crosswalk!)
  13. Eeksquire

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    This is really bugging me. I haven't done the math, but I don't believe that the whole show's timeline has taken a full three years yet.
  14. I think there was some discussion of that at some point - it was always taken as a sign of how much Morey loved Babette that he would live in that tiny house with her!
  15. Yeah, I think her house was customized to her height. Not necessarily! I knew someone who had her kitchen counters set VERY LOW because that's what was comfortable for her. (The rest of the house was standard though - no short ceilings!)