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    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    My take on Tito is he married well the second time, and got custody of his kid and turned his life around. He seems like an ok guy. I caught the baby calling his step mom "mom"...my mama's heart said "ouch" for Brittney. Even though she deserves it, that's gotta sting. And when he cried as she was leaving--wah! What a sucker I am, LOL. Marcellino or whatever the fuck his name is can just STFU forever. What a douche. Megan was sooooo cringeworthy. I could die of secondhand embarrassment. The outfit, what she was saying, lord have mercy. I assume Matt is already back in jail. His mom was being a bitch; I'm sure she's tired of their shit but let them stay there or don't. She knows what to expect by now.
  2. glitterpussy

    Jonathan & Fernanda: Buying Boobies & Thangs

    OMG, his Instagram is soooo...UGH. The sad staring out the window in the rain...give me a break dude, you're in your 30s. He is disgusting and I'm glad Fernanda got away from him. Yes maybe she was looking for a ticket here, but he was a grown man grooming and fucking a barely-legal teen girl and he should have known better. No wonder his mother was so appalled.
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    S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    Cosigned! I said to Mr. GP--she is re-enacting her childhood with this asshole. It's clear as day, I'm kinda surprised she can't see that.
  4. glitterpussy

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    hahaha SAME! We literally cheered when she rode off. Literally everything else in this ep made me sick to my stomach, but especially Olga and fucking Steven. Mr. GP said, "dude if he really takes that baby away from her, I will hunt him down and take that baby back to Russia, Equalizer 2 style." I mean that guy is TERRIFYING. I want someone to do something. anything.
  5. glitterpussy

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Steven is dangerous. That whole scene was terrifying. This is how he acts WITH AN AUDIENCE. He will get physical, there is no doubt in my mind. At first I thought oh, he's sweet, most guys wouldn't even acknowledge a baby with a Russian fling, at least he's trying. Now its clear that he see that baby as HIS PROPERTY and he is going to go get his property and bring it back to the US, by god--even though he has no plan, no money, no prospects, nothing. Olga can be his property too, or suffer the consequences. Stay in Russia, Olga!! It's a trap!
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    Kalani & Asuelu: Cheeto Dust and Slut People

    Does anyone else notice the creepy way the women act around asshole Dad? When he is in the room they look straight down --they NEVER raise their eyes or look directly at him! Even when they are speaking to him. Is this some kind of Mormon submissive thing or did he beat the crap out of them? Because they sure don't act submissive or modest when he's not around....
  7. glitterpussy

    S06.E01: The Clock Is Tickin'

    PREACH! My hubs is retired for almost 4 years now and stuff like getting him to schedule dr appointments is like a nightmare! Luckily he has other good qualities but man. I don't WANT to be the boss! Eric seems like an all-around douchecanoe. ORLY--you were going to go fight Isis? Please dude. You can't even pay rent without your teenage daughter. Something is fishy with his whole deal.
  8. glitterpussy

    S02.E12: Tell-All

    I mean, I agree with this, but I feel terrible for her because I get the sense she has been deeply traumatized. The crazy religion, being homeless/extremely poor, having her son taken from her...something very very bad happened to her. And Tarik has zero issues taking full advantage of her youth and obvious desperation so he can own the Philipina Angelina Jolie or whatever the f*ck. HE disgusts me.
  9. Same! I was like hmmmmm....want to make this point, yet don't want to defend these dolts....what a quandry.... Wow those posts show what giant assholes they both really are.
  10. Well absolutely, yes--maybe he's just a drunk, slutty, broke brawler who lives in his mom's basement, and all his family and friends think he's nuts for wanting to marry this frumpy american with two kids, but are too polite to say so on TV. Either way, Rachel isn't making great decisions for her children. Like you said, its all about the fantasy for her.
  11. I've though of TBI perhaps (from football and/or fighting), or maybe some kind of mental illness? Causing impulse control issues (sexual acting out, violence, drinking to self medicate)? SOMETHING is making his friends/family freak out. Usually, when you have a generic playboy type guy that finally settles down, the family is HAPPY. If it's an injury or illness they may well love him in spite of something he can't control, but still be worried for a dumb American girl and her tiny baby....
  12. glitterpussy

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    You guys, my issues with Rachel just grow bigger every week. Maybe I'm a horrible, suspicious person, but there is something SO OFF about those two. Jon is supposedly this huge horndog who just couldn't keep it in his pants, multiple fuckbuddies, etc...yet I don't see an ounce of chemistry between him and Rachel. Yeah they say the words, but she just frumps around and yaks about her fairy tale and he holds on to Lucy constantly. There's NOTHING in his background that would indicate "family man" to me. His friends are concerned, his family is concerned...for RACHEL. They know something and it isn't good. I'm just climbing the walls with anxiety about that adorable baby. Seriously, what kind of a mother lets a strange man hold, bathe and change their baby girl?? A convicted criminal, no less. WHY is he so into her (Lucy)? Rachel is so dim and stupid that I don't trust her to protect that baby. Yet, they have all these "fans" on social media. Sigh.
  13. glitterpussy

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    She does have a seriously bad case of Georgia Ass-Face! LMAO!
  14. glitterpussy

    S02.E06: Trust a Try

    Signing on to this! Dafuq was that comment?! I am in my forties and very much love my husband (my second! married at 36! Gasp!) and continue to have a very lively and romantic relationship, and most of my friends (married and single) remain quite interested in romantic relationships despite their advanced age....lmao.
  15. glitterpussy

    S02.E05: Seeds of Doubt

    Oh my god, I wanted to die when I saw him "cooking" that steak in a goddamn dollar store nonstick frying pan.
  16. glitterpussy

    S07.E09: Fantasies and Firsts

    LOL I kept thinking, like--a salad? For a "tutor," he's not terribly bright.
  17. glitterpussy

    S07.E08: Back To Reality

    So true. My husband turned to me when Pastor Cal said that and was all. "Is...is that TRUE??" LMAO. No babe, he's freaking manipulating them into staying married. All the experts disgust me, because they are out there in the guise of "helping" when they're really just driving the show and in many cases, actively harming the participants. Telling Tristan to wipe the slate clean and unconditionally trust that psychopath Mia...NO YOU DON"T TELL PEOPLE THAT. They KNOW she's goddamn lying 24/7! Of course Tristan is a big dumdum but still, it ain't right.
  18. glitterpussy

    S02.E03: Blindsided

    OMG, OMG, it just gets worse every week! God forgive us all for watching this mess. Darcy is getting a filter this season. That's why she looks better. She's just blurrier. Her behavior, sadly, is as embarrassing as ever. Her daughters are beautiful. Jesse is horrible. I'm over them now. Jon thinks Rachel is fat. I mean, she just had a baby and everything, but she's no model. Did he ever date models, though? Come on now. It's very creepy how interested in Lucy he is; he couldn't wait to jump out of bed with "the love of his life" to give her a bottle. And why the hell is Rachel so hostile to his mother? She was perfectly nice and Rachel's all like, I'm gonna fight if I have to?! Huh? I don't want to see Micheal be sexually assaulted anymore. God that was awful. I felt so, so sorry for Hazel. She's being honest. I hope it works out for her and she gets her son back. Tarik isn't very bright, but he might be an OK husband. Ricky is that Match.com guy who thinks your date went sooooo great while you're telling all your friends what a loser he was. His poor daughter, this must be so humiliating for her at school, etc.
  19. I'm dead. I just died. this is hysterical and true.
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    I have a bunch of questions on this episode: 1. Cowboy hats cost HOW MUCH? 2. No developer would ever do a no-lawyers deal. EVER. So is Jenkins a big fake? 3. What straight dude is writing the dialogue for the lesbians, and how do the actresses deliver their lines with straight faces? 4. Jamie's not gay? 5. Why is Kevin Costner hot to me now?
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    Haha I thought the same! I told my husband that was the easiest-to-find bear ever. So much of this show is improbable, but I still love it.
  22. glitterpussy

    S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    Ugh, who knew Dave would turn out to be the creepiest? We know now why he's still single. Rigid, no fun, judgmental, uptight, WAY too into his friends. I think he must have a truly awful family. That's why he has all these relationship issues and why he clings to his friend group so tightly. Although Amber and her "I'm a jealous person so I hope no other girls have lived here" bullshit is no better...girl, what? YOU have been around the block, so you have no standing to say anything. Go try on some of your cheap ugly shoes you're hoarding. I predict Danielle and Bobby crash and burn. They're way too happy. Tristan and Mia-- fake again, snore, ffw.
  23. Ok a few things: 1. Everyone should watch the Vikings!! John totally looks like Rollo. One of the best shows ever. 2. I have both my kids' cords in the shape of a heart--my midwife did it. Yeah it's sorta gross BUT I also encapsulated my placentas and ingested them, so I have a high tolerance for such things. The difference is, I didn't give them to an internet stranger. I kept them in their baby books, to embarrass them with later in life. You know, as one does :)
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    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    So much of THIS. Ricky's daughter was being far more polite than her stupid father deserves. She's knows EXACTLY what's gonna happen. The poor girl just lost her stepmom/sister and four months later her dad is trying to marry some fake internet woman he hasn't EVEN MET. I just can't. Lucy, the cutest baby in world, is also smarter than her mom. She's like Boss Baby with her expressions...when she widened her eyes when John was talking to her via Skype, you could tell she was thinking "OMG, send help, I can't believe this is my life...." Her mother seems kinda normal, but she's loca. Sending the umbilical cord? Having dude on Skype while you're delivering? If you can't just focus on your own child WHEN SHE IS LITERALLY COMING OUT OF YOUR VAGINA then there is no hope for you, I'm afraid. The rest of them, ugh. I don't want any more Darcy and Jesse. They are just for the cameras at this point, they despise each other. Same with Paul and Karina. Hillbilly Grandma is super super sad and pathetic. Geez all it takes is some internet scammer to say you look nice and you're all in? Tragic. Delusional.
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    S07.E05: Trouble in Paradise

    Our CC says "Bloop. Clap." at the intro...lol! That's the most interesting thing I have to say this week. What a snooze these couples are. Even Tristan and Mia bore me, her lies and his fake concern are SO obvious.